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My Conference Inspiration


Annual Conference by GPTW at Hotel Rival! My inspiration!

My Inspiration for work – September 2014

Casual Friday at work

My new coat, a Frock Coat from Zara!

I am on a budget right now, I’ve intended not  to spend too much on myself and instead try to save some monies for the future.

In the past month I have been so good, most things that I have purchased have been for Pixie, hardly anything for myself.  I found a knitted cardigan at Monki a couple of weeks ago but it didn’t last long. I had to return it last weekend. It was torn at the pockets after just two times wearing it.

But yesterday I couldn’t help myself. I found this Frock Coat at Zara two weeks ago when I bought a nw jacket for my little Pixie. It is such a cool jacket, and I am sure I’ll get lots of wear out of it this Autumn. with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses. I am so thrilled with it. Can’t wait til tomorrow when I am going to wear it for the first time.

All I need now are the trousers, these are ”skinny studio” trousers.



Shopping for a dress in Zara…

Mid-October and Stockholm is showing it’s best side. The sun is shining, the air is clear, the leaves are turning yellow and orange and town is packed. W’e’re in central Stockholm, Pixie, Marco and yours truly. We’ve just spent far too much money on a new dish washer, kettle, microwave and coffee maker. We’ve looked at new tiles for the kitchen floor, and now’ we’re heading towards Zara to find a new dress for Pixie. There are people everywhere shopping. The sales are on so who can blame them.

Pixie who turned three last week received a card and some money from her fav aunty Lizzy during the week, so I’ve promised her a new dress and clic-clac shoes (as she calls them). Zara is an excellent shop for cute girlie clothes, I normally shop there and at Boca on Rörstrandsgatan in Vasastan where I live.  Pixie’s birthday dress came from Boca.

There were so many nice things, I found a lovely pair of leopard print ballet flats and a cardigan to match, but as I have a little girl who just loves pink I had to compromise. Instead we found a lovely black dress with pink bow and lining, a pink bolero cardigan and sparkly pink ballet flats. You can imagine she was thrilled.