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I am in love with my new computer bag!

decadent_455_tall_shopper_bordeaux_a-pSounds like I have a sad and lonely life but far from. My love for my new bag is purely professional. During the day when I am at work it’s the focus of my adoration, by the time I am at home my love is totally directed toward my husband and my daughter.

I have been looking at the Decadent bags for a couple of months  now, hoping I’d find a reason to buy one and I finally did. My choice was the DECADENT 455 Tall Shopper Bordeaux (see right), an unexpected choice, but as I sit here at home admiring it I realise that it is the perfect colour for me. There were very few left in the shop and had I had an option from a range of colours I would most likely have picked a black or tan bag as usual, now I was forced to change my normal pattern of behaviour and go for something really unexpected. I am glad I was.


DECADENT is an independent company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005. Behind the brand is Karina Mundt Holst, owner and creative director. After many years in the fashion industry she created her own brand, as she fell in love with her mother’s old bag from the 1970’s. Karina Mundt Holst redesigned this particular bag – and this bag named the ‘working bag one pocket’ – is one of the brand’s bestsellers. With big entrepreneurship Karina Mundt Holst started from scratch and built up her business to a solid company and a well-known brand on the marked. Today she runs the company with a very dedicated team in Denmark, foreign agents and a production controller, who all possess a crusading spirit and drive for DECADENT. ”

Busy, busy, busy…

I have been so busy this week, trying to get everything done in work ahead of next week’s presentations. I have four to do in total, 3 client presentations and one seminar. There are also numerous client start-ups that I am trying to get off the ground, and the work ahead of our awards ceremony in March. Busy, busy, busy.

To top it all Pixie hasn’t been well, she’s got another chest infection poor little thing.  I nearly rushed off to get her from pre-school on Tuesday, she had been complaining about a sore tummy and wasn’t her usual perky self.  But Mark was able to get her, and thank god for that I had so much to do that day.

I finally managed to get some Bikram in last night  so now I am beginning to feel a little slimmed again, it’s amazing how bloated Christmas made me. Alright, I failed my detox miserably but I am drinking more water and green tea, getting the fruit and vege in, and the exercise. (I am Awesome!)

Today I’ve had a very successful introductory meeting with the new CEO of one of my clients.  I decided to wear my black COS dress, with a By Malene Birger jacket and my green cashmere scarf. So comfy and business-like at the same time. Score! Friday 20th Jan - Business Meeting














Director or what!

We have just celebrated with champagne, our new kitchen floor, it’s amazing. Grey and black check marbled tiles and I am truly thrilled. I have been dying to get the kitchen sorted for a long time and finally it’s done.

I am also celebrating my new work title! I am a Director now, so stoked about that too.

I have been working hard for the past year and a half, and I really love my job. From now on I am taking on a much greater role in the company and will be taking charge of the sales strategy and client development. I am actually really looking forward to doing that. We’re not a large operation, but I will be part of making it grow in Sweden. So thrilled.

My dear Mark is on the sofa now and has just agreed to bring Pixie to pre-school tomorrow, so that I can go to Bikram. I am trying to plan my outfit, and I guess I’ll be black boots, skinny trousers and a knitted jumper, slouchie and relaxed for a Friday in the office.

Soon it’ll be the weekend, can’t wait!


Swedish Autumn

Preparing for an interview…

It’s been a great evening. As I returned home after work I was greeted in our back garden by Mark, Pixie and my sister K. They were sitting there with our neighbours firing up the barbeque. We enjoyed marinated chicken, hot dogs, rice and chips and some tomato sauce, as well as a green salad.


I am interviewing tomorrow, one of the girls in the office has decided to up and leave and we now have to find a replacement. It’s not my favourite task in the world, as I have delivered training in ”Competency Based Interviewing” to others I feel some pressure getting it right. But me and Jasmin have prepared an agenda, thought through the role and draw up a description as well an list of attributes we feel are important for the role.So I guess we are prepared.

So what do you wear on a summers day in July, when faced with an interview situation. Chinos, Striped Top, Black Jacket. Yes. Converse. No, maybe not. Possibly heels instead.

Casual day in work tomorrow - part 2