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Wish List: The Vierzonord

1498_Le_Chameau_Vierzonord_CAT_PICWe call it the Wellington boot or rubber-boots, wellies, gumboots, gumbies, gummies, barnboots, wellieboots, muckboots, sheepboots or rainboots, in Swedish  most people say ”Gummistövlar”. 

I’ve written about wellies before, but it seems I can’t get away from them. Every Autumn the streets of Stockholm fill with welly wearing fashionistas, welly wearing mamas and the kiddies off course. It’s quite nice that wellies have become and still are considered fashionable.  I am amazed of the range of wellies that are our there, but it seems the Hunters are still going strong. In all the colours of the rainbow, a colour for everyone.

For years I’ve been wearing my Hunters, I’ve had them in two different colours, Original Green and Black, but never any of the brighter colours, not really my style. I don’t want to offend anyone but I am so tired of the patterned ones, and the ones that people wear which aren’t matching the ourfit on the owner.

At this time I think I may need another pair, a new cooler pair. I have my eyes on a pair from Le Chameau – The Vierzonord. I saw a girl wearing them the other day and I just thought they were the business.
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The usual Swedish summer

This seems to be turning into the usual Swedish summer, a few weeks of sun in early June and now rain for the rest of the season. The rain has been upon s now for nearly a week, or is it more. I can’t remember anymore.This morning I had to force may dear daughter into her rain-gear, she wanted to wear a dress and summer shoes and I made her wear fleece, wellies and all that. She was not happy.

Me, I almost wore white jeans but remembered the weather in the last minute and changed into blue jeans. On the top of my wish list these days is a yellow rain coat, like the one above.

Wish List: (I wish it was raining) Hunter Tall Original Boot

I do wish it was raining today, then I would wear my ever so fashionable Hunter Wellies. I bought these last year and I just haven’t had much opportunity to wear them.

Hunter Tall Original Boot £62.00 – Urban Outfitters
See More Boots by Hunter from ShopStyle

I found this with the ShopStyle app on my iPhone. Download it for free in the App Store.

Geared up for the spring!

I’ve bought wellies for Pixie today, at the Swedish childrens’ shoe shop Vincent. They were reasonably priced at 249 kr, cute little ones with eyes, nose and mouth.
They also had a fantastic sale, 150 kr (app. €15)for a wide range of shoes, so I took the opp to buy a pair for the spring, whenever that is. Again, a cute pink pair! That’s Pixie sorted for the spring weather which we now look forward too, this winter has been a long one.

Dressing up my little girl

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I love to dress up my little girl. Today she’s in her Ballerina skirt, pink top and denim vest. She’s eager to wear her new Hunter wellies but they’re still too big.

It’s raining…

The banks of the Liffey burst today. Man, that’s scary. lots of people have had their brand new houses flooded and everything is destroyed.

I am finally chilling out, have had fish pie and a glass of wine. Grand Slam Irish thingie on TV.

I guess we’ll have to wear wellies tomorrow because of the rain?! Do you like our new Hunter wellies? Black for mama and pink for Pixie!

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My Inspiration this week…

1. Black Hunter Wellies
2. Skinny Jeans by Current/Elliott
3. Jumper by Markus Lupfer
4. Jacket by Clipper
5. Wool Blend Mittens by Aubin & Wills
6. Shoulder Bag by Alexander Wang

ADDICTED – Autumn Clothes

I love the Autumn, I love dressing in warm jumpers, jackets and hats. I love when it’s raining and you can wear wellies. I might venture out today for a walk…

1. Nylon Parker Jacket by Odd Molly
2. Kex le Blue Skinny Jeans by Acne
3. Original Wellington Boots by Hunter
4. Oversiezed Wool Sweater by Michael Kors
5. Zion Lion Hat By Wool and the Gang
6. Peruvian Wool Scarf by Wool and the Gang

Has the time come for HUNTER??????

I recently blogged about the mummies here in Vasastan who wear Hunter Wellington boots, in the middle of town. I was probably too hard on them, because now I am seriously considering wearing my pair.

It is a cold and rainy day here. Pixie will most definitely wear her new rain gear from POP and I need something reasonably rain proof.
We are heading down to Bonnier’s Art Hall later for lunch with our friends C&C, so I can’t be totally fashion free. Perhaps the Hunters, which are currently being used as an umbrella stand in my wardrobe will be upgraded to day wear today.

Fashionable in wellies ?!

I have never seen so many woman wearing wellies in the city, as I have in the past few weeks. Admittedly it has been raining, but I always thought wellies were for the country side and for festivals. Silly me!

Walking down Odengatan, St. Eriksgatan or indeed Birger Jarlsgatan you’ll see women in their 30’s or 40’s, generally with quite fashionable clothes and a few kids or at least a pram, wearing Hunter, Ilse Jacobsen, Tretorn.
Scouting the Internet, I found this site. Funky Wellington Boots! Silly me, they are a fashion fix for some., and I realise I could look like this…(see left)
I know this is the muumy thing in fashion at the moment , but is this a trend I want to follow? I have my green (traditional) Hunter Wellington Boots in the wardrobe, last used at the Rolling Stones concert in Slane, Ireland, but I am not sure if I am ready to wear them in Stockholm city. (I will probably regret these words, haha).