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It’s that time again!

I have really tried my best not to start making my summer plans so early this year, but it seems that December arrives and I just get this urge to start planning. Every year is the same. It’s beginning to piss Mark off.

This year he has really tried to convince me that a ”Last Minute” booking is the way to go. I am not convinced. What if the really good places are gone!? So what’s happened… well, for the past two weeks I have been surfing the travel sites. Apollo, Fritidsresor & Ving (off course) and also checked regular flights and searched for houses/apartments to rent.

So what’s been on the agenda this year!? 

Well… Mykonos, Tilos, Crete, Kefalonia, Skopelos, Naxos, Paros… and Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Tarifa, Sitges. Mostly Greece and Spain as you can see. Two very interesting options as we love both Spanish and Greek food, we love the heat and the beach, as well as the wine (I should add).

So where’s it gonna be? 

Looks like we’re heading back to Mallorca, but for a shorter stay this time, so that we can travel somewhere else in Europe as well. I am thinking that we might take a trip in June to Sunwing Alcudia Beach in Mallorca, so that Pixie can get her Lollo & Bernie fix. That way we can head elsewhere in July, without a bad conscience.

Here’s me and Pixie in July 2013, outside Sunwing Princesa in Alcudia, Mallorca. We had such a blast there, I think we might go back.




The Perfect Weekend!

IMG_7713I am looking back at the past weekend with such happiness, we had such a wonderful time and being the kind of person that puts herself under too much pressure for everything to be perfect I feel that I managed to deliver a really good family weekend.

Last week when Pixie said that she couldn’t wait to meet Lollo & Bernie, I already knew that we were going to meet them at the Ving Family Day but I didn’t say anything. So on Saturday when she threw a wobbler in the morning and I nearly cancelled the entire outing I got so upset. In the end she got herself together and we dressed and headed down to the Waterfront Congress Centre.


She got so excited when she realised who she was meeting Lollo & Bernie  and to be able to dance at the Mini Disco in the middle of Winter was fantastic. An entire crew from Ving were there to help peope out with their bookings, answer any questions you had, and to make sure that you were enjoying yourselves. Really an excellent marketing event organised by Ving, and such a great idead to get the kids all geared up for summer. We will never be able to go on holidays without Ving in the future.

We finished off Saturday with an excellent take-away from the Dim Sum place here in Solna, GREAT Dumplings!


On Sunday my drive to get going made sure I was out of bed by 7.00, well that and Pixie. When we had had our breakfast a chilled for a little while we headed out in the Winter Wonderland. (Only hick up was Mark locking himself out and me having to return home to let him in) but then we headed down to Råstasjön for som skating. It was quite hard to skate on the lake, lots of snow covered it, so in the end Pixie sat in the buggy as I skated a couple of laps.

We finished of the day with waffles and coffee in Filmstaden.