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Overall a VERY good Saturday!

Saturday is a day of the week that always comes with an element of pressure to perform, perform as a good parent and fun mum. We usually start the day off at the Ballet Academy at Birgerjarlsgatan with the ”Dance n’ Play” (Danslek) session and Miss Margit. If everything goes according to plan we have a ”fika” afterwards  with Pixie’s best friend from pre-school and her mummy. (Fika means having a coffee).


After ballet we headed down to the auction house in Frihamnen to have a look around. I realised quickly that both Erin and I were wearing the wrong clothes. What had started out as a sunny and warm ”spring is in the air” kind of day turned into a cold, rainy and windy February day. I was wearing a By Malene Birger dress with black tights and my Blundstones and my cardigan and jacket weren’t warm enough to keep me warm.

Pixie nearly fell asleep on the bus back to Vasastan, Mark tickled the palm of her hand for ages and she nearly drifted away. (but no such luck). Instead we ended up in one of my favourite places to have coffee, Ritorno. Our friend Michael came along with his daughter Alice. Pixie and Alice had such a ball together, they shared a plate of pancakes, had juice and pastries and played for ages.

Michael and Alice agreed to join us for dinner so we headed back to our place, but not before I headed in to ETC on Odengatan to check out the sale.

Pixie and Alice had a fantastic time together this evening, they played and played and played, watched a barbie movie, had dinner and crisps and sweets (in that order). When Alice left Pixie was so upset, she was sooo tired and we settled in bed quite quickly. She fell asleep whispering ”Alice”.

Overall a VERY good Saturday!

Starting the day with Bikram

I started the today with a 90 min Bikram Yoga session at my new favourite Yoga place ”Du Calme”. Kicking off at 7.00 I need to rise at 6.20 to get there in good time for the session to start, but that’s ok.

Situated just 2 blocks from my home here in Vasastan (Stockholm) this Yoga Studio has become an oasis for many yogis in the greater Stockholm area. I’ve just been going there for a few weeks but I already love the place and it’s such an improvement on my last Yoga Studio (Perfection).

Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 poses, following a specific sequence that Bikram Choudhury , the founder of the Bikram Yoga movement has put together. The poses have their origin in Hatha Yoga but one of the main differences between Bikram Yoga and other forms is that it done in 40 degrees heat.

I have become addicted to the rush you get from this excellent form of exercise. I started practicing last July and I have just joined this new Yoga Studio for another year, 12 months ahead I intend to practice at least twice a week. (Sporty Mama is back!)

If you ask me, I would recommend Bikram Yoga to anyone… you can be young, old, flexible or not, seasoned yogi or complete beginner, it doesn’t matter. It’s such an excellent way to start a cold and slushy winter’s day, I felt great heading to the office today! 

Thomas and the Knife (Thomas och Kniven)

”Thomas och Kniven” is a photo gallery and a shop in Birkstan, my hood here in Stockholm.They first opened their doors at the end of 2011 with an ambition to be a platform for unestablished / the next generation of designers .They want to encourage ambition, creativity and productivity amd their main focus is on photography. They often exhibit interseting young artists and photographers.

Check out their web-site here!

A relatively recent addition to the shopping scene in Birkastan, Stockholm…

Mamsen & Malou is a relatively recent addition to the Birkstan shopping scene. In the heart of Birkastan it has a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where you can choose from the wonderful clothes in peace and quiet. They stock children’s clothing in sizes from 0-8 years and some wonderful lables very well suited all the Vasastan Mummies.

The place is easily accessible from the St:Eriksplan Underground Station and close enough to Mellqvist so that you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee afterwards. The shop itself has a play corner so that you can shop in peace, and some comfortable chairs where you can breastfeed.

I went in for a visit on my way home today and found two Mini Rodini dresses. I have been checking out the balloon dress on the right since earlier this summer, and today I got it with a 50% discount. (Yay) I also bought a dress from the Mini Rodini Autumn collection, see left, as I love love love the print.











The shop has already been involved in some controversy.You can read below or here (in Swedish).

” The new shop Mamsen & Pyret has been forced to change its name after Polarn O Pyret (POP) threatened with legal action. The large clothes chain believes that Mamsen & Pyret are sponging on the commercial reputation that POP has established. Just a few weeks after the store opened the shop owners Minnie Hök and Monica Åman were contacted by Polarn O Pyrets lawyer. Although the Swedish Bolagsverket has approved and still insists that there are no obstacles for the shop to be called Mamsen & Pyret, the duo have now decided to rename the store.

– Polarn O Pyret maintains their right to take legal action and we as a completely new company, can of course not afford to deal with this. Only our name change will be very strenuous for our already-stressed economy, so there’s no talk about taking this to a trial. We have also appealed directly to Polarn O Pyret’s CEO to allow us to continue to use our name but she refers to her lawyers, said Mimi Hök and Monica Åman.

The new name of the shop at Birkagatan 20 in Stockholm will be Mamsen & Malou.


Isn’t it amazing how a large corporation exerts their control over a small entrepreneur who’ve just started up in business. Not fair!



Tel: +46-8-31 11 11

Web: www.mamsenomalou.se

Email: info@mamsenomalou.se

Address: Birkagatan 20, Stockholm


My denim obsession!

I’m forever looking for the perfect jean. My Fav paur, Acne Hex are now so worn out they’re ready for the dump.


Acne Archives are located near me on Torsgatan here in Vasastan. I’ve been in a couple of times but can’t seem to find a pair I’m happy with. Went in today again but no luck.


I also have a pair from Hudson, skinny as hell, impossible to wear at the moment. Them and my White Acne’s are my two frenemies at the moment.


Ok, that’s it. My new personal goal; to be able to wear my white Acne and my blue Hudson in Portugal in June!


Ayla helps you recycle

In these financially uncertain times recycling has become the choice for the savvy fashionista. Ayla Danielle Kristina is a Vintage shop in Vasastan, where you can not only find lots of treasures but also make some money.
Ayla carries a mix of European and Scandinavian labels, new and old, bags, accessories and clothes. Pay Ayla a visit next time you’re in the neighbourhood, to purchase or to leave in some of your unwanted pieces. Never know, they might become someones fav vintage item.
Address: Tomtebogatan.

Cafe Valand an Institution

I’m free. Enjoying lunch with my DH in Cafe Valand here in Vasastan while Pixie is enjoying time with gran. At first I didn’t know what to do so I browsed vintage heaven Myrorna and then joined Mark at the Health Centre where he finally got vaccinated.

Industrious Mums makes BIG in Day Care Accessory Industry

My husband Mark recently met a lovely lady who was trying to make her business more successful. She was posting leaflets around our neighbourhood in an attempt to ramp up business.


This morning as I browsed our local news paper (Vi i Vasastan) I saw this article.


They have made a success and are now selling their product around the country.


Well Done to Sian Brehmer and Jessica Rindegård!

A retro christmas?

If you’re looking for retro christmas gifts for your Little One, visit Tant Mela on St. Eriksgatan in Vasastan, Stockholm. Wonderful toys, furniture and clothes from seventies in particular.

See Mago at Jewish Museum

If you have no plans for this Sunday I recommend a visit to the Jewish Museum, Stockholm on Hälsingegatan here in Vasastan. T-bana – Odenplan.


The current exhibit features Mago, Max Goldstein, born in 1925, Berlin, who escaped the Nazi persecution and settled in Sweden. He worked with Ingmar Bergman, Karl Gerhard and Marlene Dietrich and became one of Sweden’s biggest costume designers.


The exhibit is on from November 1st 2009 to September 15th 2010.