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I suffer from anxiety, there I said it. It’s not everyday that I share really personal things in this blog. Mostly I write about things that make me happy or the clothes I just bought or plan to wear the next day. Quite superficial reaaly, but that is also a way to keep things on track and moving.

Anxiety sounds very serious, and I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a disorder, but my levels of anxiety goes up and down depending on what’s going on in my life. Sometimes when it gets to much for me to handle I sleep very poorly and then I feel a need to withdraw.

Last night I was awake until 4.30 in the morning, then I finally got some sleep. You can imagine that I was exhausted today. But I still managed to get a good days work done, and most critically I managed to get back to all the clients that I had set up to respond to this week.

This afternoon I enjoyed my dear daughter’s company and we enjoyed a healthy dinner and a good movie before she headed to bed.

Now that I have some perspective on the inner turmoil I suffered last night I feel ready to go to bed and sleep. Tomorrow is another day, and I look forward to it!


There are several causes of adult acne…

Pantoteenihappo-Foliv-acid-solgar.pngSince early 2013 I am suffering from acne, more acne than I ever had as a teenager. For a while I looked like I had measels, red spots all over my face and it’s been so bad that I even resorted to covering it up with make-up for a while. It may not sound drastic to you, but I am a person who hasn’t ever wore much make-up,, and also not ever had much acne.

So what’s the cause, well I have been pussled over this and sometimes very worried. Is it stress, bad cosmetics, hormones?

I know that stress causes the oils glands to overcompensate, make up can lead to bacterial infections and hormones can cause the sebacuous glands to overact. You see I have done my reserach.

For a while I even thought that I had begun menopause but with no other signs I am sure this is not the case. I am only 40 for gods sake!

I have tried lots of different cleansers, creams and lotions, in fact I have never spent so much money on products in my life, but nothing seems to help. For a while I even put vaseline in my face on a daily basis just to blast the zits away and that worked to some degree but not fully. They keep coming back.

Perhaps stress then? I have been over worked for a while, I have had some stressful events in my personal life also in this time period and perhaps now during my holidays I can begin to recover.

I try to sleep in as much as possible, gor for runs and eat healthily, but more than anything I try to enjoy my time with my daughter.

Yesterday I found an article which recommended vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) so now I have purchased it and began an intensive treatment, hopefully I’ll see some effect within 14 days. I’ll keep you posted.

Who am I – SATC eller Odd Molly?

It’s time for a slightly superficial reflection, considering I am calling myself ‘fashionable’ I must question this label. Am I really fashionable?

Lately I have found myself choosing the comfortable trainer (give me Brooks or Asics any day) instead of my trusted Prada’s or Jimmy Choos. Those of you who know me since December 2008 (when I arrived in Stockholm as a new mum) may find this hard to believe but I used to be a real SATC wannabe (that’s Sex and the City). I loved the series, the shoes, the clothes and all the girls. I shopped like a maniac handbags, dresses, shoes and more. I spent all my hard earned cash on superficial items that in fact did make me very happy, but in the long term may not be the best investment.


In the last few months my fashion sense has changed completely. I now wear jeans nearly every day, hoodies or tunics by Odd Molly and By Malene Birger. Comfortable shoes like Birkenstock or sneakers, lots of sneakers. There was a time when I also always wore a Boob top nearly every day, but thankfully I have now left the Boob t-shirts behind and I am down to my last nursing bra.

On Friday (My 5th Wedding Anniversary) I had a change of heart and decided to dress up. Off course I wore jeans and one of my Malene Birger’s Darlings, but I decided to venture out on a pair of heels. I managed to get in to my wedding shoes for the first time in a long time, it must be nearly two years (last year when I was pregnant I mostly wore my or my sneakers.

What’s worrying is that I could hardly walk the next day, yes I had a sore head but also VERY sore feet. I am now back in my sneakers again. Ha ha…