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Tuesday and Allsång på Skansen!


It’s been a wonderful day today. We slept in until nine o’clock this morning and had some of my lovely homemade paté for breakfast with a cup of black Swedish coffee.

As the this is our second week of holidays and the final we spend in Sweden, we decided that this was the weel we would visit Allsång på Skansen.

Allsång på Skansen (Sing-along at Skansen) is a Swedish TV show held at Skansen, Stockholm, every summer on Tuesdays between 8pm and 9pm. The audience is supposed to sing-along with musical guests to well-known Swedish songs. The show started in 1935 on a small scale – about fifty people in the audience. Today about 10 000-25 500 people come to each performance. It one of the most Swedish things you can do if you visit Sweden.

I suggested to Mark that we cycle in to town, so apart from getting a wonderful day with our daughter we also got fit. 15 km return.

My outfit was a Classic, old chinos, old blouse, FAV bag from Svenskt Tenn and new Campers (purchased in Los Angeles in April).


Campers & Svenskt Tenn @ Allsång på Skansen


Camper high heels
640 SEK – camper.com

Tory burch purse
3 695 SEK – bloomingdales.com

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
1 040 SEK – piperlime.gap.com

My Inspiration for the last summer days

Autumn is in the air and I am finding myself looking toward the black items in the wardrobe but I’ve decided to keep the summer vibe going for a while. Tomorrow, as I am meeting up  with a girl I met on a recent flight from Malmö, I will celebrate summer in this…


Tuesdays blues



Lunch with Jasmin in a summer Stockholm…

Summer has arrived yet again. I’ve already been a two-week holliers in Crete, Greece, which I loved and adored. I chilled out, spent time with my daughter Pixie and my husband Mark and truly had a great time. I love going on holidays in June, summer hasn’t started yet in Sweden and in southern Europe it’s not yet hot hot hot.

We’ve enjoyed the past week, my DD has stayed with her grand parents ll week and I have been abe to really get into the Bikram Yoga thing.

I must say I LOVE Bikram Yoga and come August I will join Du Calme on Birkagatan in Vasastan (where I live) and I will get there.

On Friday I had a lovely lunch with my dear colleague Jasmin. Enjoyed a lovely sald with crayfish-tails and a glass of wine/beer. Sitting there in the sun at ”Flyt” a restaurant on a boat/loating pier kind of thing. We had a grey morning but just about unch time the sun came out and we sat there roasting in the sun. It was lovely. Then it was time to head back to the office to finish off. We got the last few things done and then we heaed off for a few weeks holidays.

By the time I came home Mark had finished working too and was ready for a barbeque. We packed two bags of paraphernalia and headed down to the back yard. Capri Salad, spicy sausages for us and meatballs with a fresh tomato salad for Pixie, washed down with a glass of white wine and juice alternatively.
We were joined by our lovely neighbours Erick, Anna and little Melvin, who completely freaked Pixie out. He was so happy to see her I couldn’t stay away from her and kept grabbing her by the arm.


Here’s my salad!

Day 14 – Saying Goodbye to Crete, what’s next? Skopelos?

I’ve had a great time during the two weeks we spent in Agia Marina, Crete. It’s a nearly week that we are back now, and time has flown. I haven’t had a chance to write my last reflections,just the usual blogging, but here it goes.
My first ever package holiday… will I do it again?
Yes probably, but not sure if I’ll do the whole Sungarden experience next year. I have watched Mamma Mia so much these past few weeks and I guess I would prefer Skopelos instead of Crete. Skopelos have lots of lovely hotels, many seem to be family-run establishments. The beaches are smaller, the island is smaller and greener. I think that Pixie will be well up for a trip back t Greece, she loved the atmospehere and the cliamte, but I think Skopelos or Skiathos are more ”our kind of thing”.
Package Holiday, was I happy with the set-up and service?

Yes, overall it was very good. It was quite reassuring to have Swedish speaking staff at the hotel. The Ving reps were fantastic and they really took their time to help us with our problems that came up and seemed very happy to get to know us. The travel arragements were very good, flight and welcome. It would have been nice to travel at a different time of the day, a little earlier. The only criticism I have are the bus drivers that took us to and from the hotel from their aiport. They drove too fast, unsafe and made those two journies very uncomfortable. Pixie who gets car sick very easily threw up on the way to the hotel on arrival. It was not very pleasant for her.

Overall mark out of 10

I give this trip 8/10. The Sungarden Stefan Village Hotel is very well maintained, the whole area is cleaned every morning, the garden is full of fine trees and shrubs and flowers everywhere. The Ving Reps (especially Sandra and Conrad) were absolutely brilliant. My little girl loved the mini disco and wanted to take part every time. The playground was great, clean and nice, very child friendly.

The pool area is well nice and we spent a few days there but I would recommend that you go down to the beach, just wonderful. We ended up at Mamma Mia, which was recommended by Ving and it was super. Nice beach, good food and nice playground for children.
If I were to go there again, I would take with me some things, not having to spend unnecessary money. (Coffee filters (large), dish brush, washcloth, potato peeler, a little seasoning, salt and pepper). We cooked some food at home in the apartment, and the kitchen wasn’t very well equipped. There is no formula to buy so I would recommend that you bring that with you.

We didn’t do any sightseeing in the surrounding area, but there were things to see in Chania, Agia Marina is nothing special to see. We did not nothing special when it comes to sports / adventure, but our neighbors, a mother and teenage girl did a lot, riding on the beach, rented bikes, rode on the tour and they were very pleased with what they did.

Shopping was not that good, mostly tourist shops but a lot of junk, fake designer handbags, fake designer scarves, T-shirts and stuff. But if that’s what you like …. However, I found a couple of nice shops with traditional handicrafts and bought a very fine hand-woven bedspreads to my daughter bed.

I can’t comment on the nightlife, for us it consisted of the many family restaurants and the clown show at Stefan Village and the Mini Disco, they were the highlights.

Finally, we would recommend this hotel, very pleasant and nice, superb staff and nice rooms. But Agia Marina was not very exciting, no fun shopping, no pleasant promenade. the balance is all good, kid-friendly and nice restaurants, especially Mamma Mia and Nymfi.

Summer feeling at H&M…

I have bought a new summer dress for Pixie at one of my favourite shops H&M and she loves it. I have realised now that I will no longer attempt to get her to wear jeans or blouses, it’ll be dresses and leggings for the rest of the summer.

It was only 99 SEK, app. €10 and you can buy the dress here.

Day 11 – Sand Castles and Pixie learns how to swim with her tube…

A day on the beach can be oh so fabulous. We have had so much fun today, building sand castles and learning how to swim. I was a little doubtful when Mark said he would teach Pixie how to swim this summer but I must admit he is making progress.

Here she is with her new Hello Kitty tube, splashing away. She has learned how to get herself forward, spin around and she can jump into the tube as well.

We’ve built several samd castles over the past few days and she is enjoying every moment. ”You, me and daddy should build” she says. Here she is in her lovely bathing suit from H&M, a favourite.