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An Ode to Mod!

We’ve had a lovely day today, a day off work and pre-school thanks to the Christian Holiday, Ascension Day, when Jesus is meant have have ascended to Heaven. Thanks Jesus!

Instead of having a day full of ”must do this” and ”must hurry to get there on time” we completely chillaxed. The morning was spent at home where managed to have a lie-in, followed by some morning children’s TV, washing of clothes, and a wonderful breakfast. I even managed to get away for a session of Bikram Yoga at my new favourite place Du Calme on Birkagatan here in Vasastan.

I am really trying to get there twice a week but it’ proving difficult, so far I have only managed once a week this month. But this weekend it will all change, I am going again on Saturday afternoon and then on Monday morning. Bikram Yoga really is mind altering for me, I do not only get a great work out, my head feels fantastic afterwards. Lock the knees! 

After lunch we made a picnic and headed out on our bikes, me and Mark haven’t managed to get out cycling much in the past few years, but this is the summer when this will all change. I put Pixie in her seat and off we went. We headed towards Solna and Råsunda to have another look at the neighbourhoods, to play in a park and to have a picnic. Pixie and I sported our cool Bell helmets, matching All Stars and parkas, she is my mini-me after all. When she played around in Skytteholmsparken in Solna she truly looked like a little Mod.

On the way back home we stopped at Mackers for an ice-cream, yum!

An Ode to Mod

Saturday at the Stockholm Transport Museum

If you are ever lost for things to do on a Sunday in Stockholm, I can highly recommend the Stockholm Transport Museum. We headed over for a visit on Saturday after Pixie’s ballet class. My mum and dad brought Pixie there on Wednesday but she was insisting she wanted to go back, this time with mummy and daddy.

This really is a very well put together museum, it holds buses, trains, trams and underground carriages from several hundred years back. They even have the seats from the old DART trains. Amazing. We were thrilled when we saw them and the poster about the Luas in Dublin.

The most exciting part of the museums were the places where you could step in to an old train, tram or sit down to “drive” in front of a screen that was showing a route. I particularly enjoyed the Green Line in Stockholm, standing in an old underground train from my own childhood I don’t know who was more excited, me or Pixie.

At lunch time we enjoyed some pancakes and a cup of coffee and afterwards we continued to explore the museum, sat down to draw a little and visited the Toy Museum next door. Some day!

Stockholm Transport Museum

At the Stockholm Transport Museum, you can experience the heritage of Stockholm in an exciting and unusual way. Why not take a seat in a horse tram from the 1800s, drive an underground train or feel a touch of nostalgia at the sight of our old, light blue trams. It almost goes without saying that there are historic vehicles to be seen here at Stockholm County’s local transport museum. Public transport in Stockholm began when women, also known as rowing madams, ferried the Stockholmers of the time between the city’s islands. Now millions of people travel all over the city every day. There are countless stories to tell. At the Transport Museum you can learn about the city and the history of public transport and technology, but there are also other things to see and do.

Most museums depict how life was in the past and ours is no different, but at the Stockholm Transport Museum our own day and age is also represented. Additionally, if you would like to know what the public transport of the future will look like, then this is the museum for you.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10-17

Sat-Sun 11-16


Adults 40 SEK

Senior citizens 20 SEK

Young people 7-18 years old and students 20 SEK


Concert with Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

Sweden’s largest daily newspaper DN arranges an outdoor concert together with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra every year. The stage is always the Museum of Marine History at Djurgården in Stockholm and this year it featured Nina Persson of The Cardigans, on eof my favourite bands.

We had originally intended to go to the Etnographic Museum for a Voudo Show and a dance performance, but as we had brought along a picnic and all, we decided to joing the 30,000 people who had parked their picnic-blankets on the lawn in front of the main stage.

It was a great performance and a great day out, Pixie and I were photographed by one of the DN photographer and hopefully we’llbe featured in tomorrow’s paper.

On the way home Pixie decided that she was a princess and began to wear her towel as ”hair” with her princess crown. She was s cute, lots of people stopped to talk to her.

Saturday Shopping with the family and a trip to Humlegården

Saturday morning, a 5 km run and then back home for a shower. Pixie is delighted, she really had loved to come along on my run, but she settled in her bath and she now getting ready to go out. New dress (from Name it) and denim leggings and her white sandals.

Quick assembly of a picnic and then off to the playground in Humlegården.We planned to get there by bike but in the end, following a hissy fit by Pixie, we take the buggy and my Asics and go for a walk instead.

On our way we just happend to walk by one of my favourite shows ”Plagg” on Odengatan, a typcial ”Stockers” shop with a mixture of popular casual Swedish, Danish and Dutch brands. They carry lines that suit the hip, media savvy, trendy Stockholm personalities, and I love love love ther sales. You can always find a bargain here. Personally I love Scotch & Soda and Filippa K and always hope to pick up something.

Today I found two bargains, a scarf from Ceannis 100 kr (reduced from 500kr) and a pair of ballerina flats from Filippa K 300 kr (reduced from 1000 kr). You can imagine how delighted I was.

Telefon: 08 – 319 004
Hemsida: www.plagg.se
E-post: info@plagg.se
Adress: Odengatan 75

We end up in Humlegården eventually where we meet two friends from pre-school, S and J. Pixie is delighted to find some friends and we enjoy a drink and biscuits together. Mark joins us and we head up to ”Ströms” to see if we can find something in the sale for him, and we do, a classic cable knit from Polo RL in cashmere.

On our way home Pixie complains that she is cold and requests my new scarf. Here she is, my little Pixie Fashionista.