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I am in love with my new computer bag!

decadent_455_tall_shopper_bordeaux_a-pSounds like I have a sad and lonely life but far from. My love for my new bag is purely professional. During the day when I am at work it’s the focus of my adoration, by the time I am at home my love is totally directed toward my husband and my daughter.

I have been looking at the Decadent bags for a couple of months  now, hoping I’d find a reason to buy one and I finally did. My choice was the DECADENT 455 Tall Shopper Bordeaux (see right), an unexpected choice, but as I sit here at home admiring it I realise that it is the perfect colour for me. There were very few left in the shop and had I had an option from a range of colours I would most likely have picked a black or tan bag as usual, now I was forced to change my normal pattern of behaviour and go for something really unexpected. I am glad I was.


DECADENT is an independent company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005. Behind the brand is Karina Mundt Holst, owner and creative director. After many years in the fashion industry she created her own brand, as she fell in love with her mother’s old bag from the 1970’s. Karina Mundt Holst redesigned this particular bag – and this bag named the ‘working bag one pocket’ – is one of the brand’s bestsellers. With big entrepreneurship Karina Mundt Holst started from scratch and built up her business to a solid company and a well-known brand on the marked. Today she runs the company with a very dedicated team in Denmark, foreign agents and a production controller, who all possess a crusading spirit and drive for DECADENT. ”

Trip to Malmö…

First day back in work and I had to go to Malmö. A customer request I couldn’t refuse, a presentation for a senior management team that had managed to get together, an early flight and an hour to kill in central Malmö.

What to do? Window shopping!

Found a lovely little shop with a mix of By Malene Birger, Rutzou, Birger Mikkelsen DAY and Custommade, really did inspire me for the Autumn. I am working on an inspiration chart, but as the weather is still quite warm I don’t see any point in posting it just yet. I will try get some more wear out of my summer clothes.


Here’s a pic of me, as you can see I didn’t manage to get into my By Malene Birger skirt suit this morning, not because I didn’t fit but because it didn’t turn out the way I thought, so instead I wore a pair of palazzo-ish trousers, but not really palazzo. The shoes are a favourite, but far to small I realise now. I may have to donate them. SIGH!

Shopaholic Mama…

I’ll be back to Stockers soon and back in my own regular clothes. Whilst I do exercise quite a lot, and need some exercise clothes, baselayers and such, I probably don’t need another fleece. But it didn’t stop me from buying this one!I couldn’t help myself!


Jorpe Hood Jkt from Lundhags!




It’s from a Swedish label called Lundhags.


Svenskt Tenn on my mind…

I have fallen in love with an armchair. Didn’t know that was possible to fall in love with furniture but it seems to be the case.Check this out, for sale on Tradera here.

I need a new Nappy Bag of some sorts…

Our dear Svenskt Tenn Manhattan bag has been used to death and today it completely fell apart. I have been using it since Pixie was a little baby, one of my first Swedish style items since my return to Stockholm and Sweden. It’s time to buy a new bag and I’ll probably buy a different one this time around but I am finding it difficult to pick one.



Rox & Fix

Summer feeling at H&M…

I have bought a new summer dress for Pixie at one of my favourite shops H&M and she loves it. I have realised now that I will no longer attempt to get her to wear jeans or blouses, it’ll be dresses and leggings for the rest of the summer.

It was only 99 SEK, app. €10 and you can buy the dress here.

Day 12 – shopping in Platanias

Platanias is the village next to Agia Marina. This, smaller but well developed tourist destination has lots of bars, restaurants, hotels and the usual touristy shopping on offer. But here and there it’s also possible to find a shop that sells more traditional craft items.  

I found this hand woven bed spread for €36 but managed to haggle it down to €33. The lovely lady who runs the shop fell in love with Pixie, and she left with an extra present. A Greek style fridge magnet.

Both mother and daughter were delighted!

Day 5 – a great time…