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New Summer Hats from Nathalie Verlinden

I’ve been looking for the perfect summer trilby for years now and have managed to buy two that don’t event fit me. My head must be the smallest adult head ever!

Today I received an alluring email from a childrens wear online shop called Oii, and what do they have on offer? Guess!

Straw trilbys for children from Nathalie Verlinden.

Childrens size 57 (10-12 years) and size 53 (ages 4-6) for Pixie. These will be perfect for us when we go to Mallorca later this summer!

hämta (1) hämta (2)

On a hunt for a Cocktail dress…

0162663002_14_0I think I may have found it, yet another LBD, but who cares. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many black dresses! This one is from COS, Swedish high street shop, owned by H&M, and such good value.  I spent 45 minutes in the COS shop on Biblioteksgatan today, before the do at the Irish Embassy on Wednesday evening. BIG sigh of relief!


Shopping for blouses!

Having been so good for such a long time, not spending much on clothes and instead using it for furniture to our new home, these past few weeks I completely failed to contain myself.

I suppose it was that unexpected windfall that got me going. New Autumn Coat, new Chelsea Boots, a pair of jeans and three blouses. I did stay on the budget side of the street though, and got myself a long sleeved from Holly & Whyte by Lindex, a 3/4 sleeved from COS and a short sleeved brocade from Stockholm by MQ.

These will certainly spice up my wardrobe of black and grey these next few months. (Delighted with myself!)

Fashionable in H&M

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive brands like Mini Rodini and Livly I recommend going to H&M. This Swedish retail-clothing company has become world famous for their super fast and inexpensive clothing for men , women and children.

They always have super cute outfits for both boys and girls and they tend to stay away from the more unisex fashion that has ravaged the children’s wear industry in Scandinavia for the past few years.

Personally I no longer can stand the unisex approach, I have a little girl that want to be a princess and a brown tunic with striped multi-coloured leggings just don’t do the trick.

Look what I found at H&M last weekend, a soft and comfortable dress and top to wear with blue leggings at pre-school. She’s delighted and the go perfectly well with her gold shoes!

Fashionable in reading glasses?

Ray-Ban-AVIATOR-RX6049-2502-gvEkEkpvbWWAge is catching up on me it seems. Well, I am turning 40 next year, so I guess it is about time. Why am I giving out?

OK, let me explain: over the past few months I’ve had problems reading my Iphone when holding it too close to me eyes and have as a result  began to hold it away from me. Same thing happens with the paper, held at arms lenght I can read it without a problem. Sure sign eye sight is going, right!

The other day Mark came home with a new pair of reading glasses given to him by June, our dear friend in Dublin. (Thanks June) I immediately noticed that they help and have subsequently taken the decision to purchase a pair for myself.

So to feel slightly fashionable in reading glasses, this is what I ended up buying, a black pair of Avenger style glasses, just 150 sek, which I am very happy with (Gosh I feel like my dad now, sorry dad!)

Autumnal garb and a new home!

The Times They Are a-Changin, we sold our home in Vasastan (central Stockholm) and the future in the burbs is calling. At the moment we are looking for a new home just outside the Stockholm City Tolls. Bromma, Råsunda, Midsommarkransen possibly Aspudden are the prime areas, and we go on excursions every Sunday looking for the perfect home.

Autumn has arrived and the leaves on the trees have begun to turn yellow. We are yet to see the red mix in with these auburn shades that surround us, but soon it will be here. The full on Autumn that slowly will turn to Winter.

IMG_6806During the past week I’ve managed to do some shopping. It’s been a while since I really splashed out on myself, but I felt it was time to invest in some Autumnal garb. Some pieces to get me through the coldish Autumn months, before the Swedish Winter hits.

As usual I am most predictable and have picked up some dark blue jeans, a blue coat, blouse from COS and Chelsea Boots. (Classics will rule this Winter)

Autumnal Garb!

Birthday dress, DONE!

LGSS34HP_mediumI always do plenty of research before I buy a new party dress for Erin. It’s important to get it right and especially important when we’re looking for a BIRTHDAY dress. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for the perfect dress and I think I may have found it, Hallelujah!

I think this may be the one, from Livly: Oh Sandy! With classical silhouettes in hot pink, Sandy is sure to wow even the toughest fashion critics. Short sleeve with a gathered skirt and zip up in neck.

Hoping to pair it with leopard print ballet flats, just found a gorgeous little pair in Zara yesterday when I went shopping with Pixie. (my own shopping diary will follow soon)

If you are looking for a new dress for your little princess I can highly recommend www.livlyclothing.com

Preparing for Winter!

It’s only early September but I am already gearing up for the cold winter ahead. One of my priorities are off course my little Pixie. To keep her dry and warm during the cold and dark Swedish winter days at pre-school just simply is the most important thing.

This year I have decided to return to one of the most trusted brands in Sweden Polarn & Pyret or POP. When Pixie was little I always dressed her in POP but during last year and the year before I turned to other brands. Hummel and Didriksons, but for some reason they just didn’t work out as well as POP.

These days I also try to involve Pixie in decisions regarding her clothes as well as try to stick to styles and colours that I know that she likes. Therefore, when it came to shopping for winter clothing I decided to bring her along.  We headed to Västermalmsgallerian last weekend to shop!

So what happened, well pink and purple and no overall, go figure.

Well, if Pixie is happy I am happy!


Mallorca, here we come – day 1

The day was finally here, the day we’d been waiting for for several months, well at least I had.

We left our home early in the morning to make it to the airport in order to catch our flight to Mallorca. Mark and I were quite relaxed considering we had packed everything the night before and got up at 4.30, but Pixie who usually gets  car sick was very apprehensive about the journey. But she did so well, the taxi made it to the airport and Pixie managed all the way without throwing up and she was so so proud.

Even though she’s only 4 (in Oct) Pixie has become quite the frequent flyer and was very excited about the plane and all the people. She couldn’t wait to get her food and movie going.  We bought some Oreos, crisps, jelly bears & a drink  and she was delighted with herself. The family next to us didn’t have it so easy, their little boy wasn’t happy at all. Finally he fell asleep, just 10 minutes before landing and we all laughed together, typical. Lucky me, I thought smugly to myself, my daughter is still awake. I spoke to soon, Pixie fell asleep as the plane hit the ground in Mallorca.

But let’s face it, the flight was a doddle.

Mallorca Aiport is crazy busy, so getting ourselves through the airport, to get suitcases and then onto the coach which was to take us to our hotel was a bit of a night mare.

By the time we were on the bus we were sweaty and a little stressed but Pixie really enjoyed herself. Travelling to Alcudia she enjoyed the sights and was thrilled to see palm trees, me I couldn’t relax. When they announced that our hotel was the first stop I sighed with relief, another journey done and no puke.

Pixie was so excited to be in Mallorca, we’ve been talking about this trip all spring and finally we were here. Now it was time to meet Lollo and Bernie!

(Pixie in her pale pink Ralph Lauren dress, Converse and mummy’s Trilby, isn’t she the coolest little traveller)

Summer dress from Scotch & Soda

I’ve been shopping the sales today, a Nicole Farhi dress for me and a Scotch & Soda dress for my little girl.  Scotch & Soda have the most comfortable clothes I have worn in a long time and it wasn’t until recently that I found out they have children’s clothes. There’s this childrens clothing website called  www.oiidesign.se where they have the allthe coolest children labels, and Scotch & Soda is one of them. This beautiful dress was reduced by 50% to 495 kr.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather and I know Pixie Boo will be so happy in this outfit.


New dress for Pixie Boo