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Not sure what’s happening,,,

Not sure what’s happening. Something may have started!? I think I may have had one of the signs. If you want to know more send me a message on facebook or gmail.


Now I am going for a walk in the park to se if anything else gets going. Yesterday we did 4 laps, that’s 4 miles. (6.4 km)

I’ll be back with more news soon!

What is a membrane sweep?

Membrane sweeping is done by a midwife or doctor. While internally examining a woman, he or she will simply ”sweep” a finger around the neck of the womb (cervix). The aim is to separate the membranes around the baby from the cervix. This releases hormones called prostaglandins, which may kick-start the labour. A membrane sweep increases the likelihood that labour will start within 48 hours. It has a higher chance of working if the neck of the womb is already softening and preparing for labour. It does not increase the risk of infection to either the woman or the baby. A membrane sweep can be uncomfortable as the neck of the womb is often difficult to reach before labour begins and there may be some slight ”spotting” of blood and irregular contractions immediately afterwards.

Am I getting fed up? Yes, a little… No, not yet.

Another day waiting with anticipation, but no baby.
Another night with hours of rest, but no baby.
Some contractions, but no baby.

Am I getting fed up? Yes, a little… No, not yet. I am sleeping for many hours, but I just wish that I could sleep better. I am getting app. 8-9 hours every night and yesterday I slept for 10 hours, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. I still wake up feeling wrecked and groggy. It takes me ca 30 minutes before I feel normal, but that means that by the time I have had my ‘breakfast’ it is nearly 12.30 and the day is nearly over.

I am trying to keep myself composed and relaxed and active during the day. I still have a few things to do here at home. Yesterday we did a big clean of the living room and bed room, so they are no completely dust free. This may sound a little paranoid, but I am allergic to dust mites so I am doing it as much for myself as for the little one.

It is quite strange that I find myself in this situation. During this entire pregnancy my biggest fear has been that she would come early. I was born early and had to spend time in an incubator before coming home. In fact my mum had to leave me in the hospital and go home without me and I have been so worried that this would happen to me and my baby.

So in one way I am delighted that we have passed the due date, as she is likely to be healthier. I have had many problems with pneumonia, allergies and asthma during my life and hopefully this little one can avoid this.

But if she isn’t out by Tuesday they are going to do a membrane sweep. This sounds strange in my ears as I have been so afraid for her to come early, I never thought that I had to consider it maybe even hoped to avoid it but it seems it will happen now.

Apparently, after they done the sweep labour is likely to start within 48 hours. Hopefully that is true.

Some contractions, but nothing substantial…

Today is Saturday 4th October and I am still waiting for the little one to decide to come out. I have had some strongish contractions during the night but nothing substantial yet. And those of you who are in the know, No Show and No Water, so we are still some days away from the big event (I guess?).

I have had a great night sleep though, I slept for nearly 11 hours which is unusual these days. (perhaps this is a sign?!) I went to bed at 23.30 and feel asleep at app. 00.00. I didn’t get up until 11.00 this morning. This makes me so happy as I have been so tired the last couple of days. This may seem a little strange to be writing about, but again those of you who are in the know, will also know that sleep is important and rare towards the end of any pregnancy.

Yesterday I did some shopping for my baby and my husband. I got them matching tops (see right) from www.ilovedecent.com , (how sad is that!) I don’t expect them to be wearing them together though, that’s a bit creepy. This is the last thing I will buy before the baby is born. I have had some difficulty abstaining from shopping since I went on maternity leave. I know I have far too much stuff for the baby, but it is so much fun and some of the things are really cute. I have not fallen into the trap of buying lots of pink stuff, even though we think we’re expecting a girl, but instead I have been smart and bought lots of unisex stuff from Scandinavian labels such as P.O.P, Nanou, Smafolk and Danish Numph. They all have really cool stuff and nothing with pink or blue lace, which I can’t stand.

I also found a really cool Baby Overall from Snowbird, called Purple Rain (my friend Claes would love it), but it is so dear, €140, and that is too much for a baby outfit that will last for 3 months. In anyways gotta go now. I’ll be back soon.

Lady in waiting…

Today is Friday Oct 3rd, 2008, and it is the first day of my new blog adventure.

I have decided to keep track on the thoughts and feelings I am experiencing in the lead up to the birth of my first child.

I am expecting a baby girl, (I think) and she was due on Sep 30th. It is now a couple of days later and it seems she is not ready to come out yet. I am getting all sorts of questions from concerned friends, ‘you must be tired of this now?’, ‘ are you fed up yet?’, ‘I bet you can’t wait now?’, and yes whilst I feel that she could be here by now, I also feel that if she isn’t ready then I’d rather she stay inside me for another while.

I have been on maternity leave since the 8th Sep and this has been a wonderful time; 3 whole weeks to myself and my husband. It has truly been amazing to…

  • Have a lie-in every day;

  • Go for lazy walks in the park;

  • Cook dinners for the freezer;

  • Bake cakes and pies;

  • Have a snooze on the sofa in the afternoon;

  • Enjoy new recipes and lovely dinners with my husband every evening in peace and quiet.

I must sound like a regular house wife but know that it may be a while before I can do this as my time will be taken up with my little baby, so I am spoiling myself rotten now.

I’ll be back soon with another update on things…