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My Inspiration for work – September 2014

Casual Friday at work

It’s been a while since it fit me.

Back in the naughties...

It’s been a while since I wore my Prada T-shirt. Well, it’s been a while since it fit me.

Today I decided to re-live the early naughties and brought out the big guns, my FAV Prada tish and my gorgeous ballet flats from Lanvin. My little Pixie ran up to them the minute she laid her eyes on them.


”Mummy, can I wear them? They are glittery”

Fashionable Mama: (BIG sigh!)

”Yes you can, but be a little careful”

She took two steps, but she probably saw how  worried I was and  said ”I’m finished now” .

I felt quite good about myself, being able to wear this Prada t-shirt. I bought it in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street in Dublin several years ago, some time after the millenium. It was my favourite t-shirt for a whole summer, obsessed as I was with all things Prada at the time.

Oh my, how my life has changed. I haven’t bought one thing Prada in at least 2 years now. My last item was my Cervo Antico bag, but since then I have felt so bad about having so many bags on the shelves of my wardrobe, I have stopped completely.

Anyways, it fits me now. I will wear it this Autumn. It feels retro enough. AND I am delighted that the Bikram Yoga is doing this to me. Last session was last night, the next session is tomorrow morning.

I am also very excited about a new networking opportunity that has presented itself this week. I have been invited to a session next Monday, Executive Inspiration, and  to become part of this network where passionate, powerfueling, pioneering and proficient people are members. NOW, that’s an achievement.

Super Mum, here we go!


We’re on TV4 at 8.20, I better decide what to wear now!

My dear CEO, Maria, is being interviewed on TV4 tomorrow morning. I am meeting up with her at Fridhemsplan early tomorrow morning so that I can be there to support her. Thinking of taking the bike to work, so I guess chinos and flats are the best option.

Check it our on Swedish TV4 – Nyhetsmorgon at 8.20!



Monday 15 aug 2011 at work



Holidays’s over, tomorrow back to work.

Today was the last day of this year’s summer holiday and tomorrow I am back in work, Pixie is back in pre-school and Mark is back to work on his projects.


We’ve had a great time during the past six weeks, Greece was FAB but Storlien and the county of Jämtland was the highlight of the entire summer.

I haven’t yet finished telling you about our trek along the Jämtland-Triangle, and I shall get back to that story later in the week. I always say ”I am happiest when I am outdoors” and this is true. Inside my wannabe Fashionable Mama is a wannabe Sporty Hiking Mama.

I am going to continue the Bikram Yoga classes that I took up before we headed on our mountain holiday during the coming week, but at the moment I need to get ready for  trip to a client based in Malmö.

Tomorrow’s outfit is my Malene Birger skirt suit, black t-shirt from Prada and ballerina flats from Ecco. I may ear my beloved Tiffany chain that Mark brought me back from our holiday in Chicago some years ago, but I am not sure yet. Anyways, here’s to another few weeks of work… until the next holiday!



Birkin Fariha Beckham … is it true?

So Victoria has had her little baby girl… Birkin Fariha Beckham … is it true? another unusual name. Most people don’t end up naming their daughter after their fav bag, in that case my dear Pixie would be called Prada Antic Cervo , that would be funny! 🙂

So no more bump then… although I must say I would love a bump like that, wearing that dress like that, cause that dress is lovely!

I am planning for the BIG gala next week…

I am planning for the BIG gala next week, Best Workplaces Sweden Stockholm Awards, our annual event, where we recognise the companies that fare best in our evaluation. I can’t wait to meet everyone and to celebrate their amazing achievement
I wanted to look like this! But I decided it wasn’t really my style…

As per usual I am planning my outfit way too late. I don’t want to wear a long dress anymore, I’ve decided that I like this one, but I realise now that I may not have the legs required for this dress.
It would look so cool with my buckle Prada stilettos!

Prada Briefcase for SALE – follow the link

This must be the ultimate Prada briefcase. The Prada, Cartella, in excellent condition.

Beskrivning: Prada, Cartella. Attacheväska / dokumentportfölj. Svart saffiano läder, kromade beslag samt kombinationslås. Tre invändiga fack. Höjd 33 cm, bredd 43 cm. Märkt Prada, Made in Italy. Dustbag, äkthetscertifikat samt beskrivning av låset medföljer.



Tonight’s Outfit.

I am on my way out to the Award Ceremony where the Top 100 Best Companies to work for in Europe are being publicised. I am in my LBD from Press & Bastyan, cardigan from By Malene Birger and heels and bag from Prada.

It will be a brilliant night for networking and meeting both clients and colleagues.

I am going to Paris…

this summer for one whole week.

I can’t wait to see the city of blinding lights again. Well, that’s what U2 sings as Andrea arrives in Paris for Fashion Week in ‘The Devil wears Prada’.

I am attending a workshop arranged by our US headquarters. It will be fun to attend the training, to meet colleagues from all over Europe and to become the dedicated facilitator for our new product.
I am bringing my family so I’ve booked an apartment just around the corner from Le Jardin des Tuileries. (see above) There’s a playground and amusement park there, just beside the Louvre and the Seine.

I am also looking forward to spending some quality time in the city where I spent 6 months when I was just 20 years old. I can’t wait

Aren’t you jealous!

Out for a meeting then back to bed

I’m out and about this morning, having been in bed since Tuesday it feels a little strange. Whilst I’ve tried to recover from my cold Pixie has been more ill than ever.

A tummy bug hit us during the night and we changed sheets several times. Yesterday afternoon we both slept for three hours, I was feeling better after the long snooze but my little girl hadn’t been able to keep anything down all day and was exhausted.
Today as I’m on my way to see a client it feels strange to get dressed up in office gear, I’d much rather stay in bed snuggled up to my little girl. Instead I’m pairing a old Prada dress (anno 2003) with a Zara jacket (anno 2005) and my new computer bag from Ordning och Reda.
Can’t wait to get home again…