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took a break, and did some skating…

I haven’t blogged for a week.It got too much for me, work and all that. I have been working quite a few hours this week, and with a trip to Luleå (in the far north of Sweden) and our annual conference ”Make it Great” on Thursday I just didn’t find the time.

So, lots been happening and I might try to fill you in later this week.

Sunday started with my favourite soap on telly, Esastenders. I have to get my weekly fix and I have missed it for the past few weeks.

I enjoyed a fix of Albeert Square and a coffee with Pixie. She didn’t mind the telly much, instead she was drawing princes and princesses. She loves them right now and I have to make out the shapes of a princess and she then coloured it in.

I subsequently began to bake and clean. I am such a good wife. No shopping today!

I had promised Pixie we would go out to the park to skate and I realised that this was the plan for the day. It’s amazing how long it takes three people to get ready, but we did it, one by one.

We got in to our winter gear, even though we are yet to see any snow in Stockholm it was freezing today. I even went down to the basement to get my North Face boots ut but couldn’t find them. Instead I brought up three boxes of Christmas decorations.

We finally headed down to Vasaparken, in central Vasastan It was full of people, mums, dad, kiddies and other loose people.

Pixie did really well. She tried to skate on one occasion last year but she was too little. She tried to keep her balance and slid one foot after the other on the ice.

She did sooo well!

After skating we went to Ritorno, one of my old haunts on Odengatan. They do great coffee and cakes. It’s been one of my regular places to hang ou since I first came back to Swedeb 3 years ago, and we try to get back there every so often.

Pixie completely freaked out when they didnät have any straws. man, she can be such a little terror. In the end Mark went a found one and she finally calmed down.

One the way home we decided to get a Christmas three, we went around for a while until we finally found one on Rörstrandsgatan. I think Mummy was the most excited bout the whole venture. Pixie rode on my shoulders going home so that Mark could push the three in the buggy.

We had a lovely evening dressing the three and lightening the second of the Advent candles. I am glad I got plastic baubles instead of glass ones. They were dropping like bouncing balls, and Pixie laughed every time one hit the floor.



My arms are changing shape – Bikram Yoga forever!

I have been practising Bikram Yoga since the beginning of July this year. For nearly 5 months I have sweated like a maniac and worked out like a yogi at least two and sometimes three times every week. I have been gettig up at 6 o’clock in the morning to do my 90 min Yoga class between 7.45-8.15. It’s been wonderful but very hard work.

But I must admit that Bikram Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise I have ever tried and I can really notice my body getting back into shape. It’s nearly scary how noticeable it is, but my arms have just changed their shape. My arms have been a problem area for me for years but finally I am getting to grips with them. Gone are my ”dinner lady” arms, and now I have toned well shaped muscuular ones instead. Ahh, well. They’re not perfect, but very far from where I was at the beginning of the summer.

Perhaps I could even wear a sleeveless dress for Christmas!


Christmas is coming… soon!

Yes, you guessed right. I am slightly obsessed with Christmas and I love to plan and prepare, somtimes months in advance.

Last night I ordered our Christmas cards. A Fashionable Mama would probably spend a fortune on designer cards but I decided to make up my own using an Internet site. Off course I used the lovely photo from Sunday when Pixie met Santa.

I am still planning our outfits and I may have found a dress for my little girl, but I am not sure what to wear myself. I found this lovely DVF dress and D&G cardigan that I think would be lovely. Perfect with my black patent Mary Janes!


Fashionable Mama & Pixie getting ready for Christmas!

Party Wear!

The Christmas Season is nearly upon us and I have started planning our Christmas outfits, mine and Pixie’s that is. Mark can look after himself.

I have been browsing the local vintage shop and have found a See by Chloe dress which I think will be perfect for at least two occasions, Christmas Dinner on the 17th Dec with the family and perhaps even New Year’s.

Every year my family plans at least 3-4 family outings in the run up to Christmas. The most important is the annual traditional ”Julbord” which we normally have at an venue somewhere around Stockholm. Most restaurants and hotels of high ranking will put on a ”julbord” which is really the Christmas equivalent of ”Smörgåsbord”, a buffet style dinner with all the traditional Christmas dishes from across Sweden and Scandinavia.

We also usually go and see a Christmas Concert called ”Jul i Folkton” with Sofia Karlsson and her friends. This year my mum and dad are bringing Mark and myself, and she told me today that she has already booked my sister to babysit. (isn’t that wonderful!)

Pixie has already worn one of her Christmas outfits, just a week ago when her friend Chloe turned 3, she premiered her brand new dress. The dress was bought with money she was sent from her cousins in Ireland, and her aunt and uncle.

Isn’t she adorable!




Planning for Christmas!

I am already planning for Christmas. I have this Christmas obsession and I usually start to plan far too early. So far I have already bought 5 presents for Pixie. Unfortunately she already found one, so I have 4 left. We tend to celebrate both Christmas Eve (Swedish Ttradition) and Christmas Day (Irish Tradition), so we need lots of presents.

Last night Pixie and I chatted for a while, just after I had finished reading her book, and she said. ”Mummy, at Christmas you get lots of presents, and also when lots of people come to the house, like my birthday”. Bless, she is such a dote.

I am far behind when it comes to planning for outfits though. So far I have browsed a number of shops, both for myself and Erin. For the past three years Erin has been wearing plad, so I think it’s time for a change. I am looking for a big dress, (that you can dance in, that’s the test) to be paired with her new shiny Mary Janes. Perhaps something like these.


Christmas NEXT! no more Scotch plaid.

Last Saturday, after ballet, Pixie and I headed out to the burbs to Kista Centrum to the one and only NEXT shop in Sweden. The trip was a success and we found lots of beautiful little outfits. I just love their childrens wear, beautiful dresses, cardigans, shoes and coats.

I found several dresses that were incredibly cute and a lovely polka dot one that I may consider for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

For the past few years I’ve dressed Pixie in Scotch plaid, but this year I think it’s time for something different.

We purchased a cardie, but not the dress and the shoes. I’ll have to back for them.