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Miu Miu, I missed it.

I completely forgot about the Miu Miu show the other day. Would have been my highlight of Paris Fashion Week but I missed it. The past week has been filled with client meetings and I have been rushing around Stockholm trying to get everything done and everyone taken care of.

I decided to review the show, as I always do, on www.nowfashion.com and here are a couple of the highlights that made my late evening. Perhaps next year I’ll be there.

Riccardo Tisci – you rock my world!










I haven’t had time to blog much recently, it’s been quite busy in work again, and I have done quite a lot of catching up in the evenings. So let me go back a few days, to the October 2.

So going back to last Sunday… when I watched the Givenchy runway show with delight. Riccardo Tisci did an amazing job with this collection. So many looks that I would just love to wear, but being a size 10 I am not sure they would look exactly like this on me. I started picking my favourites, but now that I see them above I am not sure if these are the ones. I may have to get back to you with another outfit.

I love the tight trousers but also the shorts. I am not really the shorts kinda gal, but if I continue with the Bikram Yoga for the next year, perhaps next summer I’d be able to sport this look!

Another designer that impressed today was Alexis Mabille. The whole collection was obvioulsy inspired by men’s shirts, not always a success but there were some outfits I could gladly wear next summer. Oh my, need to find a retailer of Mabille in Sweden. Does anyone have any idea?


Paris Match!

So I spent last night reviewing the last few days of Paris. Here are one of my FAV looks from PFW, the Lanvin show, by super genius Alber ELbaz.

Alber Elbaz is the creative director of Lanvin, one of the world’s most revered fashion houses. Since his take-over in 2001, Elbaz has made the label one of the most covetable in the industry, fusing its rich heritage with his own unique twist. Elbaz was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1961 and moved to Tel Aviv, Israel, when he was 10. He considers himself Israeli. to be continued…


Missed Milan, Now Paris and Westwood!

I’ve been sick for the past few weeks, I’ve been busy at work and by the time I got home i’ve usually been too tired to do any

I completely losted interest in Milan Fashion Week. My usual favourite Prada disappointed, I thought. Wasn’t particulary interested in the whole 60’s American car vibe. Etro wasn’t a hit either, I just thought it was too eighties. I gave up on Milan from the outset with the outrageously ugly heels at the Versace show.

I know now that Milan fashion is not for me. I am more New York (Victoria Beckham, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang) and London (Paul Smith, Burberry, Acne, Vivienne Westwood (yes here too) ).

So I tought, OK Milan’s over, the FAB fashion has passed. No, let’s give Paris a chance this is after all the capital of haute couture… so I woke up again, at the Vivienne Westwood show. Not mad about the heels, not suitable for a fashionable mama frequenting the sand pit, but this woman truly creates art.