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Tory Tory

I just love Tory Burch but I am yet to own anything but a pair of her shoes, ballerina flats off course, with her logo in gold.

The show, her first ever runway show was brilliant. The golf shoes, the pleated skirts and dresses, the colourful patterns, the casual and the dressy all mixed together.

Tory hasn’t been around for a very long time, she began a fashion label in February 2004, but since then she has spread her vision across the world. Most famed for her ballerina flats and her kaftans, she is now branching out. Preppy-boho is what her style is usually referred to. I LOVE it.

In my dream wardrobe there are rows of caftans, and hundres of Tory flats.












You can see the entire runway show here… Tory Burch Spring Summer 2012 – NY Fashion Week

Zac Posen

Just a quick note to let you know that I loved Zac Posen, but most of it was unwearable, not really the type of outfits that I woudl frequently wear. BUT here’s two that I liked!


Victoria Beckham, a fantastic surprise!

Victoria Beckham, Spring Summer 2012, was a fantastic surprise. The show was nearly an hour late, but as I sat here in Stockers on my sofa, waiting for the show to start, I had ”Alice in Wonderland” on the TV. I must say I quite enjoyed the move, so much in fact that I missed the start of the show.


I’ve picked out 3 looks that I really liked, more than the others and here’s why.

1. (look no.7 in the show). This is probably my FAV of all of them. I just love how the clear bright orange is set off againts the dark blue. The bag reminds me of the orange Hermes Birkin we’ve seen Victoria wear on many occasions. I can’t help but think this is where she got the inspiration from. I so could wear this for a work event where I would have to be extra special.

2. (look no 26 or 27 in the show). I love the white top, how it shows off your arms. The trousers (or is it a skirt/skort? I’m not sure) are gorgeous and I love how they are so billowy. I can see myself on a beach in Greece next summer wearing this. Evening time, I guess, having dinner with my family at a family run taverna on the island of Skopelos. I adore it.

3. (look no. 3 in the show). I just think it’s genious how she puts blue with black. The entire start of the show centered around this theme, and I also loved an outfit with skin tight, patent leather leggings.   But I am not mad about the military inspired hats. So imagine the outfit without the hat on, and just a simple pony tail.


Evereyone’s talking about Alex…

It’s only logical that technical sportswear should be breaking through as such an important influence for spring 2012—it’s fashion mentally limbering up for the Summer Olympics in London, of course. Sarah Mower, US Vogue

– The language of technical sportswear is blooming on the catwalks, blended with futuristic lines that flatter and design details that lengthen limbs. Wang proposed a fantastic example of exactly this. Sarah Hay NOW FASHION


On Sept 10th, Alexander wang showed his Spring/Summer 2012 collection at NY Fashion Week. So what’s it about? The Olympics? I am  not so sure. ”I’ve been looking at motocross, Nascar racing, and all the clothes those guys wear,” Wang said backstage after the show was over. So, we can call it Biker chich, and whilst I don’t fully get it , I guess it’s where we’ll be come Spring/Summer 2012. Lots of zips, see through pockets, dark colours at the beginning of the show, then more whites with splashes of colour and then some see through materials. Well, these are my fav looks from the show, but I am not convinced. (I suppose we’ll all se in about 9 months)

Photo: Marcio Madiera/firstVIEW