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My Inspiration for October!

Autumn is finally here, the leaves are beginning to fill the streets and the parks, ballet flats are out away and I am wearing my new Chelsea  boots to work, scarves and gloves are being pulled out of storage and my beloved Aran jumper is in use yet again.

I absolutely love this season, bring on the Autumn!

Thank you Crumlin, Love Mia!

Thank you Crumlin, Love Mia.

Thank you Crumlin, love Mia! is an initiative started by 11-year old Mia Keavney from Dublin.  On Friday 25th May 2012, in the Convention Centre, Mia and the organising committee, are hosting the “Thank you Crumlin – love Mia” event for over 2,000 guests. The evening will feature ten top Irish Fashion Designers who will each show case two of MIA’s personal designs as well as a limited selection for their own creations.

(Mia has even had her own designer label created for the evening: MIAMOO)

Celebrity MC Lisa Cannon from XPOSÉ will be hosting the evening. However, the evening is not all about fashion.  It will be an evening filled with entertainment from some of Ireland’s top entertainers as well as loads of fun fundraising activities. The primary aim of the evening is to help MIA raise as much money as possible for the refurbishment of Crumlin Children Hospital’s Orthopaedic Unit while hosting a very enjoyable evening for those who buy a ticket

You can read her own words abut this project below…

My name is Mia Keaveney and I am 11 years old.

I was born in Hunan province in China. I came to live with my Irish family in March of 2002.  I live with dad Clem, my mom Sally, my sister Meghan, my two brothers Jordan and Brett and my dog Harry.   I’m currently in 5th class at school.

When I was tiny in China, I had an accident where I was very badly burned.  I needed a lot of treatment and  operations so I have been going to Crumlin Children’s Hospital ever since I arrived in Ireland.

Thanks to Crumlin, and all the great doctors and nurses, I am now so much better and I am still getting treatment for my leg and foot.  Next April it will be 10 years since I started to go to Crumlin.

I love to draw, but I really really love to draw and sketch fashion designs.   One day I gave some of my designs to my friend Bernie and she loved them so much that she felt they should be seen by one of the best designers in the world; John Rocha.   After he saw my drawings he invited me to come and meet him -I couldn’t believe it.  It was a great experience and he gave me great encouragement and inspiration.

I have now decided to use my drawings to do something positive, so I am planning a big fashion show event in May to support Crumlin Children’s Hospital and to say…THANK YOU CRUMLIN- LOVE MIA


Inspiration for tomorrow!

I am attending a special evening with Colm Tóibín tomorrow at ABF-Huset here in Stockholm. Afterwards we’re heading over to the Irish Embassy for a special reception in honour of one of Ireland’s foremost authors and journalists. As I have to be in work  during the day, and don’t have time to go home to change I am planning a smart casual outfit. here’s my inspiration…November 2nd 2011


STEFFEN SCHRAUT tailored shirt
$175 – stylebop.com

Zara coat
$189 – zara.com

Limi Feu cape jacket
$1,480 – lagarconne.com

Rag & Bone high rise jeans
$176 – lagarconne.com

Missoni leather slouch handbag
$891 – boutique1.com

BY SOPHIE crystal jewelry
$263 – boutique1.com

Victoria Beckham, a fantastic surprise!

Victoria Beckham, Spring Summer 2012, was a fantastic surprise. The show was nearly an hour late, but as I sat here in Stockers on my sofa, waiting for the show to start, I had ”Alice in Wonderland” on the TV. I must say I quite enjoyed the move, so much in fact that I missed the start of the show.


I’ve picked out 3 looks that I really liked, more than the others and here’s why.

1. (look no.7 in the show). This is probably my FAV of all of them. I just love how the clear bright orange is set off againts the dark blue. The bag reminds me of the orange Hermes Birkin we’ve seen Victoria wear on many occasions. I can’t help but think this is where she got the inspiration from. I so could wear this for a work event where I would have to be extra special.

2. (look no 26 or 27 in the show). I love the white top, how it shows off your arms. The trousers (or is it a skirt/skort? I’m not sure) are gorgeous and I love how they are so billowy. I can see myself on a beach in Greece next summer wearing this. Evening time, I guess, having dinner with my family at a family run taverna on the island of Skopelos. I adore it.

3. (look no. 3 in the show). I just think it’s genious how she puts blue with black. The entire start of the show centered around this theme, and I also loved an outfit with skin tight, patent leather leggings.   But I am not mad about the military inspired hats. So imagine the outfit without the hat on, and just a simple pony tail.


Fall to pieces….


It’s time to get hyped up for Autumn, ready to face the cold & rain, but also into gear and prepared to hit Winter, Swedish style.

I’ve picked out a few pieces that I will let influence my wardrobe this Autumn/Winter 2011-2012. The first piece I’ve picked is from House of Dagmar, a young Swedish fashion company which was launched in the Spring of 2005, an Aline hand knitted alpaca cardigan, in a lovely rusty colour. I am teaming this with a pair of black pants from Burberry prorsum, a lovely black leather bag from Miu Miu  and a pair of cool ankle booties. These are called Crazy horse  and are by Gardenia  and you can find them at Tjallamalla.com I just ordered them, couldn’t help myself!

Getting ready for Autumn - Swedish Style


Dagmar is huge in Sweden, but their arty chic style has been widely recognised by the fashion industry as well as the press throughout the rest of Europe, United States and Asia and they have received several prestigious awards. The company is run jointly by three sisters – all with notable background within Swedish and international fashion industry. The principal source of inspiration – and muse – is the sisters’ late grandmother by the name Dagmar. She was herself a tailor and inspired the sisters to develop their interest for fabrics and design at young age.

Here’s the awards they can brag with;

  • 2005 – Rookie of the year, by the Swedish Fashion Council
  • 2005 – Garbohatten, an award in the name of Greta Garbo, by the Swedish dep. store PUB
  • 2006 – Best new designer of the year, by Swedish Elle magasine
  • 2007 – Dagmar was awarded a fashion show by Gen Art-NY during New York Fashion Week
  • 2008 – Nominated to Best designer of the year, by Swedish Elle magasine

It’s been a while since it fit me.

Back in the naughties...

It’s been a while since I wore my Prada T-shirt. Well, it’s been a while since it fit me.

Today I decided to re-live the early naughties and brought out the big guns, my FAV Prada tish and my gorgeous ballet flats from Lanvin. My little Pixie ran up to them the minute she laid her eyes on them.


”Mummy, can I wear them? They are glittery”

Fashionable Mama: (BIG sigh!)

”Yes you can, but be a little careful”

She took two steps, but she probably saw how  worried I was and  said ”I’m finished now” .

I felt quite good about myself, being able to wear this Prada t-shirt. I bought it in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street in Dublin several years ago, some time after the millenium. It was my favourite t-shirt for a whole summer, obsessed as I was with all things Prada at the time.

Oh my, how my life has changed. I haven’t bought one thing Prada in at least 2 years now. My last item was my Cervo Antico bag, but since then I have felt so bad about having so many bags on the shelves of my wardrobe, I have stopped completely.

Anyways, it fits me now. I will wear it this Autumn. It feels retro enough. AND I am delighted that the Bikram Yoga is doing this to me. Last session was last night, the next session is tomorrow morning.

I am also very excited about a new networking opportunity that has presented itself this week. I have been invited to a session next Monday, Executive Inspiration, and  to become part of this network where passionate, powerfueling, pioneering and proficient people are members. NOW, that’s an achievement.

Super Mum, here we go!


Here’s the Inspiration for today…

Sunday - Birthday pary for Lily (age 1)

My Inspiration for the last summer days

Autumn is in the air and I am finding myself looking toward the black items in the wardrobe but I’ve decided to keep the summer vibe going for a while. Tomorrow, as I am meeting up  with a girl I met on a recent flight from Malmö, I will celebrate summer in this…


Tuesdays blues



Trip to Malmö…

First day back in work and I had to go to Malmö. A customer request I couldn’t refuse, a presentation for a senior management team that had managed to get together, an early flight and an hour to kill in central Malmö.

What to do? Window shopping!

Found a lovely little shop with a mix of By Malene Birger, Rutzou, Birger Mikkelsen DAY and Custommade, really did inspire me for the Autumn. I am working on an inspiration chart, but as the weather is still quite warm I don’t see any point in posting it just yet. I will try get some more wear out of my summer clothes.


Here’s a pic of me, as you can see I didn’t manage to get into my By Malene Birger skirt suit this morning, not because I didn’t fit but because it didn’t turn out the way I thought, so instead I wore a pair of palazzo-ish trousers, but not really palazzo. The shoes are a favourite, but far to small I realise now. I may have to donate them. SIGH!

This is not right… I’m planning my next holiday…

I’m sitting in my sofa watching Norweigan TV which is being broadcasted across the Swedish network right now. The whole of Scandinavia is in shock and we can’t believe what’s happening, or has happened.I am off on my second holiday this summer, Storlien in Jämtland. We’re gonna hike, bike, swim and chillax. I love it in Jämtland this time a year and I can’t wait to get there. What bothers me about the whole situation, I am planning my next holiday and in Norway people are grieving.

I guess I can’t let it get me down, I know life has to go on, but I needed to do something. I did go to church today, said a prayer and lit two candles. Pixie was with me and she loved the whole process, in particular the whole ”light the candle”, which she did, in my arms as I held her. She said ”again mummy, again!” I couldn’t explain to her why we did it, but I am glad I brought her.

We left the church and on the way out she saw a big wooden chest, she looked at me and said ”mummy, a treasure!”. This morning we watched a pirate kiddies thing on tv and she remembered, I loveher so much. she is so cool. I am so lucky to have her!



Going Hiking


The North Face fleece jacket
$84 – backcountry.com
Nike activewear
$100 – nike.com
Khakiwater repelling Kiwi trousers
£30 – debenhams.com
Patagonia merino wool socks
$39 – patagonia.com