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Overall a VERY good Saturday!

Saturday is a day of the week that always comes with an element of pressure to perform, perform as a good parent and fun mum. We usually start the day off at the Ballet Academy at Birgerjarlsgatan with the ”Dance n’ Play” (Danslek) session and Miss Margit. If everything goes according to plan we have a ”fika” afterwards  with Pixie’s best friend from pre-school and her mummy. (Fika means having a coffee).


After ballet we headed down to the auction house in Frihamnen to have a look around. I realised quickly that both Erin and I were wearing the wrong clothes. What had started out as a sunny and warm ”spring is in the air” kind of day turned into a cold, rainy and windy February day. I was wearing a By Malene Birger dress with black tights and my Blundstones and my cardigan and jacket weren’t warm enough to keep me warm.

Pixie nearly fell asleep on the bus back to Vasastan, Mark tickled the palm of her hand for ages and she nearly drifted away. (but no such luck). Instead we ended up in one of my favourite places to have coffee, Ritorno. Our friend Michael came along with his daughter Alice. Pixie and Alice had such a ball together, they shared a plate of pancakes, had juice and pastries and played for ages.

Michael and Alice agreed to join us for dinner so we headed back to our place, but not before I headed in to ETC on Odengatan to check out the sale.

Pixie and Alice had a fantastic time together this evening, they played and played and played, watched a barbie movie, had dinner and crisps and sweets (in that order). When Alice left Pixie was so upset, she was sooo tired and we settled in bed quite quickly. She fell asleep whispering ”Alice”.

Overall a VERY good Saturday!

Pixie at Moderna!

A Fashionable Mama makes art! I’m not an expert but I love arts and crafts, photography has been an interest of mine but I never claimed to be more than a skilled Holiday Snapper. But last summer I stroke luck. We were sitting in our back garden, barbecuing our dinner with some neighbours. Pixie was at the end of the garden having her strawberries for afters and I took a series of shots.  The though that she one day would hang in Moderna wouldn’t have entered my mind.

Everyone is a Photographer (Alla är en Fotograf), is one of the most interesting exhibits at Moderna Museet in Stockholm for a long time. The basic idea was that anyone could upload a photograph they had taken to the Moderna website, and that they would print them all off and hang them in the museum.

On Sunday we headed over to Moderna to find out if the photo I took of Pixie last June and uploaded via the website was there. There were hundreds of photos on several walls, adults, children, animals, holiday snaps, passport photos and much more. We looked for ours for what seemed like forever and guess what we found it..

What was so amazing about our picture was that it had also been selected to be featured in the Moderna Newsletter sent out by the museum last week. You can imagine we were surprised when this landed in our mailbox.  You can see all the photos here.


Fashionable Mama does Family Sunday…

… at Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm.

This is a safe bet for anyone who wants a couple of hours of quality time with the family. Especially the Mini tour for kids aged 2-6 – 11 am organised for children on Sundays, we just love to join the tour and Pixie too, we get to see the art works from a childs perspective and afterwards we get to create art in the museum’s workshop. Today we got to view 3 photographs, two by  Italian photographer  Francesco Vezzoli and one by American Cindy Sherman.

In the workshop we made some collages and some paintings, we were also photgraphed for the latest exhibit  Everybody is a photographer! in the museum where you yourself take pictures of your everyday life and upload them here! The museum will then print them and show them at Moderna Museet. I’ve done it and I can’t wait to see myself on the walls of Moderna!

Me and Pixie listening to the guide.

The Workshop, don’t you just love the butterflies hanging from the ceiling.

On our way to the restaurant for a bite, soup of the day, salad and some bread. Tummy! Lunch at Moderna truly is GOOD:

Getting ourselves a hotdog on the way home, very fashionable!

On our way home, me in new parkas, boots from Tjallamalla, dress from COS and sunglasses from Fendi.

In Solvändan, our local playground.

Art in the making!

Today we paid a visit at Moderna Museet here in Stockholm. They arrange guided tours for children every Sunday, which end in an hour long session in the childrens workshop.
Pixie reacted to a photograph by Jeanloup Sieff, a portrait if Yves Saint Laurent. ”he’s a litte naked-fart” (in Swedish Nakenfis).
Overall it was a success! We all had a great time painting together.
Exercisplan 4, 111 49 Stockholm

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Brunch at Moderna Museet

We headed out this morning for some family quality time. Now we’re at the Museum of Modern Art for some brunch.

Premiering new leggings at Moderna

New leggings from Milla Milano on Pixie, enjoying Dalí with mormor. (granny)

out all day with aunt Catherine…

Mark’s aunt Catherine arrived in sthlm yesterday. Today we have been out all day, so I am wrecked now, just writing a short post.

Met first thing and took no.2 down to Norrmalmstorg, went over to Nybrokajen and bought tickets for the boat to Fjäderholmarna. The island was virtually deserted, nearly only us there, but people started arriving by noon, so did the rain. Despite the rain we had a LOVELY lunch and walked about the island. Catherine bought herself a lovely necklace in the Smith’s little shop.

On the way back we agreed to go to the Vasa Museum, but the queue stretched out the door. We headed over to Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) instead. Had coffee and walked about a bit.

Now we are stretched out on the sofa. Nuff said.

A Saturday with great ‘Culture’

We visited Moderna on Saturday as I mentioned in my morning post. We made it with plenty of time to see parts of the permanent exhibition before the lecture, ”Art & Photography”. I had hoped that Erin would stay asleep for a little while so that we could listen to the lecture, but she decided to wake up. Instead we decided to have lunch n the restaurant. We enjoyed grilled vegetables with feta cheese and a glass of wine. (here’s Mark telling Erin all about Andy Warhol)

In the afternoon we went browsing in the shops around Vasaparken, we have found a very nice shop called Utopia, but didn’t buy anything. (We don’t need anythng)

Our evening event was the final instalment of the Swedish qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest. Next week in the final in Ericsson Globe Arena (as it is called now). I enjoyed the music and is quite pleased with the songs that made it to the final. My favourites are Alcazar and Caroline af Ugglas.

Good Morning!

I am sitting here at the breakfast table enjoying a fabulous breakfast with Mark. I have just put Erin to bed for her morning nap. We woke up at 7.00 and she was as usual a happy little bunny in her bed.

This morning we gave her porridge for the first time. Most of it came out as we were trying to feed her, but we’ll continue to give this to her for a few days.
Having breakfast is one of my favourite activities during my day. As Mark works from home a lot we always have breakfast together. I really enjoy sitting at the table with my new cups and saucers, Paratiisi from Arabia. Today we’ve had sourdough baguette from a bakery here in Vasastan, Gateaux.
When we have dressed Erin I think we’ll head over to Moderna Museet. (Museum of Modern Art) to see the exhibit Art & Photography.

Old Town and the Royal Castle

Today we’ve had a ‘tourist’ day in Stockholm with a long walk in the bitterly cold wind and a lovely lunch in Gamla Stan (Old Town). We had intended to visit Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) but forgot that they are closed on Mondays.

I also tried by Baby Björn Baby Carrier outdoors for the first time. It worked a treat! The are really great to have when you want your hands free of if (in this case) you want your baby to stay awake for a while when you are out for a walk.

At the Royal Castle we saw the changing of the guards.