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Don’t you just love Autumn!

Autumn calms me down for some reason. It must be the anticipation of Winter that gets me back to basic, gone is the stress of the summer, now it’s time to prepare and get ready for the cold Winter months ahead.

I must be one of the most organised mothers in the neighbourhood though, I already have winter gear, jackets, trousers and boots ready. It feels kinda great. Must seem odd to those of you with no kids, but as a mother it makes me feel in control.

On Friday Pixie is going for an outing with her pre-school and I know she’ll be snug in her Blundstone and her Mini Rodini coat and Missoni for Lindex hat and gloves. Might pair it with Stella McCartney jeans and top. Who know!?


Kids Autumnal Garb

Mini Rodini rules!


Mini Rodini is one of my favourite children’s labels here in Sweden. I managed to get hold of this beautiful dress at the end of last summer when the sales were on. This summer it fits perfectly and goes very well with the new summer hats from Zara and the white Converse.

Pixie wore it today for the first time when we headed down to Stockholm city this morning, just a short ride on the Underground, to find a new outfit for Greta’s Birthday Party! We looked in a few differenty shops, initially we were looking for an Alice in Wonderland outfit, which is the one Pixie really wanted. But in the end we bought a Fairy outfit, Rosetta’s dress, Rosetta is Tinker Bell’s friend, complete with sparkly wings.

The Birthday Party was a great success. Now were off to see my parents, to have dinner, to watch the Eurovision Song Contest and to stay the night!



Birthday Party

A relatively recent addition to the shopping scene in Birkastan, Stockholm…

Mamsen & Malou is a relatively recent addition to the Birkstan shopping scene. In the heart of Birkastan it has a very welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where you can choose from the wonderful clothes in peace and quiet. They stock children’s clothing in sizes from 0-8 years and some wonderful lables very well suited all the Vasastan Mummies.

The place is easily accessible from the St:Eriksplan Underground Station and close enough to Mellqvist so that you can enjoy a lovely cup of coffee afterwards. The shop itself has a play corner so that you can shop in peace, and some comfortable chairs where you can breastfeed.

I went in for a visit on my way home today and found two Mini Rodini dresses. I have been checking out the balloon dress on the right since earlier this summer, and today I got it with a 50% discount. (Yay) I also bought a dress from the Mini Rodini Autumn collection, see left, as I love love love the print.











The shop has already been involved in some controversy.You can read below or here (in Swedish).

” The new shop Mamsen & Pyret has been forced to change its name after Polarn O Pyret (POP) threatened with legal action. The large clothes chain believes that Mamsen & Pyret are sponging on the commercial reputation that POP has established. Just a few weeks after the store opened the shop owners Minnie Hök and Monica Åman were contacted by Polarn O Pyrets lawyer. Although the Swedish Bolagsverket has approved and still insists that there are no obstacles for the shop to be called Mamsen & Pyret, the duo have now decided to rename the store.

– Polarn O Pyret maintains their right to take legal action and we as a completely new company, can of course not afford to deal with this. Only our name change will be very strenuous for our already-stressed economy, so there’s no talk about taking this to a trial. We have also appealed directly to Polarn O Pyret’s CEO to allow us to continue to use our name but she refers to her lawyers, said Mimi Hök and Monica Åman.

The new name of the shop at Birkagatan 20 in Stockholm will be Mamsen & Malou.


Isn’t it amazing how a large corporation exerts their control over a small entrepreneur who’ve just started up in business. Not fair!



Tel: +46-8-31 11 11

Web: www.mamsenomalou.se

Email: info@mamsenomalou.se

Address: Birkagatan 20, Stockholm


Mini Rodini Autumn Collection available NOW!

Mini Rodini was founded in 2006 by the Swedish illustrator Cassandra Rhodin. Inspired by her great grandfather – the legendary circus king Brazil Jack – she has created a new take on children’s wear, expressing their own creativity and humour. With sustainability and quality in focus, Mini Rodini creates clothes that parents want to dress their kids in, and that kids love to wear.  Today, Mini Rodini is represented in over 200 locations around the world.


The new Autumn collection is finally available. here are some pieces I am considering for my little Pixie!

Get it here… www.minirodini.com