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Family Fun in Mallorca – 20 days and counting!

It’s just 20 days left and then we’re off again. Back to Mallorca with Ving to one of the best beaches in the world.

We’re renting an apartment on the beach in Alcudia, where we will have 9 days of rest, sun, family time and fun. I can’t wait to get on that beach, to soak up the sun and just relax.

As I am the queen of planning, I am already writing my packing list. In fact, I have been writing it since I booked the tickets in January. yes, that is hgow sad I am! 🙂

This summer we’re heading to Mallorca much earlier than we usually do, in June this time, and I am thinking that I may need to bring some warmer clothes. Perhaps just a cardigan or jacket for evening time!


Mallorca Fun!

It’s that time again!

I have really tried my best not to start making my summer plans so early this year, but it seems that December arrives and I just get this urge to start planning. Every year is the same. It’s beginning to piss Mark off.

This year he has really tried to convince me that a ”Last Minute” booking is the way to go. I am not convinced. What if the really good places are gone!? So what’s happened… well, for the past two weeks I have been surfing the travel sites. Apollo, Fritidsresor & Ving (off course) and also checked regular flights and searched for houses/apartments to rent.

So what’s been on the agenda this year!? 

Well… Mykonos, Tilos, Crete, Kefalonia, Skopelos, Naxos, Paros… and Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Tarifa, Sitges. Mostly Greece and Spain as you can see. Two very interesting options as we love both Spanish and Greek food, we love the heat and the beach, as well as the wine (I should add).

So where’s it gonna be? 

Looks like we’re heading back to Mallorca, but for a shorter stay this time, so that we can travel somewhere else in Europe as well. I am thinking that we might take a trip in June to Sunwing Alcudia Beach in Mallorca, so that Pixie can get her Lollo & Bernie fix. That way we can head elsewhere in July, without a bad conscience.

Here’s me and Pixie in July 2013, outside Sunwing Princesa in Alcudia, Mallorca. We had such a blast there, I think we might go back.




Mallorca Inspiration and Flippin Burgers!

Been enjoying my holidays so far, a lie in every morning, coffee and news paper for breakfast and nothing to do. Today we had fried egg. mmm… It’s  6 days and another 24 to go and it’s incredible.
But Holidays is also about getting things done. One of the most important things for me is that my daughter gets some time with her grand parents and every summer we make sure she spend at least a week in their house.
Pixie went to her Mormor and Morfar on Monday and it’s been wonderful to  hear the reports, they are BBQing, bathing, baking and playing. Today she didn’t even have time to speak to me. 🙁
But, we’re coping. Yesterday Mark and I headed over to Kungsholmen, just 10 minutes by bike, to a very popular burger joint called Flippin Burgers and had a munch. It was the first time we visited the place and we arrived with great anticipation. and was it yummy? Yes, it was!
But I am still planning my Holiday Wardrobe, so sad I am. And I there may  be some pink in there, the Capsule I told you about. Possibly some turqouise. Currently I am looking for a pink denim, but no luck for the right shade so far.
Tomorrow I’ll had in to H&M to check what they have, they may have what I need. 🙂
Mallorca inspiration

Topshop dress
2 375 SEK – topshop.com

Maison Scotch floral print jeans
1 010 SEK – coggles.com

Gucci real leather purse
16 210 SEK – net-a-porter.com

Ray-Ban brown lenses sunglasses
680 SEK – amazon.com

The worst cold ever!

I’ve managed to land a cold, the worst cold ever. Currently the Alvedon (Paracetamol) is keeping the temperature at bay and my day is only interrupted by a regular coughing fit. Poor Pixie, her mummy is too tired to do anything.

Yesterday we made it out for most of the day. The’s an outdoor pool just near our home, and we made it there although I never made it into the water. The sun was blasting down and I began my summer project, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Never read that book and thought it would be nice to read it before I see the movie. Having it on my iPad and everything makes it even better. In fact it was for free from the IBooks library.


Today we headed for the park and the splash pool. This time Pixie didn’t make it into the water but we bumped into two friends from school and Pixie had some company for a while. It was lovely to meet them and chat for a while. But the sun was blistening and we decided to go home for some ice cream. But not before we’d bought the dress Pixie had been going on about for the past two days.


Making plans for the summer!

As per usual I start planning for my summer holidays early, and good job that I did, cause we booked the last apartment with a large balcony at Sunwing in Alcudia, Mallorca. We’re going back to the same island and same small town as last year but this time we are staying in Alcudia for the 2 weeks. We’ve also decided to upgrade the hotel and are staying right on the beach this time.

This will be perfect for us, both Mark and I enjoyed the beach in Alcudia last summer, the long walks along the beach in the evening and personally I think running along the beach is the  best in the world. Pixie loved loved loved Lollo & Bernie and all the activities that the Ving hosts arrange for the kids every day. Initially I was temptedt to book a week in Puerto de Soller as well and if the hotel had been just slightly better I woluld have done it. I just loved Soller and Puerto de Soller, but I guess a day trip will have to suffive this time around.

The other day as we stood on the platform waiting for the underground looking at this MASSIVE  poster advertising Ving, Pixie looked at me and said with a sad voice ”Mummy, I want to meet Lollo now, I can’t wait for the summer”. Bless her, she really loves Lollo and Bernie. What she doesn’t know is that she will. On Saturday I have booked the entire family on the Ving Family Day here in Stockholm. I am not going to tell her either, I am going to let her discover it all when we get there and she sees them. Imagine, Mini Disco and Kids Show in January, it will be so much fun.

And how am I doing… sticking to the plan?…. hmmm! I’ve worked hard at sticking to my plan for the past week, but yesterday I got a cold  and now I don’t feel like sticking to any plan. But I’ll start again tomorrow.


An outfit for Pixie – Scotch R’Belle!

I’ve been too concerned with myself for the past while and now it’s time to pick an outfit for Pixie. One of my favourite childrens’ label is Dutch label ”Scocth R’Belle” made by Scotch & Soda / Maison Scotch! They have the most wonderful stuff some of which I could imagine wearing myself.

Last summer I bought a lovely sun dress for Pixie which I featured in a post some time ago and it was the perfext outfit for our summer holiday in Mallorca where Pixie wanted to wear it every day. I had to struggle with her to get her to wear anything else.


This year they have been selling the most gorgeous little parka, but in the end I didn’t buy it as I felt it was too expensive for a 4-year-old. I’ve been trying to locate it in the sales with no luck, it seems it has sold out after all. (pity)  Below I am teaming it with jeans, a pink vest and a cardigan.

Scotch r'belle & friends

Mallorca, here we come – day 1

The day was finally here, the day we’d been waiting for for several months, well at least I had.

We left our home early in the morning to make it to the airport in order to catch our flight to Mallorca. Mark and I were quite relaxed considering we had packed everything the night before and got up at 4.30, but Pixie who usually gets  car sick was very apprehensive about the journey. But she did so well, the taxi made it to the airport and Pixie managed all the way without throwing up and she was so so proud.

Even though she’s only 4 (in Oct) Pixie has become quite the frequent flyer and was very excited about the plane and all the people. She couldn’t wait to get her food and movie going.  We bought some Oreos, crisps, jelly bears & a drink  and she was delighted with herself. The family next to us didn’t have it so easy, their little boy wasn’t happy at all. Finally he fell asleep, just 10 minutes before landing and we all laughed together, typical. Lucky me, I thought smugly to myself, my daughter is still awake. I spoke to soon, Pixie fell asleep as the plane hit the ground in Mallorca.

But let’s face it, the flight was a doddle.

Mallorca Aiport is crazy busy, so getting ourselves through the airport, to get suitcases and then onto the coach which was to take us to our hotel was a bit of a night mare.

By the time we were on the bus we were sweaty and a little stressed but Pixie really enjoyed herself. Travelling to Alcudia she enjoyed the sights and was thrilled to see palm trees, me I couldn’t relax. When they announced that our hotel was the first stop I sighed with relief, another journey done and no puke.

Pixie was so excited to be in Mallorca, we’ve been talking about this trip all spring and finally we were here. Now it was time to meet Lollo and Bernie!

(Pixie in her pale pink Ralph Lauren dress, Converse and mummy’s Trilby, isn’t she the coolest little traveller)

Alcudia & Puerto de Soller, Mallorca with Ving!

We’re looking forward to our summer holidays, only 162 days left. 🙂 When I think about it it’s quite mad that I am making plans so long in advance but I guess that it also makes sense. Now we have a concrete plan and something to look forward to.

We’re heading to Mallorca, as you probably know, and this is in fact the fourth trip that I booked this year, but this is the one that we’ll go on. I always get so stressed about the whole thing and it was the same last year. We ended up in Crete last summer having first booked a trip to Alcudia (Mallorca), then one to Bodrum in Turkey.  In the end we went to Agia Marina in Crete, to a fab Sungarden hotel with mini disco and activities (not our usual cup of tea)

This year I’ve ended up booking four different trips (and cancelled three), first one to Side in Turkey, which was cancelled when I read some desperate reviews on TripAdvisor, for a while we were booked on a combination trip to Kalymnos and Kos in Greece, but in the end I booked us into Sea Club in Alcudia for two weeks.

In the end I changed this trip too, for one week in Alcudia and one week in Puerto de Soller, both Mallorca.

Thank you to Rosita for all your advice and help!

Pixie is getting ready in her own way, she’s playing the games and the videos on the Ving App and just the other day we made a Lollo & Bernie collage from the Ving catalogue that arrived in the post.


You thought I’d never make my mind up!

It’s been decided we’re going to Mallorca, Spain this summer for two weeks.

I haven’t yet decided if we’ll stay in two separate places or if we’ll stick to one. One thing is for sure, we need a beach, a good one and as you may know I’m considering Alcudia, although there are many other fine beaches in Mallorca, Alcudia seems to have everything we need.

What we need from our holiday is: 1. a beach so that Pixie can make sand castles and I can go for a run, 2. a nice hotel (not all inclusive, we’ve decided against that), 3. a nice pool with organised activities for children during the day, 4. nice restaurants and walks for the evening.

Last year we were stuck in a nice, but small and not very pedestrian friendly place in Crete, This year it’ll most likely be Alcudia (please God let it be good).

To prepare Pixie for the holidays I have downloaded the new Ving App to my iPhone. She is lovin it, she gets to see Lollo and Bernie dance and she can play a memory game (which she now finishes in a matter of minutes).


A leisurely walk along the beach!

I can see myself, a leisurely walk along the beach. Pixie is running in the sand playing with a ball, Mark is chasing after her, she’s laughing her little heart out. I am walking slowly behind them watching the sunset.

But where am I?

I think I may be in Mallorca… but where Palma, Cala D’Or, Cala Mesquida or Alcudia? I know I would love to be at a fancy boutique hotel in Palma with a roof top pool. Mark would love to be in Deia on the west coast or in Port Andratx.

But what’s best for Pixie? Sunwing Resort with Ving, Lollo & Bernie, mini disco, close to the beach, kids club and lots of activities all day. Yes, that’s the one.

Last year was all about the blue and denim, this year I will bring pastels, pink, yellow, green and blue. Probably some denim too but I intend to brighten things up. Fashionable Mama does summer in pastel this year! It’s decided, Mallorca and pastels it is! 🙂


Mallorca inspiration

1 760 SEK – topshop.com

Maison Scotch skinny jeans
1 005 SEK – coggles.com

B Brian Atwood flat shoes
1 345 SEK – shirise.com

Gucci leather handbag
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Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
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