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Next summer feels like Autumn – Burberry!

Burberry Prorsum

I have not had much energy or time to review London Fashion Week during the past few days. I have been far too sick and tired to do anything at night. I am getting annoyed with this damned cold now, it’s not going away.  I have another day of HR Conference to attend tomorrow, and at the moment I am wrecked. BUT…

…tonight, before I head to bed, (which is very soon) I decided to pick out one gem from LFW day 4. and guess who. David Baily and Burberry Prorsum!

Christopher Baily is the Chief Creative Officer at Burberry. In his role he’s responsible for the design of all Burberry collections and products, as well as all advertising, corporate art direction, architectural design, multi-media content and overall brand image for Burberry.

I believe he is doing a great job and I could se myself channel his next summer collection this Autumn already. The colours are wonderfully dark and I would love some pieces straight away especially the coats.

But doesn’t this one look exactly like the Josef Frank prin, Terrazzo.


Never thought I would love Acne

Sitting at home with another cold. yet another cold. SIGH! Perhaps I need to see the doctor. SIGH!  Anyways, thought I would share my FAV looks from the Acne show the other day. I haven’t actually had any time to check out the shows from today, perhaps tomorrow…

Black jacket and white top is soo me, I’ll skip the sandals but I’ll do the skirt if I find the right shoe. Love the colour though!

Do like the long coat and olive top, not sure that a white skirt is ideal for a mother of a three year old…

This dress is FAB, love it. Gives me some Prada vibe actually. I’d wear in black, blue and wite, YES!

Like the whole thing, not so sure I would wear it.

Just saying: Sass & Bide

Malmö and London!

London Fashion Week kicks off today with some very exciting runway shows. See the complete  schedule here. I am particularly interested in Sass & Bide, the Australian duo who have been showing since 200 in London. I am also interested in seeing what Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood has to offer. I am a huge Westwood fan, in particular I like her point of view when it comes to consume fashion. Don’t buys more than you need.. or something like that.

But McCartney is more the type of designer that I would wear.  Her palette is rather pale, so perhaps not so suited to my complexion but I found some amazing dresses in her Autumn Winter  2010 show that I would love to get my hands on.

Another collection that you should all keep an eye out for is Ann-Sofie Back Atelje / BACK. She’s showing tonight at 20.00 CET, 19.99 GMT. She’s just brilliant! Acne are showing on Sunday 21.30 CET, 20.30 GMT, their’s is also a collection to be reckoned with!

I have been to London several times, in particular during the years that my dear husband ran a bar in Kingston-upon-Thames with his best mate and best man Gary, but I have never visited London FW, but hope that this is something I can do in the future, perhaps even next year. Instead I continue to follow the collections on NOW FASHION, a great new magazine who post pictures from some of the shows live as they happen. What a wonderful way to keep updated, from abroad.

So what have I been up to myself? Today I have been out and about; I flew to Malmö for the day to meet with a prospective client. I nearly didn’t make it as I managed to book a taxi for the wrong time, 8.00 instead of 7.00. I had just glanced the fight times and managed to get the times wrong. I arrived at Bromma Airport just when the flight took off. You can imagine I was annoyed and I felt quite foolish.

I had to book a new ticket to make it to the client, we pushed the meeting out by an hour and a half, and I met the senior management team. As soon as I finished my presentation I jumped into a taxi and headed back to the airport. Had a crappy Quiche for lunch, and struggled with my laptop before heading back to Stockholm.

Safe to say, I can’t wait for the weekend to start. Tonight I will enjoy a dinner with my family and when Pixie’s in bed, a BIG glass of red with my husband. Tonight we are going to work on his new site together.