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Casual Spring coming!

I am forever browsing the internet for new outfits, every night I’m with my IPad on the sofa and  I guess it’s become my hobby. I’ve noticed that I spend more time ”window shopping” than read books these days and possibly beacuse I don’t really have time for shopping anymore, not the way I used too.

In the past few weeks I have ”almost bought” clothes worth thousands and thousands of kronor (SEK). I am very proud of myself that I haven’t gone wild. For each purchase that I’ve nearly made, I have evaluated exactly what I had in my shopping bag and exactly what I have in my wardrobe and I’ve stopped myself every time. Well, nearly every time.

Last week I bought a long coat from Hope, which arrived home and turned out to be a disaster. It was swiftly returned. Last night I clicked home a jacket from Filippa K, (see below) and this one I may actually keep. It will be great with ballet flats, jeans and a t-shirt this spring. By the way, I am kick starting my spring with a work trip to New Orleans, USA, in April. Cant wait!


Casual outfit No. 1

Outdoorsy at work!

I am lecturing at this BIG conference tomorrow, it’s a summit for companies operating in the Outdoor Industry. I went to the register for the conference today and also managed to meet with one of my clients for 20 min at the Welcome Reception at Café Opera, and what I quickly realised was that the delegates don’t wear the ususal conference garb, they are much cooler and outdoorsy.

I quickly decided to change my own outfit for tomorrow, just to fit in. 🙂 Call me fickle if you wish, but sometimes it’s nice to fit in!


European Outdoor Summit

Shopping for work clothes – feel much better now…

Shopping for work clothes probably isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but as I find myself in work an average of 40-50 hours per week, I guess it’s a good investment. I love simple Swedish design and have been a loyal fan of Filippa K for at least 15 years now.

I still remember buying my first Filippa K Suit, which was such an investment at the time. Her thick cotton/stretch roundneck white t-shirts, WHY DON’T YOU MAKE THEM ANYMORE??????

This week I have made a fine investment in work clothes, from Filippa K and also from Levi’s. New blue blazer, new skinny jeans and a couple of tops. Ready set for the next few months! 🙂 It’s amazing how new clothes make me feel better about myself!

Shopping for work