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H&M for the win!

I have found the most amazing childrens collection that will stand out amongst all the others this year! H&M has done it again, creating affordable stylish clothes for little Pixie! Thank you H&M!


H&M Autumn 2013

My Inspiration for work – September 2014

Casual Friday at work

Fashionable in H&M

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive brands like Mini Rodini and Livly I recommend going to H&M. This Swedish retail-clothing company has become world famous for their super fast and inexpensive clothing for men , women and children.

They always have super cute outfits for both boys and girls and they tend to stay away from the more unisex fashion that has ravaged the children’s wear industry in Scandinavia for the past few years.

Personally I no longer can stand the unisex approach, I have a little girl that want to be a princess and a brown tunic with striped multi-coloured leggings just don’t do the trick.

Look what I found at H&M last weekend, a soft and comfortable dress and top to wear with blue leggings at pre-school. She’s delighted and the go perfectly well with her gold shoes!

Summer feeling at H&M…

I have bought a new summer dress for Pixie at one of my favourite shops H&M and she loves it. I have realised now that I will no longer attempt to get her to wear jeans or blouses, it’ll be dresses and leggings for the rest of the summer.

It was only 99 SEK, app. €10 and you can buy the dress here.