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Easter – a time to rest and recover!

Over the past few months I have had some opportunity to rest and reconsider my hectic life style. One of my main priorities have been to sleep as much as possible and spend time with my family. One thing is for sure, when your mind get rest, real rest, it recovers and so does the body.
This week/weekend is a special for people across the world, weather Christian or Jewish. We celebrate for different reasons, but the Christian message how Christ died for our sins and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day transcends religion and culture and national or ethnic belonging.
For me this message isn’t something that I wish to take literal but instead something that I will use to reflect and to further help me reconsider. For me this weekend will represent a turning point in my life so far.
I have been unwell for 4 days now, not being able to keep food properly, and today I have refrained from eating any solids. Tomorrow I will take my family to Skansen, to celebrate the end of Easter and the start of the rest of my life. 
Easter Outfit

Still making plans, this time Filippa K gets in the mix!

Over the years some of my favourite dresses have come from the Swedish label Filippa K. Founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson this company has gone from strenght to strenght over the years. Currently I live in a navy blue creation, not dissimilar from the one below. It’s perfect for the office, for the beach and for a spot of shopping.
Since the late ninties I have developed my staple wardrobe around some classic Filippa K pieces and every season I add to the mix. A new suit, dress or coat. This outfit defines me and Summer of 2013.
Summer days

Filippa k
1 515 SEK – nelly.com

Navy blue flat
245 SEK – etsy.com

Straw hat
68 SEK – amazon.com

Shopping for work clothes – feel much better now…

Shopping for work clothes probably isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but as I find myself in work an average of 40-50 hours per week, I guess it’s a good investment. I love simple Swedish design and have been a loyal fan of Filippa K for at least 15 years now.

I still remember buying my first Filippa K Suit, which was such an investment at the time. Her thick cotton/stretch roundneck white t-shirts, WHY DON’T YOU MAKE THEM ANYMORE??????

This week I have made a fine investment in work clothes, from Filippa K and also from Levi’s. New blue blazer, new skinny jeans and a couple of tops. Ready set for the next few months! 🙂 It’s amazing how new clothes make me feel better about myself!

Shopping for work

One week left! Dublin here we come!

In one week’s time we’re off to Dublin. I can’t wait!

It’s a while since we visited Ireland and it’s with great anticipation that I am heading over. Easter 2011 is when we last saw Dublin and our home in Foxrock, and I am a little nervous. Lately I have been slightly nostalgic and I’ve been slightly missing my life in Ireland, not that I am thinking of moving back, just missing elements of my life there.

Pixie and my dear husband are travelling with me and for the two days that I will have to work over there, they plan to visit Dublin Zoo and the Pet Farm in Corkagh Park. Then, for two days we will enjoy all what Dublin has to offer. I am thinking that a visit to the playground in St.Stephen’s Green definitely will be on the agenda, and perhaps a visit to the National Gallery.

As per usual I am enjoying the actual planning of the trip, and a capsule wardrobe it is. Always on this search for the perfect capsule wardrobe, this time I might get it right! 🙂

Basics will include my blue trench, beige slacks and ballet flats, as well as my striped boat neck.

Look back at X-mas!

It’s been a wonderful month, December 2011. Filled with opportunity to spend time with the family and our little girl. Christmas is a special time of the year for me, a time when I usually always returned to Sweden from Ireland to se my mum, dad, brother and sister. Mark and I always spent at least a week in Stockholm, either in my parents house or in a hotel in town. We used to have such a good time, shopping, eating and spending time with my family. Now I live in Stockholm for nearly 3 years and I am able to enjoy every day all year in this beautiful town and see my family whenever I want to.

One of my favourite Christmas tradition is our annual dinner out, we have Julbord at a landmark Stockholm restaurant or hotel, the whole family togheter. This year we headed to Stadshuskällaren, the restaurant in our City Hall (made famous for serving the Nobel Dinner every year).

It was so lovely to enjoy the amazing dishes, Pickled Herring; at least six or seven different kinds, Salmon; probbaly five different kinds, a few type sof eel, cold cuts of all sorts; pork, deer, beef, Meatballs, Saussages, Ribs and much more. I went back at least 5 times which is custom and I was so full afterwards.

Pixie was such a joy to bring, she loves going to restaurants and she was in her element. She didn’t give out once and had a laugh with my brother and sister.

What did I wear?! White Tuxedo jacket from Filippa K, black skinnies from Acne, black t-shirt from By Malene Birger and black boots from Gardenia.

Inspired by Fall – here’s to Filippa!

I have been wearing Filippa K since app. 1998, as I lived in Ireland at the time, it took me some time to discover her. In Sweden she’d been around since 1993, when Filippa Knutsson and her partners sought to bring sophistication and simplicity to contemporary fashion.(last bit from wiki)

They’re still going strong spreading their Swedish minimalist urban elegance across the world. I am a huge fan and tend to buy at least one piece from each collection. This summer I was wearing my long-sleeve white and black stripe top at least once a week. It’s now so worn I may need to consider getting rid of it. (on a second throught, NO. It’ll do here at home).

Last winter I bought an amazing black knit dress, which I wore with a By Malene Birger jacket, at least once a week for a couple of months. I’ve just taken it out again, and I can’t wait for the weather to get that little bit cooler so that I can wear it again.

From the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection I have found three items that I am dying to get my hands on. A Classic Coat, a Butterfly Chiffon Tunic, and a Handknit Pullover.


We’re on TV4 at 8.20, I better decide what to wear now!

My dear CEO, Maria, is being interviewed on TV4 tomorrow morning. I am meeting up with her at Fridhemsplan early tomorrow morning so that I can be there to support her. Thinking of taking the bike to work, so I guess chinos and flats are the best option.

Check it our on Swedish TV4 – Nyhetsmorgon at 8.20!



Monday 15 aug 2011 at work



Saturday Shopping with the family and a trip to Humlegården

Saturday morning, a 5 km run and then back home for a shower. Pixie is delighted, she really had loved to come along on my run, but she settled in her bath and she now getting ready to go out. New dress (from Name it) and denim leggings and her white sandals.

Quick assembly of a picnic and then off to the playground in Humlegården.We planned to get there by bike but in the end, following a hissy fit by Pixie, we take the buggy and my Asics and go for a walk instead.

On our way we just happend to walk by one of my favourite shows ”Plagg” on Odengatan, a typcial ”Stockers” shop with a mixture of popular casual Swedish, Danish and Dutch brands. They carry lines that suit the hip, media savvy, trendy Stockholm personalities, and I love love love ther sales. You can always find a bargain here. Personally I love Scotch & Soda and Filippa K and always hope to pick up something.

Today I found two bargains, a scarf from Ceannis 100 kr (reduced from 500kr) and a pair of ballerina flats from Filippa K 300 kr (reduced from 1000 kr). You can imagine how delighted I was.

Telefon: 08 – 319 004
Hemsida: www.plagg.se
E-post: info@plagg.se
Adress: Odengatan 75

We end up in Humlegården eventually where we meet two friends from pre-school, S and J. Pixie is delighted to find some friends and we enjoy a drink and biscuits together. Mark joins us and we head up to ”Ströms” to see if we can find something in the sale for him, and we do, a classic cable knit from Polo RL in cashmere.

On our way home Pixie complains that she is cold and requests my new scarf. Here she is, my little Pixie Fashionista.

Hectic week, no posts in a while…

It’s been a while since my last post. The week has been hectic and I have found myself between two cities, Gothenburg and Stockholm. I have had three client workshops/results presentations, one dinner with a group of senior managers from a new client and one night in Gothenburg with my best friend Åsa and her family. Trying to pack for three days away, wth both work, dinner out and a casual night with friends is hard. At work I am always careful not to seem to casual, I end up wearing a lot of black and always seem to end up in my striped long sleeved top from Filippa K, at least once a week.

This was the case this week too, no imagination at all.

This weekend I am getting mentally prepared for summer, I am searching high and lot for a feodora in straw, like the one below. Next week I’m off to Dublin to spend 10 lovely days in my ”home-town”. We’re there to meet the family and I fully intend to catch up with my friends over at least one pint of Guinness.

But in my mind I am already in Greece wearing this!

Another boot!

Yes, would you believe. Just as I have decided NOT to buy anymore boots or shoes this season I find the ultimate pair. Quite similar to one the ones I bought last season, (that fell apart) these one are even more super cool. I can imagine myself wearing them with a pair of blue jeans, or the grey pair I spotted at Filippa K last Friday. (see below)

For a mere 1,595 kr they can be yours, at TjallaMalla the webshop, or (I presume) their shop on Södermalm Stockholm. But woould you believe (again!?) they’re sold out in my size. Grr.