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An outfit for Pixie – Scotch R’Belle!

I’ve been too concerned with myself for the past while and now it’s time to pick an outfit for Pixie. One of my favourite childrens’ label is Dutch label ”Scocth R’Belle” made by Scotch & Soda / Maison Scotch! They have the most wonderful stuff some of which I could imagine wearing myself.

Last summer I bought a lovely sun dress for Pixie which I featured in a post some time ago and it was the perfext outfit for our summer holiday in Mallorca where Pixie wanted to wear it every day. I had to struggle with her to get her to wear anything else.


This year they have been selling the most gorgeous little parka, but in the end I didn’t buy it as I felt it was too expensive for a 4-year-old. I’ve been trying to locate it in the sales with no luck, it seems it has sold out after all. (pity)  Below I am teaming it with jeans, a pink vest and a cardigan.

Scotch r'belle & friends

Fashionable in H&M

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive brands like Mini Rodini and Livly I recommend going to H&M. This Swedish retail-clothing company has become world famous for their super fast and inexpensive clothing for men , women and children.

They always have super cute outfits for both boys and girls and they tend to stay away from the more unisex fashion that has ravaged the children’s wear industry in Scandinavia for the past few years.

Personally I no longer can stand the unisex approach, I have a little girl that want to be a princess and a brown tunic with striped multi-coloured leggings just don’t do the trick.

Look what I found at H&M last weekend, a soft and comfortable dress and top to wear with blue leggings at pre-school. She’s delighted and the go perfectly well with her gold shoes!

Shopping for a dress in Zara…

Mid-October and Stockholm is showing it’s best side. The sun is shining, the air is clear, the leaves are turning yellow and orange and town is packed. W’e’re in central Stockholm, Pixie, Marco and yours truly. We’ve just spent far too much money on a new dish washer, kettle, microwave and coffee maker. We’ve looked at new tiles for the kitchen floor, and now’ we’re heading towards Zara to find a new dress for Pixie. There are people everywhere shopping. The sales are on so who can blame them.

Pixie who turned three last week received a card and some money from her fav aunty Lizzy during the week, so I’ve promised her a new dress and clic-clac shoes (as she calls them). Zara is an excellent shop for cute girlie clothes, I normally shop there and at Boca on Rörstrandsgatan in Vasastan where I live.  Pixie’s birthday dress came from Boca.

There were so many nice things, I found a lovely pair of leopard print ballet flats and a cardigan to match, but as I have a little girl who just loves pink I had to compromise. Instead we found a lovely black dress with pink bow and lining, a pink bolero cardigan and sparkly pink ballet flats. You can imagine she was thrilled.




Summer feeling at H&M…

I have bought a new summer dress for Pixie at one of my favourite shops H&M and she loves it. I have realised now that I will no longer attempt to get her to wear jeans or blouses, it’ll be dresses and leggings for the rest of the summer.

It was only 99 SEK, app. €10 and you can buy the dress here.

part of the decision making process…

It’s wonderful to get dressed with Pixie these days. She has a very clear idea of what she wants to wear and I try to help her find an outfit each morning that she can slip into without too much hassle. In fact, if we don’t find the right one it can become a real problem, she gives out and insists on going in to the bedroom to find her own choice.

Here she is in today’s outfit, t-shirt, leggings AND skirt!

I try not to put too much emphasis on the actual outfit, just that it’s one that she feels comfortable in and the fact that she has chosen it herself. Her looks, what she looks like and what she wears shouldn’t be the main focus, the most important part of this process is that she feels part of the decision making process. There are so many things that happen in her life, and she can’t control many.

Pixie’s first shopping spree at Malene Birger

I thought I would get some Atumnal garb today, instead my dear daughter got ”hooked up” at both Zara and Malene Birger. New winter jacket, new stripey dress from Zara and Tisha from MB.

Look at her, with her little bag in her hand. She was so happy picking out the colour all by herself. Here’s the tshirt from Malene Birger. It’s in aid of Unicef. It’sthe one to the right, which reads ”Honesty, Happiness,Love”.