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Fashionable Mamas – Gwyneth Paltrow

There are many things I like about Gwyneth, not only her fashion.

  • That she dresses down when she’s ‘off duty’.
  • That she eats micro-biotic but treats herself ones in a while.
  • That she speaks more than just English, (Spanish).
  • That she has Fabulous friends, Valentino, the Spanish Royal Family, Madonna. (that’s so cool)
  • That she seems down to earth and friendly, although she’s a super star.
  • That she has picked unusual, but sweet names for her kids, Apple and Moses. They’re Biblical, I think that’s why she picked them.


I love, love, LOVE her clothes that she wears on the red carpet. Lately she has been a little too skinny, but her legs look fab as a result. I think she is
one of my gurus.


Gwyneth is born in 1972, sometimes I find it hard to believe she’s just one year older than me, she seems to have done so much. She is a talented actress with an Oscar, she is an Ambassador for ‘Safe the Children’, she has a great blogg Goop, where she always invite pretty brilliant people to write (like Michael Berg) and she keeps in shape. (Perhaps she is a candidate for the Super Mum award?)

Fashionable Mamas – Nicole Kidman

Once upon a time Nicole Kidman was most famous for being the wife of Tom Cruise. Then she divorced, broke free from the Scientologists grip and became a super star, super fashionista (finally she could wear heels) and a mum to a baby born by her. At the time Sunday Rose Kidman Urban was born she already had her adopted children a daughter, Isabella Jane (born 1992), and a son, Connor Anthony (born 1995) (father Tom Cruise).

Since her divorce, Nicole is all about va-va-voom glamour. She manages to wear out-of-this-world designer gowns while still maintaining a completely “Nicole” vibe. While not every red carpet gown has universal appeal (think the gold dress from 2000 and the flapper look from 2004), Nicole takes fashion risks others wouldn’t dare (like the gorgeous blue dress with feathers from the 2005 Golden Globes).


She is, for me, a true fashionista. She has total style when she is on the red carpet but she is not afraid to slack it when she’s at home. Always sophisticated; often with preppy or bohemian undertones. She favors skinny jeans, sharp blazer, and heels with bold prints thrown into the mix (floral, argyle, stripes). Although accessories are usually minimal, Nicole always find the perfect bag and shoes to enhance her outfit.


Fashionable Mamas – Model Mum – Helena Christensen

Christensen has one child, a son named Mingus Lucien Reedus (those cool names again) he was born on October 13, 1999. His father is actor Norman Reedus. While maintaining careers in photography and clothing design, Christensen still remains a hands-on mother to Mingus. ”He’s all that matters,” she says. ”He’s my best friend.”

Helena Christensen recently became the face of Odd Molly, a Swedish label favoured by mums. She has always dressed in a very boho style, mixing ethnic patterns with sheer fabrics and new fashionable cuts. She is now our icon!


Helena became famous as one of The Top Models in the ninties and have since expanded her career. Today she has an antiques shop in Manahattan and sells some of her clothes in her mother’s Yo-Yo Second Hand Shop in Christianshavn.


She has also co-founded Nylon magazine as the original creative director with American entrepreneur Michael ”Mic” Neumann.


She has launched her own clothing line Christensen & Sigersen, with long-term friend Leif Sigersen. The pair also run Butik, a shop in New York.


She is also a photographer, and her photos appeared in magazines such as Marie Claire and ELLE. Her exhibition A Quiet Story, curated by Jim Cook, premiered in Rotterdam in 2006. Chanel Tokyo’s NEXUS Gallery is scheduled to mount the exhibition in 2010.


Talk about being busy!

Fashionable Mamas – Caroline af Ugglas

Ok, so her clothes may not be what most of us choose to wear. Or at least, we may not combine them the way she does. Whatever you think of Caroline af Ugglas’ style, it is Style with a capital S.

Her favourite shop is C.u.m, where you can have your own clothes made, as well as buying off the rack. Caroline often bring her own drawings and materials and have her own designs made. Another place she favors is Aretta.


She also paints. www.cugglas.com Not everyones cup of tea but so cool!

Fashionable Mamas – Nicole Richie

Who’s maternity style do you like?

I must admit that Nicole Richie, who isn’t my favourite person by a mile, still had a cool maternity look when she expected Harlow. Her mix of leggings, oversize t-shirts, leather jackets and sunnies certainly did the trick!


She did it again when she expected her son, who was born on Sep 10th this year. And what about the names… so Rock n’Roll!


Harlow Winter Kate Madden
Sparrow James Midnight Madden.


I nearly want to be pregnant again!