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Super Mum is back!

Super Mum is back and she’s had a really chilled out weekend with her family.

Friday evening, as per usual, we made pizza together and enjoyed a glass of wine in our newly renovated kitchen. On Saturday I finally got hold of a new pair of curtains which now decorate my living room. It’s amazing how much a room can change, just by changing one element in that room. It’s so much brighter and crisper now. I’ll follow up with a pic soon.

Today I got up quite early, Pixie usually wakes up round 8, so she got her fill of childrens’ tv before the Eastenders omnibus started. That got me chained to the tv for 2 hours with a cup of coffee in my hand. I just love my soap, the only one that I follow and I try to catch it every Sunday morning.

By the time Eastenders was over I felt slightly guilty for spending so much time in front of the TV, so we quickly rustled up plans for the perfect Family Sunday.

We managed quite a lot, we made an Irish Stew for dinner, baked Swedish Lucia buns, headed out to the park for some play and to pick yellow leaves to make our own ART, and then we had popcorn and watched ”Tangled”.

Mark headed to the gym so I decided to bring Pixie for a run, she quickly fell asleep in te buggy so I made it a longish one, nearly 5.5 km, but with a lseeping Pixie to push I didn’t do it on record time. But who cares, it was lovely to be out for a while in the crisp and cold November evening.


Pixie at our kitchen table making ART.

My Lucia/Saffron buns rising before putting them in the oven.

Champagne on a Wednesday at the Human Zoo & Horse Show!

I was delighted to be invited to the Human Zoo & Horse Show @ Riche on Wednesday eve here in Stockholm.

The artist, Jon Holm is a friend and we were delighted to meet him and his wonderful Malin and their amazing daughter Charlie to celebate his latest art show. The show, Human Zoo & Horse Show is an integration of art from two previous exhibitions showing that Jon has held here in Stockholm. It shows diverse designs in color and black and white. The exhibit is fascinating, and even Pixie was pulled in by it.

You can read more at the Human Art Collective . com .

We had brought Pixie along, so we hurridly enjoyed our champagne while she was rushing around the crowded restaurant. Riche is quite a hot spot in Stockholm, and not really a place for kids but that didn’t stop her. She had a fill of Mackers just before we arrived so she was full of beans and she had such a great time. When we decided to head home, she was so disappointed. But since we had been up since 6.00 that morning we decided not to push it.

Congratulations Jon, you are an amazing artist.

I just live your work and can’t wait til we have a piece on our living room wall!

Eva Funck & Pixie @ Bonnier Art Museum

We’re enjoying a perfect Sunday.This morning we woke up at 10.20 (just being able to have a lie in is bliss), and enjoyed a fantastic breakfast with my mum and dad. We had stayed the night with them, as we celebrated by brother’s 28th  birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Per!

Having breakfast in my mum and dad’s is something else. Here at home, our treat on the weekend is coffee and fried egg on toast, but my parents put on some spread. Coffee, juice, smoothie (which they make from scratch), boiled eggs, Finnish brown bread and lots of different topings, cheese, ham, pate & gurkins and smoked ham. Lord, we ate!

We had to leave at noon, to make sure we made it to Bonnier’s Art Museum in time for the children’s tour they do there on a Sunday. Eva Funck brings the kids around the exhibit, and explains to them in her very special way, how to interpret art, and helps them to explore the pieces on show.  You can read more about Eva here (in Swedish) http://evafunck.se/ The show was called…

The Spiral and the Square, Exercises in translatability.

It explores what happens in translations between cultures, between languages, between a viewer and an artwork? In a large group exhibition this autumn, the works are varied exercises in translatability. The Spiral and the Square has its starting point in a Brazilian cult novel, but an exhibition that is about the meeting of cultures will encompass the world, finding its way into Swedish art history.


Pixie was the youngest there today, she found it a ittle hard to focus for the entire tour. We stayed for app. 2/3 and then did our own thing.

We walk back through the exhibit to see the pieces Eva had just shown us, it was easier for Pixie to understand when she was up close and could see the motifs. She was quite interested by most pieces, but one that struck her as strange was the two naked men with bags over their heads that were wrestling in one of the rooms. Even I felt unable to explain that one, so we quickly slipped away…

On the way home we picked up a few things for dinner, chicken, soy beans, lettuce, beet root and Hello Kitty cookies. Here we are, Pixie and I on St.Eriksplan on our way to Red Mountains where we live.

Fashionable Mama does Family Sunday…

… at Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm.

This is a safe bet for anyone who wants a couple of hours of quality time with the family. Especially the Mini tour for kids aged 2-6 – 11 am organised for children on Sundays, we just love to join the tour and Pixie too, we get to see the art works from a childs perspective and afterwards we get to create art in the museum’s workshop. Today we got to view 3 photographs, two by  Italian photographer  Francesco Vezzoli and one by American Cindy Sherman.

In the workshop we made some collages and some paintings, we were also photgraphed for the latest exhibit  Everybody is a photographer! in the museum where you yourself take pictures of your everyday life and upload them here! The museum will then print them and show them at Moderna Museet. I’ve done it and I can’t wait to see myself on the walls of Moderna!

Me and Pixie listening to the guide.

The Workshop, don’t you just love the butterflies hanging from the ceiling.

On our way to the restaurant for a bite, soup of the day, salad and some bread. Tummy! Lunch at Moderna truly is GOOD:

Getting ourselves a hotdog on the way home, very fashionable!

On our way home, me in new parkas, boots from Tjallamalla, dress from COS and sunglasses from Fendi.

In Solvändan, our local playground.

Malmö and London!

London Fashion Week kicks off today with some very exciting runway shows. See the complete  schedule here. I am particularly interested in Sass & Bide, the Australian duo who have been showing since 200 in London. I am also interested in seeing what Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood has to offer. I am a huge Westwood fan, in particular I like her point of view when it comes to consume fashion. Don’t buys more than you need.. or something like that.

But McCartney is more the type of designer that I would wear.  Her palette is rather pale, so perhaps not so suited to my complexion but I found some amazing dresses in her Autumn Winter  2010 show that I would love to get my hands on.

Another collection that you should all keep an eye out for is Ann-Sofie Back Atelje / BACK. She’s showing tonight at 20.00 CET, 19.99 GMT. She’s just brilliant! Acne are showing on Sunday 21.30 CET, 20.30 GMT, their’s is also a collection to be reckoned with!

I have been to London several times, in particular during the years that my dear husband ran a bar in Kingston-upon-Thames with his best mate and best man Gary, but I have never visited London FW, but hope that this is something I can do in the future, perhaps even next year. Instead I continue to follow the collections on NOW FASHION, a great new magazine who post pictures from some of the shows live as they happen. What a wonderful way to keep updated, from abroad.

So what have I been up to myself? Today I have been out and about; I flew to Malmö for the day to meet with a prospective client. I nearly didn’t make it as I managed to book a taxi for the wrong time, 8.00 instead of 7.00. I had just glanced the fight times and managed to get the times wrong. I arrived at Bromma Airport just when the flight took off. You can imagine I was annoyed and I felt quite foolish.

I had to book a new ticket to make it to the client, we pushed the meeting out by an hour and a half, and I met the senior management team. As soon as I finished my presentation I jumped into a taxi and headed back to the airport. Had a crappy Quiche for lunch, and struggled with my laptop before heading back to Stockholm.

Safe to say, I can’t wait for the weekend to start. Tonight I will enjoy a dinner with my family and when Pixie’s in bed, a BIG glass of red with my husband. Tonight we are going to work on his new site together.


Shopping for daddy & lunch at Kulturhuset!

Over the weekend we’ve done lots of shopping, actually very little for me and Pixie. In fact most of it was for my husband. It’s quite an unusual occurrence as he’s the man who’s got everything (including a loving wife). But it was time to upgrade the wardrobe. We managed to source 4 pairs of trousers from Dockers (well one pair fit him and as he hates trying on clothes he got himself 4 pairs), we also got 2 pairs of sneakers from Acne and a shirt from some label (I can’t remember now).

I found myself a parka perfect for the chilly Autumn months ahead, (I’ll show you a pic one of these days) . For Pixie I found a pair of leggings from Mini Rodini and pink tights from VarförDärför. She loves pink!

We decided to have lunch at one of our fav spots in the city, Kulturhuset. If you haven’t been I can recommend it, it’s a child friendly zone, great lunch grub, a lovely roof terrass for sunny days, play areas and even a library.

It’s not quite the regular type of lunch restaurant we’ve used to frequent over the years, they don’t serve a Sallad Nicoise, or a Spagetti Vongole and there’s not a chilled Pinot Grigio in sight.  BUT they had pancakes, and we LOVE them. We truly enjoyed our lunch together and afterwards we borrowed two books from the library.

Fashionable Mama does town with Pixie, here we are, me in skinny jeans from GAP, black jacket from Acne and earrings from Efva Attling. Pixie is wearing a new dress from MiniRodini paired with a pink tutu and converse. Very comfy!

Last of the summer wine…

I have been working from home today, my cold just isn’t going away, so now it’s time for drastic measure. Lots of green tea and Berocca (antioxidants), early nights, and lots of asthma medicine.

Today I am wearing an outfit inspired by a recent photo of Tory Butch’s stepdaughter Izzie, as featured in August’s US Vogue. I just love the striped jacket, (mine is from Bershka) and the blue jeans. This might be the last chance for this summer outfit.

I need to run now, to collect Pixie from pre-school. On the way home I will collect my new boots (from Tjallamalla) from the post office. Yes, I ordered them online, as I am too lazy to get my sorry ass over to Södermalm to get them in person. Here’s hoping they fit me.


Still no voice, and no luck finding a black pump…

I am still not well, and today I didn’t even manage to get out of bed this morning. Luckily, my dear husband decided to drop Pixie to pre-school so that I couldget myself together, have some breakfast and get some work done. Yes, I didn’t call in sick, instead I worked out of my bed for an hour or so, got some coffee and toast and then I dragged myself in to the office.

My voice has been coming and going all day, not good. I have a presentation tomorrow morning with my manager, for a group of prospective clients. From now on I am not saying a word for the rest of the evening. (I am sure that my husband is delighted).

The presentation tomorrow marks the start of  a change in style, I have decided it’s time to be professional again.  I have been wearing casual clothes all summer, converse and flats nearly every day. Now, I am goig back to black. Suits, dresses, jackets.

For that I need a new pump. I’d like a black, platform style, like the ones below. But not as high.  I’ve checked out  Brandos, Vagabond, Nilson… but nothing that I fancy. Any suggestions?


Looking for a black pump


A lie-in and a major spring clean

I stayed in bed until 11.00 today. That must be the first time in months that I managed to do that. The reason: I have a little pixie in the house that wakes up early no matter what day it is, and last night she went to her grandparents for a sleep over. It is so nice to feel fully rested.

Yesterday morning we woke up at app. 6.30 and ended up spring cleaning the whole apartment for a few hours. It’s been a while since I did that proper clean so we still have some things left to do, but today I woke up to a clean kitchen, bathroom, hall and living room. Bliss! There is nothing better than waking up to a clean house, making a pot of coffee and parking my as on the sofa for the SYTYCD re-run.

Now I’ve stripped the beds and my dear husband has booked a wash later in the week, so that’s anotherthing off my list.

I am so chilled today, I didn’t  even make it to the Bikram class I had intended to do this morning but  I am not feeling bad at all. I suppose my sore knee wouldn’t have made it anyways, so I’ll give myself another 24 hours rest and I will attend the 6.45 class tomorrow morning. Now that’s a great start to the week.

So what’s ahead for this wonderful Sunday, cycling practice in the park, a quick tour of the shops (looking for new linoleum flooring) and then a birthday party at 3.00. Little Lily is !, of how time flies.

What to wear?

Pixie: Will most likely wear her new dress by MeMini, that we bought In Boca on Rörstrandsgatan during the week. MeMini is high quality childrenswear designed in Norway.  The first collection was presented in spring 2006, and was an immediate success in leading shops of childrenswear and lifestyle in Norway.

FM: Will most likely wear blouse from Monrow, jeans from GAP, black jacket from Acne and ballerina flats from Filippa K. (pic will follow)

Casual Friday in Vasastan…

After work I met up with Pixie and Mark, pizza at Birkastans Pizza, and a glass of red. Then off to Thomas and the Knife for a show (photography). Having had a gander we headed to the shop for sweets and crisps. Ice cream for Pixie.

Had intended to head back home then but Pixie wanted to go to the park, so we did. Fantastic!

We had such a good time.


Then back home for goodies and a movie, in the end Pixie fell asleep on the sofa. Bless!

I’m next!