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Two Bottles for Valentine’s

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day or are you one of those that feel it’s just another Hallmark Holiday!? 

I am not usually the romantic type, but I do love being remembered on Valentine’s Day. It has also become a bit of a deal for my daughter, she just love celebrations and when Friday the 14th Feb arrived we did make an effort.

Mark bought her a Valentine’s card, two roses (one for me and one for her), and we also made a voucher so that she could pick o new movie on ITunes. We placed it all on the table in our living room together with a plate of pastries so that it was waiting for her when she came home from pre-school. She was absolutely ecstatic.

What I didn’t realise was that he had got me a surprise too.


Two Bottles

I smell freakin good!

Yesterday, I received a surprise gift from my friend Marco, a perfume from the Swedish Perfumier Byredo.

Byredo Green

I haven’t bought a new perfume in years having been addicted to Orange Blossom by Jo Malone since my wedding in 2004.  I haven’t actually felt the need for a new perfume, well not until today when I realise that Byredo’s Green  is exactly what I was missing.

Byredo has made nine different unisex perfumes: Chembur, Gypsy Water, Rose Noir, Green, Blanche, Baudelaire, Bal D’Afrique and Pulp including 11 scent candles, amongst one in collaboration with Swedish collective Acne. The name Byredo comes from – by redolence – which means something is made out of sweet-smelling scent.

I am absolutely delighted with my new scent and I absolutely love the unisex aspect of it, it’s a perfume with an attitude, it’s strong, dark and mysterius.

Byredo can be found at their new shop at Mäster Samuelsgatan 6 in Stockholm.