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Making plans for Mallorca!

I just love planning for my holidays, and Polyvore has become the perfect tool that I use to plan my wardrobe. As I have this fascination for the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe, I try to make sure everything I bring mixes and matches.
Most of the items I bring are recycled pieces from previous years, but I always try to bring some new pieces. This year the new pieces are my new By Malene Birger jacket, my fabulous Tory Burch flats & flipflops & incredible tote (which Mark gave me for my birthday).
Can’t wait to go now, but we have a  few more weeks to go, which is perfect as it gives me time to perfect that Capsule Wardrobe.
Making plans for Mallorca!

Tory Burch blue sandals
335 SEK – jildorshoes.com

Tory Burch leather sandals
1 245 SEK – jildorshoes.com

Tory burch
3 695 SEK – bloomingdales.com

Christmas Outfits

This year I have relaxed on the whole Christmas outfit frenzy I normally go through in the weeks leading up to the holidays. With a fairly arduous job schedule there wasn’t much time for planning and as I had already done some shopping earlier I decided to make it safe and easy.

Comfort was my main priority when I picked these outfits and main staples in my wardrobe they have become. Let me tell you about a couple of the items below.

1. My darling black jacket from By Malene Birger,  purchased from the Malene Birger shop on Biblioteksgatan earlier in October.

2. My FAB Afva Attling earrings, Petal, given to me by my husband for Christmas years ago, but a favourite.

3. My new By Malene Birger paisley dress, bought espceially for our conferennce in Nov, but perfect for a comfy Christmas Day outfit, paired with Falke cotton tights (the only tights I can wear).

Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve


Christmas Day


Christmas Day

Style Diary: Feb 25th 2012

Saturday in February 2012


By Malene Birger black dress
£113 – blueberries-online.com

Lambswool cardigan

Blundstone boots
170 CAD – gravitypope.com

Isabel Marant scarve
$285 – net-a-porter.com

Polo Ralph Lauren navy hat
$28 – stylebop.com

Overall a VERY good Saturday!

Saturday is a day of the week that always comes with an element of pressure to perform, perform as a good parent and fun mum. We usually start the day off at the Ballet Academy at Birgerjarlsgatan with the ”Dance n’ Play” (Danslek) session and Miss Margit. If everything goes according to plan we have a ”fika” afterwards  with Pixie’s best friend from pre-school and her mummy. (Fika means having a coffee).


After ballet we headed down to the auction house in Frihamnen to have a look around. I realised quickly that both Erin and I were wearing the wrong clothes. What had started out as a sunny and warm ”spring is in the air” kind of day turned into a cold, rainy and windy February day. I was wearing a By Malene Birger dress with black tights and my Blundstones and my cardigan and jacket weren’t warm enough to keep me warm.

Pixie nearly fell asleep on the bus back to Vasastan, Mark tickled the palm of her hand for ages and she nearly drifted away. (but no such luck). Instead we ended up in one of my favourite places to have coffee, Ritorno. Our friend Michael came along with his daughter Alice. Pixie and Alice had such a ball together, they shared a plate of pancakes, had juice and pastries and played for ages.

Michael and Alice agreed to join us for dinner so we headed back to our place, but not before I headed in to ETC on Odengatan to check out the sale.

Pixie and Alice had a fantastic time together this evening, they played and played and played, watched a barbie movie, had dinner and crisps and sweets (in that order). When Alice left Pixie was so upset, she was sooo tired and we settled in bed quite quickly. She fell asleep whispering ”Alice”.

Overall a VERY good Saturday!

Wish List: New dress By Malene Birger

Black Hermosa Ls Crepe Dress BY Malene Birger

Busy, busy, busy…

I have been so busy this week, trying to get everything done in work ahead of next week’s presentations. I have four to do in total, 3 client presentations and one seminar. There are also numerous client start-ups that I am trying to get off the ground, and the work ahead of our awards ceremony in March. Busy, busy, busy.

To top it all Pixie hasn’t been well, she’s got another chest infection poor little thing.  I nearly rushed off to get her from pre-school on Tuesday, she had been complaining about a sore tummy and wasn’t her usual perky self.  But Mark was able to get her, and thank god for that I had so much to do that day.

I finally managed to get some Bikram in last night  so now I am beginning to feel a little slimmed again, it’s amazing how bloated Christmas made me. Alright, I failed my detox miserably but I am drinking more water and green tea, getting the fruit and vege in, and the exercise. (I am Awesome!)

Today I’ve had a very successful introductory meeting with the new CEO of one of my clients.  I decided to wear my black COS dress, with a By Malene Birger jacket and my green cashmere scarf. So comfy and business-like at the same time. Score! Friday 20th Jan - Business Meeting














Look back at X-mas!

It’s been a wonderful month, December 2011. Filled with opportunity to spend time with the family and our little girl. Christmas is a special time of the year for me, a time when I usually always returned to Sweden from Ireland to se my mum, dad, brother and sister. Mark and I always spent at least a week in Stockholm, either in my parents house or in a hotel in town. We used to have such a good time, shopping, eating and spending time with my family. Now I live in Stockholm for nearly 3 years and I am able to enjoy every day all year in this beautiful town and see my family whenever I want to.

One of my favourite Christmas tradition is our annual dinner out, we have Julbord at a landmark Stockholm restaurant or hotel, the whole family togheter. This year we headed to Stadshuskällaren, the restaurant in our City Hall (made famous for serving the Nobel Dinner every year).

It was so lovely to enjoy the amazing dishes, Pickled Herring; at least six or seven different kinds, Salmon; probbaly five different kinds, a few type sof eel, cold cuts of all sorts; pork, deer, beef, Meatballs, Saussages, Ribs and much more. I went back at least 5 times which is custom and I was so full afterwards.

Pixie was such a joy to bring, she loves going to restaurants and she was in her element. She didn’t give out once and had a laugh with my brother and sister.

What did I wear?! White Tuxedo jacket from Filippa K, black skinnies from Acne, black t-shirt from By Malene Birger and black boots from Gardenia.

Holidays’s over, tomorrow back to work.

Today was the last day of this year’s summer holiday and tomorrow I am back in work, Pixie is back in pre-school and Mark is back to work on his projects.


We’ve had a great time during the past six weeks, Greece was FAB but Storlien and the county of Jämtland was the highlight of the entire summer.

I haven’t yet finished telling you about our trek along the Jämtland-Triangle, and I shall get back to that story later in the week. I always say ”I am happiest when I am outdoors” and this is true. Inside my wannabe Fashionable Mama is a wannabe Sporty Hiking Mama.

I am going to continue the Bikram Yoga classes that I took up before we headed on our mountain holiday during the coming week, but at the moment I need to get ready for  trip to a client based in Malmö.

Tomorrow’s outfit is my Malene Birger skirt suit, black t-shirt from Prada and ballerina flats from Ecco. I may ear my beloved Tiffany chain that Mark brought me back from our holiday in Chicago some years ago, but I am not sure yet. Anyways, here’s to another few weeks of work… until the next holiday!



We’re off soon…

We’re off to Crete for a well deserved holiday and as usual I have started the preparations already. In fact, I started writing my packing list a long time ago, several weeks.

This year I have aspirations to be completely chilled out, and comfortable in my outfits and as I have so much beach wear, I’ve also decided to buy as little as possible and instead use the stuff I already have at home.

For part of my wardrobe I am taking inspiration from the nautical, all american, causal Hamptons style and I hope to perfect the look.

Some of my key items will be my…

Happy Sunday to you all!

Options for Thursday: Malene Birger Gema Dancing Stripe Dress

One of my favourite designers in the world will always be the wonderful Malene Birger from Denmark. It’s been a while since I bought an item from her collection and perhaps now is the time.
This would be wonderful to wear on Thursday night!

Malene Birger Gema Dancing Stripe Dress £319.00 – My-Wardrobe.com
See More Evening Dresses by Malene Birger from ShopStyle

I found this with the ShopStyle app on my iPhone. Download it for free in the App Store.