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Director or what!

We have just celebrated with champagne, our new kitchen floor, it’s amazing. Grey and black check marbled tiles and I am truly thrilled. I have been dying to get the kitchen sorted for a long time and finally it’s done.

I am also celebrating my new work title! I am a Director now, so stoked about that too.

I have been working hard for the past year and a half, and I really love my job. From now on I am taking on a much greater role in the company and will be taking charge of the sales strategy and client development. I am actually really looking forward to doing that. We’re not a large operation, but I will be part of making it grow in Sweden. So thrilled.

My dear Mark is on the sofa now and has just agreed to bring Pixie to pre-school tomorrow, so that I can go to Bikram. I am trying to plan my outfit, and I guess I’ll be black boots, skinny trousers and a knitted jumper, slouchie and relaxed for a Friday in the office.

Soon it’ll be the weekend, can’t wait!


Swedish Autumn

Trip to Malmö…

First day back in work and I had to go to Malmö. A customer request I couldn’t refuse, a presentation for a senior management team that had managed to get together, an early flight and an hour to kill in central Malmö.

What to do? Window shopping!

Found a lovely little shop with a mix of By Malene Birger, Rutzou, Birger Mikkelsen DAY and Custommade, really did inspire me for the Autumn. I am working on an inspiration chart, but as the weather is still quite warm I don’t see any point in posting it just yet. I will try get some more wear out of my summer clothes.


Here’s a pic of me, as you can see I didn’t manage to get into my By Malene Birger skirt suit this morning, not because I didn’t fit but because it didn’t turn out the way I thought, so instead I wore a pair of palazzo-ish trousers, but not really palazzo. The shoes are a favourite, but far to small I realise now. I may have to donate them. SIGH!

Holidays’s over, tomorrow back to work.

Today was the last day of this year’s summer holiday and tomorrow I am back in work, Pixie is back in pre-school and Mark is back to work on his projects.


We’ve had a great time during the past six weeks, Greece was FAB but Storlien and the county of Jämtland was the highlight of the entire summer.

I haven’t yet finished telling you about our trek along the Jämtland-Triangle, and I shall get back to that story later in the week. I always say ”I am happiest when I am outdoors” and this is true. Inside my wannabe Fashionable Mama is a wannabe Sporty Hiking Mama.

I am going to continue the Bikram Yoga classes that I took up before we headed on our mountain holiday during the coming week, but at the moment I need to get ready for  trip to a client based in Malmö.

Tomorrow’s outfit is my Malene Birger skirt suit, black t-shirt from Prada and ballerina flats from Ecco. I may ear my beloved Tiffany chain that Mark brought me back from our holiday in Chicago some years ago, but I am not sure yet. Anyways, here’s to another few weeks of work… until the next holiday!