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Fashionable whilst skiing!

I am planning the next family trip. It’s with excitement that I am making plans for Storlien. Storlien is in the Swedish Mountains of Jämtland, or as we all say ”fjällen”.

The expression ”fjällen” though, is quite a generic label and refers to all ski resorts in Sweden, which are quite a few as you can imagine. We have been going to Storlien, the very same resort where the Royal Family have their Ski Lodge. But it’s not posh at all which is quite nice. It’s the most chilled out lottle village I have ever been too.

Do you think I am a label addict on the slopes? Well, yes but not these kind of labels. When I ski I prefer to wear Swedish gear, to support my the Swedish Outdoor Indutry!

It would be to cool though, to wear this kind of stuff whilst skiing. Perhaps I need at least goggles from Gucci!?


Fashionable whilst skiing!

We’re on TV4 at 8.20, I better decide what to wear now!

My dear CEO, Maria, is being interviewed on TV4 tomorrow morning. I am meeting up with her at Fridhemsplan early tomorrow morning so that I can be there to support her. Thinking of taking the bike to work, so I guess chinos and flats are the best option.

Check it our on Swedish TV4 – Nyhetsmorgon at 8.20!



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