Why I started this blog

I started blogging when my daughter Pixie was about to be born, app. 2  weeks before she joined us in this world. I felt the need to write about this  BIG adventure ahead of us! In the beginning the process was cathartic, like therapy. (like the posts I wrote about my labour)

I needed to write and I had lots of time with an infant at home, believe me, I am telling the truth. You see my husband was also at home and we were on our way to Sweden to spend some of my maternity leave there. I was full of hormones and emotions and spent lots of time on the internet trying to figure out what was happening to us.
Read about our first few months here
We arrived in Sweden in late December 2008 to stay for 3 months. Initially the plan was to return to Ireland, our home there and my job as a HR Consultant. But we never returned to Ireland after my maternity leave, instead I resigned from my job and moved to Stockholm permanently.
These days I write about lots of different things; about … my struggle to be a Fashionable Mama and how to stay sane in the experiences that face a new mum! … ups and downs of motherhood, fashionable babies, mamas and the things that I am inspired by.



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