Happy New Year!

1524953_10151847911747467_1253222252_nIt’s with mixed feelings that I am looking back at 2013. This year has been wonderful in som many ways but I have also experienced some of the saddest moments in my life during the past 12 months. It is hard to come back when sadness grabs hold of you, like a black hole that is impossible to climb out of, and when you think you are back up then something happens and it pulls you down again.

I am making my way back now, sleeping, resting, getting some exercise and some time for me. Yesterday I had a massage and afterwards I headed for the gym, spent 30 min in the sauna and in the afternoon I went skating with Pixie. Last night we made pizza and having had our fill I passed out on the bed and slept for at least 2 hours. It was fantastic!

I am so thankful for my husband, my daughter and my family! I am blessed with a beautiful home, good friends and job that I love.

At this moment so many people across the world are making resolutions for the  new year, to become fitter, healthier and kinder people.

This year I am not making any resolutions, I am going to live my life with outboundaries and promises that are are hard to keep.


My Inspiration for New Year’s Eve 2013

New Year's Eve 2013

Sleeping and eating!

Stressing down has been the theme for me this holiday and with two weeks off (one week to go) I am really beginning to wind down.  I can’t remember the last time I slept so much, I am sleeping in until at least 9.00-9.30 each morning and I have been able to drift off for a snooze nearly every evening. True, we go to bed quite late in the evening but spending time on the sofa watching a soppy movie isn’t really draining.

This year we have decided to stay at home, like last year and the year before that. Since moving back to Sweden I have made sure we don’t have to travel at Christmas. I spent 15 years travelling every Christmas, living out of a suitcase and not being able to completely relax. To me the best thing in the world is staying at home for Christmas. Having breakfast in our jammies and happy family dinners with my husband and daughter.

Unfortunately we haven’t had much snow this year and we haven’t been spending much time indoors, but lately we’ve headed in to our old stomping ground in Vasastan to go ice skating.


Another Family Sunday – weeks later…

I am beginning to ask myself if my blogging has come to an end, weeks pass between each blog post and I am not feeling the same need to share anymore. Well, well… BUT I couldn’t help sharing this!

We got our Christmas tree yesterday! YAY!

This truly is one of the highlights of the entire Christmas Season… the process of buying it (Mark always tries to haggle with the unassuming slightly chocked Swede, ”but the price is 340 kronor!”), carrying it home, getting it in the door and in its stand is just wonderful. I have collected ornaments since I was just a little girl and I have passed on the tradition to my daughter. Each year Pixie receives a Christmas Tree ornament in her Christmas Stocking.


All I want for Christmas … Part II

All I want for Christmas - part 2

Family Sunday at Nytorget!

We had a family Sunday with friends, enjoying the Autumn with all its beauty and colour. Pixie had a great time in the payground at Nytorget and afterwards we enjoyed a pizza, pasta, sallad at Vapiano. Mummy got a glass of wine too. 😉

The pleasure was ours as we met with baby Alma for the first time, such a bundle of joy, just 5 weeks old. It seemed that I managed to support a new mother by sharing some of my own experiences from Pixie’s first weeks on the planet. I had forgotten how overwhelmed I was myself at that time, and it was nice to hear that my few words of wisdom made a difference.


Pixie was so excited to meet baby Alma and we found a lovely Sophie the Giraffe teether for her to give away. She was so proud to carry present and to hand it over. All of a sudden seemed to BIG, especially compared to baby Alma. It’s amazing to look back at the time we’ve had together over the past 5 years. It’s like I’ve known her forever, it’s amazing she’s just 5. I am so proud to be her mother!

All I want for Christmas…

Tis the season to be merry… etc. It will all be here soon, Winter, snow, cold days and Christmas Day. I love Christmas and I love the time leading up to Christmas just as well, all the planning and preparations, the baking and cooking as well as buying presents.

Every year I start far too early, but I guess that’s my way of keeping control of the whole process. I have already started buying Christmas presents for my family and the fact that some of the are already bought and stacked away in the cupboards give me a great sense of satsifaction and calm.

I don’t usually tell others what I would like for myself, but this year I’ve decided to start sending out signals. Hopefully it will work! 🙂

All I want for Christmas...

Aran Autumn

I’m loving the Autumn and its cold and dark mornings. Can’t wait for Christmas and the snow. How do I keep warm? I wear my beloved Aran Jumper!


Outdoorsy at work!

I am lecturing at this BIG conference tomorrow, it’s a summit for companies operating in the Outdoor Industry. I went to the register for the conference today and also managed to meet with one of my clients for 20 min at the Welcome Reception at Café Opera, and what I quickly realised was that the delegates don’t wear the ususal conference garb, they are much cooler and outdoorsy.

I quickly decided to change my own outfit for tomorrow, just to fit in. 🙂 Call me fickle if you wish, but sometimes it’s nice to fit in!


European Outdoor Summit

So tired…

Sitting here on my sofa. It’s 10.30 PM and I am wrecked. I’ve been catching up on emails from last week, hurridly trying to respond to everything.

I’ll tell you, I could spend another 10 hours with email and I wouldn’t come near to emptying my inbox. It’s crazy the amount of emails we get every day. I shall continue tomorrow. I’m missing the catwalk set on Project Runway, sigh. I am logging out!