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Fashionable whilst skiing!

I am planning the next family trip. It’s with excitement that I am making plans for Storlien. Storlien is in the Swedish Mountains of Jämtland, or as we all say ”fjällen”.

The expression ”fjällen” though, is quite a generic label and refers to all ski resorts in Sweden, which are quite a few as you can imagine. We have been going to Storlien, the very same resort where the Royal Family have their Ski Lodge. But it’s not posh at all which is quite nice. It’s the most chilled out lottle village I have ever been too.

Do you think I am a label addict on the slopes? Well, yes but not these kind of labels. When I ski I prefer to wear Swedish gear, to support my the Swedish Outdoor Indutry!

It would be to cool though, to wear this kind of stuff whilst skiing. Perhaps I need at least goggles from Gucci!?


Fashionable whilst skiing!

Back in Stockers!

2013-03-15 11.48.33

Pixie and her Skiing teacher Klara

Having had a wonderful week in Storlien’s Winter Wonderland we were finally homeward bound. We had lived in a bubble for 7 days and thanks to my cousins Theresa and Cecilia we had been able to spend some time in Jämtland’s wonderful landscape yet again.

This week was well deserved, a short break from the daily grind was what I needed. It’s been long  since I felt so relaxed and having made my way through at least 6 books over the course  of the week, in front of countless open fires, I even felt relaxed in my head.

Pixie really enjoyed herself, ski school and sledging every day. On our last day as we were packing up the car she looked at me and said… ”I want to go skiing today, mummy!”

The journey home is never easy, 714 km door to door, with a child who suffers from car sickness. Bless her, she was soo good. The did throw up on two occasions but bravely used the plastic bag I gave her. But when her tummy settled she enjoyed the rest of the journey watching My Little Pony on the IPad.

Now we’re back home and the hunt for a Cocktail dress continues.


SUNNY days in Storlien!

Today has been crazy sunny and very cold!

As Pixie attended her second day of ski school I hit the slopes hoping to catch some rays and improve my non-existent  tan, but it was impossible to enjoy the sun. In the end I wore my ski goggles and a balaclava to protect my face from the ice cold winds on the top of the mountain.

I am quite pleased to see helmets being the height of fashion here, so different from a few years back. Nearly every one coming down the slopes are wearing them. The exception: the older generation who are also still wearing their ski gear from the 80’s.

I’m truly enjoying this trip and all the skiing I fit in, even though my kneese are being affected by the pressure going downward. The red slopes are manageable and with no queues to the lift at the bottom of the slopes you’re  quickly back up the mountain for another run.


At lunch time we headed over to a FAV place in Storlien, Flamman, for spot of lunch. They do a great buffet lunch, home-made pancakes (proper home-made) and a FAB goats cheese salad.


Man that was hard!

It’s our second full day in Storlien and today we’ve all skied. Yesterday I was the only one who made a substantial attempt on the slopes, Mark took it easy to cure his back and Pixie just tried her skis for a little while.


Today Pixie had her first ski lesson with a group of children and they learned how to use the ”button” lift and how to make a cone shape with their skis as they made it down the hill. Me, I enjoyed a couple of hours of undisturbed skiing, no sunshine today, pity, cause yesterday was glorious. But I understand that towards the midddle of the week the sun will be back.  I am looking forward to that cause today the sight on top of the mountain was very poor, so much snow. It’s been snowing constantly since late last night.

We stopped around noon for a quick bite and when we’d had our lunch the three of us headed back up the mountain, this time all three of us together. Mark went ahead of me and Pixie as we where slowly making done the slope together. My legs were killing me my the time we were down, and we only fell twice. Man that was hard, my legs will be soooo sore tonight!

Now back to the cabin for a small glass of white!

Can’t wait to hit the slopes tomorrow!

One of my favourite places in the world is Storlien, situated in Jämtland in Sweden. A small hamlet just on the border to Norway and a stone’s throw from the popular ski resort Åre. We come here every so often, both in the summer and in the winter, and it’s with great joy I am returning for a week’s stay with my family.

We’re heading north just as spring begins to make its appearance here in Stockholm and as we move further and further north we begin to see snow covered mountains and ice-covered lakes.

Sweden is an amazing country sprawling most of the Scandinavian Peninsula, it measures 1,574 kilometers (978 miles) from north to south, and our trip from Stockholm to Storlien is going to take at least 8 hours by car.

We were still packing late last night and as we woke up this morning, Mark headed in to the city to collect our BMW. Me and Pixie chilled out most of the morning, but as soon as daddy returned we started filling the boot. So as we speak we’re heading on the E4 North!

Can’t wait to hit the slopes tomorrow!