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Back in Stockers!

2013-03-15 11.48.33

Pixie and her Skiing teacher Klara

Having had a wonderful week in Storlien’s Winter Wonderland we were finally homeward bound. We had lived in a bubble for 7 days and thanks to my cousins Theresa and Cecilia we had been able to spend some time in Jämtland’s wonderful landscape yet again.

This week was well deserved, a short break from the daily grind was what I needed. It’s been long  since I felt so relaxed and having made my way through at least 6 books over the course  of the week, in front of countless open fires, I even felt relaxed in my head.

Pixie really enjoyed herself, ski school and sledging every day. On our last day as we were packing up the car she looked at me and said… ”I want to go skiing today, mummy!”

The journey home is never easy, 714 km door to door, with a child who suffers from car sickness. Bless her, she was soo good. The did throw up on two occasions but bravely used the plastic bag I gave her. But when her tummy settled she enjoyed the rest of the journey watching My Little Pony on the IPad.

Now we’re back home and the hunt for a Cocktail dress continues.


A sick little Pixie – BUT a Warning for Calpol

I am at home with a sick baby girl. We call her Pixie Boo because she is the cutest little pixie I have ever seen.

She has not been well for the past few days and it kind of came creeping up on us.
She was sniffly on Monday, by Tuesday she had improved so yesterday, Wednesday, we headed over to the Filadelfia Church for the open preschool.
As the morning hours passed she got worse, runny nose, cough and red eyes. Poor little pixie.
Today, Thursday, she’s not been her happy self, for most of the afternoon I had to carry her on my arm. She cried as soon as I out her down, which made things difficult. (cooking with one arm etc.)
She has been so good to take her ‘medicine’ as we call it, Calpol but having read the Wikipedia post I am now thinking we may stay away from it in the future. This afternoon I got her some cough syrup and hopefully this will get rid of her cough.
Now she is finally asleep in her bed. Sleep Training has worked out so well, she goes down by herself now.
Now I am feeling worse than I did yesterday. But Hey, What can I expect with a poorly child attached to me for the past few hours.

It’s been a tough day!

Pixie is not well, today she’s had a temperature ranging from 38.0 – 38. 7. Now she is asleep in my bed. I am watching the F-Word and having a glass of wine, it is a holiday after all. Pixie wakes up from time to time, just to settle again.

She normally takes her Calpol without any problem, in fact she loves it. But today she has not been happy at all. We’ve had to do ‘Calpol Assault’, as I’ve ended up calling it. Literally forcing it down her throat. That sounds a little harsh, but with such a high temp I felt I had no option bu to.

How do you know if your baby has a sore throat?

I have a sore throat, headache and the beginning of a cough, which is so annoying because we are attending a wedding on Sunday.
I am worried that I will pass this infection onto my Pixie, (or indeed anyone) so at the moment I am avoiding kisses and too many cuddles. I am using my disinfectant wipes and wash my hands often. But what is she is already sick? How do I know?
At the moment she is eating / drinking her morning bottle, didn’t have the energy to give her porridge. She’s drinking without stopping so I guess she’s ok…

I am sick today

I am not feeling so well today, sore throat and generally feeling ill, possibly a temperature. I must have managed to pick up a bug from someone, . It’s my first cold in a while so I should be grateful, but summer colds are usually the worst, so I am bracing myself for being sick for a long time.
Pixie doesn’t seem to be feeling so well either. She’s currently asleep in her bed, so hopefully she will be a little more cheerful when she wakes. She has her little kitten with her, (a present from her second cousins William and Felix) she has it with her whenever she sleeps in her bed.
She is still waking up at 5.30 in the morning . Today we stayed up for 1.5 hours, tried to have some breakfast but she wasn’t interested. We went back to bed instead and stayed in bed for another 2 hours.
She finally got up with her daddy at 7.30 and I stayed in bed for some badly needed sleep. Mark tried to feed her porridge again, but she still wasn’t interested in food. I took her back into bed with me at 9.30 and we slept for another while. Bliss! At 11.00 we tried to feed her some lasagne and some pear puree, but she only ate a little. Poor Pixie Boo!