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H&M for the win!

I have found the most amazing childrens collection that will stand out amongst all the others this year! H&M has done it again, creating affordable stylish clothes for little Pixie! Thank you H&M!


H&M Autumn 2013

New seats!

Sunday evening is here again and it has been a very good weekend. The autumn chill was in the air today and I felt cold in my bare legs. We went for a long bike ride down to the stables and Pixie made it all the way there and back home again. Not bad for a little girl who just learned to cycle last weekend. It was lovely but it was probably the last day of Summer. But we’ve had a good run this year so I don’t mind, now I’m looking forward to Autumn.

We went to a new Auction House today and managed to find some real treasures. A pair of armchairs that will go perfectly with our new look in the living room and a couple of other things for the house. Mark just loves auctions, antiques and old stuff. He was there for hours.

After this evenings dinner of pork chops, mushroom & garlic sauce with rice and chantarelles to start, Pixie and I baked a cake. Now I’m on the sofa enjoying a cup of Barry’s accompanied by a large slice of cake and I am beginning to get mentally ready for the week ahead.


Shopping therapy, cause I’m worth it!

This weekend’s shopping therapy consisted of a visit to Nespresso and Zara. The most crucial find was a top from Zara. Cable knit, navy blue and just what I was looking for.

I decided to wear it for the first time on Monday with my new chinos, campers and Ray Ban Aviators. Trés chic baby!

Luckily the cable knit worked out well for me, it let the wind through and cooled me down in the heat wave we are experiencing here in Sweden right now.

Sep 9th 2013

Zara navy top
400 SEK –

New Summer Hats from Nathalie Verlinden

I’ve been looking for the perfect summer trilby for years now and have managed to buy two that don’t event fit me. My head must be the smallest adult head ever!

Today I received an alluring email from a childrens wear online shop called Oii, and what do they have on offer? Guess!

Straw trilbys for children from Nathalie Verlinden.

Childrens size 57 (10-12 years) and size 53 (ages 4-6) for Pixie. These will be perfect for us when we go to Mallorca later this summer!

hämta (1) hämta (2)

Shoppaholic, yes mam!

I need to face the truth. I have an addiction and it is now beginning to have a negative impact on my life.

Shopping is the unnecessary evil and heart ache in my life.

I love going to the shop, browsing the rails and imagining how the outfits improve my life. But instead they make me feel guilty.

My latest purchase is a Marco Polo down jacket, found in the sale at 50% off. Could I resist? No. Does it make me feel guilty? Yes. Will I return it? Most likely No.


On a hunt for a Cocktail dress…

0162663002_14_0I think I may have found it, yet another LBD, but who cares. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many black dresses! This one is from COS, Swedish high street shop, owned by H&M, and such good value.  I spent 45 minutes in the COS shop on Biblioteksgatan today, before the do at the Irish Embassy on Wednesday evening. BIG sigh of relief!


Snowflake from Dale of Norway

New ski gear is not essential but makes getting ready for a ski trip much more fun. I found this hat online but couldn’t get hold of a red one in my size, so in the end I ordered one from the Moose Mountain Trading Company in Colorado, US.  The girl who packed up my hat and sent it to me (back to Scandinavia) wrote me such a wonderful note, she was thrilled the order was going so far!



Making plans for a ski holiday!

X_HOUDINIFUSIONJACKETWMI just love skiing and skiing in Storlien (Jämtland) must be one of the best things I could ever imagine doing. It’s been a while since we visited Storlien in the winter, but thanks to my wonderful cousins Theresa and Cecilia I can enjoy another stay at Fjäll-lien. Last time we were there was in the Summer of 2011, that year Mark and I enjoyed hiking the Jämt-Triangle, an AMAZING experience, highly recommend it, read about the hike here!.

It must be at least 5 years since we went skiing the last time and I have been aching to ski every winter since we arrived in Sweden. To celebrate I have decided to invest in a new jacket, this time I am the proud owner of a Houdini. Such a good price at Addnature (link) !


I am in love with my new computer bag!

decadent_455_tall_shopper_bordeaux_a-pSounds like I have a sad and lonely life but far from. My love for my new bag is purely professional. During the day when I am at work it’s the focus of my adoration, by the time I am at home my love is totally directed toward my husband and my daughter.

I have been looking at the Decadent bags for a couple of months  now, hoping I’d find a reason to buy one and I finally did. My choice was the DECADENT 455 Tall Shopper Bordeaux (see right), an unexpected choice, but as I sit here at home admiring it I realise that it is the perfect colour for me. There were very few left in the shop and had I had an option from a range of colours I would most likely have picked a black or tan bag as usual, now I was forced to change my normal pattern of behaviour and go for something really unexpected. I am glad I was.


DECADENT is an independent company founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005. Behind the brand is Karina Mundt Holst, owner and creative director. After many years in the fashion industry she created her own brand, as she fell in love with her mother’s old bag from the 1970’s. Karina Mundt Holst redesigned this particular bag – and this bag named the ‘working bag one pocket’ – is one of the brand’s bestsellers. With big entrepreneurship Karina Mundt Holst started from scratch and built up her business to a solid company and a well-known brand on the marked. Today she runs the company with a very dedicated team in Denmark, foreign agents and a production controller, who all possess a crusading spirit and drive for DECADENT. ”

Shopping for work clothes – feel much better now…

Shopping for work clothes probably isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but as I find myself in work an average of 40-50 hours per week, I guess it’s a good investment. I love simple Swedish design and have been a loyal fan of Filippa K for at least 15 years now.

I still remember buying my first Filippa K Suit, which was such an investment at the time. Her thick cotton/stretch roundneck white t-shirts, WHY DON’T YOU MAKE THEM ANYMORE??????

This week I have made a fine investment in work clothes, from Filippa K and also from Levi’s. New blue blazer, new skinny jeans and a couple of tops. Ready set for the next few months! 🙂 It’s amazing how new clothes make me feel better about myself!

Shopping for work