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Alcudia & Puerto de Soller, Mallorca with Ving!

We’re looking forward to our summer holidays, only 162 days left. 🙂 When I think about it it’s quite mad that I am making plans so long in advance but I guess that it also makes sense. Now we have a concrete plan and something to look forward to.

We’re heading to Mallorca, as you probably know, and this is in fact the fourth trip that I booked this year, but this is the one that we’ll go on. I always get so stressed about the whole thing and it was the same last year. We ended up in Crete last summer having first booked a trip to Alcudia (Mallorca), then one to Bodrum in Turkey.  In the end we went to Agia Marina in Crete, to a fab Sungarden hotel with mini disco and activities (not our usual cup of tea)

This year I’ve ended up booking four different trips (and cancelled three), first one to Side in Turkey, which was cancelled when I read some desperate reviews on TripAdvisor, for a while we were booked on a combination trip to Kalymnos and Kos in Greece, but in the end I booked us into Sea Club in Alcudia for two weeks.

In the end I changed this trip too, for one week in Alcudia and one week in Puerto de Soller, both Mallorca.

Thank you to Rosita for all your advice and help!

Pixie is getting ready in her own way, she’s playing the games and the videos on the Ving App and just the other day we made a Lollo & Bernie collage from the Ving catalogue that arrived in the post.


You thought I’d never make my mind up!

It’s been decided we’re going to Mallorca, Spain this summer for two weeks.

I haven’t yet decided if we’ll stay in two separate places or if we’ll stick to one. One thing is for sure, we need a beach, a good one and as you may know I’m considering Alcudia, although there are many other fine beaches in Mallorca, Alcudia seems to have everything we need.

What we need from our holiday is: 1. a beach so that Pixie can make sand castles and I can go for a run, 2. a nice hotel (not all inclusive, we’ve decided against that), 3. a nice pool with organised activities for children during the day, 4. nice restaurants and walks for the evening.

Last year we were stuck in a nice, but small and not very pedestrian friendly place in Crete, This year it’ll most likely be Alcudia (please God let it be good).

To prepare Pixie for the holidays I have downloaded the new Ving App to my iPhone. She is lovin it, she gets to see Lollo and Bernie dance and she can play a memory game (which she now finishes in a matter of minutes).


A leisurely walk along the beach!

I can see myself, a leisurely walk along the beach. Pixie is running in the sand playing with a ball, Mark is chasing after her, she’s laughing her little heart out. I am walking slowly behind them watching the sunset.

But where am I?

I think I may be in Mallorca… but where Palma, Cala D’Or, Cala Mesquida or Alcudia? I know I would love to be at a fancy boutique hotel in Palma with a roof top pool. Mark would love to be in Deia on the west coast or in Port Andratx.

But what’s best for Pixie? Sunwing Resort with Ving, Lollo & Bernie, mini disco, close to the beach, kids club and lots of activities all day. Yes, that’s the one.

Last year was all about the blue and denim, this year I will bring pastels, pink, yellow, green and blue. Probably some denim too but I intend to brighten things up. Fashionable Mama does summer in pastel this year! It’s decided, Mallorca and pastels it is! 🙂


Mallorca inspiration

1 760 SEK –

Maison Scotch skinny jeans
1 005 SEK –

B Brian Atwood flat shoes
1 345 SEK –

Gucci leather handbag
16 060 SEK –

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
675 SEK –

Island Hopping in Greece?!

So we’re considering some island hopping in Greece, or at least one hop. I have found a way to see more than one island in Greece, and still manage to make it semi-organised by a Travel Bureau, in this case Swedish Ving. We can go to Kos Town and to Mirties in Kalymnos for a two week break in July without much difficulty. One week in Kos Town, and then by ferry to Kalymnos for a week in a small town of the west of the island called Mirties. We’ve found a lovely 2-room apartment in Kalymnos that is for rent, a beautifully decorated, modern, all mod cons just a stones throw from the little beach. In Kos Town we’ve located a semi-large aparthotel just 20 min walk from the city centre.

This means that we can enjoy the highlights of a semi-large Greek town for a week, outings to Greek ruins, restaurants, town squares with cosy little coffee shops and all the entertainment at the hotel in the evenings. When we have tired of the city we can head out to the countryside to s small town with fewer tourists and calmer way of life.

Is this the summer break we’ve been looking for?! What do you think?

I am planning my summer holiday, again…

It’s funny how I always get so stressed out when I am looking to book a holiday. I have been online every night since last Sunday scouring the internet for different deals, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey? Mark is going crazy with me forever asking him to come over to my sofa to view a hotel, resort or destination. But I can’t help it, I am indecisive and I can’t make up my mind without him.

This year I have decided that we need a treat, a better hotel than last year, closer to the beach, bigger apartment and less time cooking & more time to relax. Yes, it seems I am considering an All Inclusive, not really my style but perhaps this is the year to try it.

This evening Pixie and I had a look at the Ving site and the videos where you can see different resorts, beaches, pools and children activities. Every time Pixie saw a beach she said ”Can we go there, mummy?!” I know she’ll have a great time when we go away this summer but it seems so far away. If we go away in July I have to wait for six months for my trip. It just seems crazy to plan so far ahead. But… (in my mind I have already started planning what to bring)

Already planning my summer holiday!


Sequin tunic
£365 –

Tory burch sandals
$195 –

Michael Kors beach tote
$535 –

Hectic week, no posts in a while…

It’s been a while since my last post. The week has been hectic and I have found myself between two cities, Gothenburg and Stockholm. I have had three client workshops/results presentations, one dinner with a group of senior managers from a new client and one night in Gothenburg with my best friend Åsa and her family. Trying to pack for three days away, wth both work, dinner out and a casual night with friends is hard. At work I am always careful not to seem to casual, I end up wearing a lot of black and always seem to end up in my striped long sleeved top from Filippa K, at least once a week.

This was the case this week too, no imagination at all.

This weekend I am getting mentally prepared for summer, I am searching high and lot for a feodora in straw, like the one below. Next week I’m off to Dublin to spend 10 lovely days in my ”home-town”. We’re there to meet the family and I fully intend to catch up with my friends over at least one pint of Guinness.

But in my mind I am already in Greece wearing this!

The pressure of holidays…

The past week has been so stressful. I fell on the bus last Saturday and ended up with a concussion, I have suffered from headaches all week but haven’t been able to take time off work. The schedule at work has been relentless lately, but it is finally easing off a little.

In the middle of this stress, work / headaches I have also had to rebook our holidays a couple of times. I had booked a week in Mallorca for June this summer, but as we wanted to stay away for a longer period of time we decided to go for al all inclusive deal in Turkey. We found what I thought seemed like a lovely beach resort in Bodrum. Sungarden Pentunya Beach Resort, but on closer inspection of review on the brilliant site Tripadvisor, we realised that this place could potentially be a big mistake. ”Holiday from Hell” if how one family describes it, and their photos brought tears to my eyes.

I finally found a Sungarden Village on Crete, Greece. Seems SO family oriented I nearly didn’t book it, but then I remembered that I have a 2.5 year old (going on 15), so I decided this was the better option. Now we have a 2-room apartment with balcony, just away from the pool area (YES!). A short walk to the village and the beach, don’t care that I am not ON the beach this time, I much value the excellent reviews on the web-site.

No I feel much calmer, the headache is nearly gone, holiday is booked, and the weekend is really doing its best to chill me right down.

I’ve booked my holiday now!

Fashionable whilst hiking?

I love hiking. I have been visiting the Swedish mountains regularly since I was one year of age when my parents took me on my first hiking trip to Kolåsen in Jämtland. The mountains of Sweden, fjällen have a special place in my heart and over the years I have visited Dalarna, Härjedalen, Jämtland and Lappland to get a fix, summer or winter, on foot or on skis.I took up the tradition of hiking with a young child this year and took my daughter to Storlien, Jämtland. This is in central Sweden on the border to Norway.

The week before we headed up north, a friend of mine asked me, ”What gear would I recommend if they where to take a trip up the mountains?”

I thought of the battery of ‘gear’ we have built up over the years and thought, what is the one most important thing you need when you go hiking? Well, this is quite a difficult question to answer as the conditions really make a huge impact. Are you going for an hour, a day or a week. Where are you going, is it going to be hot, cold, sunny or rainy. The answers to these questions really impact on your list of things to bring.

But you should always start with your feet. Make sure you have a god pair of hiking boots and take a few short walks (hikes) close to home in them so that you don’t end up with blisters on your first day of hiking.

Then looks at your clothes. If you hike in Sweden in the summer you need a good jacket that can protect you from the rain, and possibly even rain trousers if you’re going to a longer hike. Getting wet is the worst thing that can happen to you when you’re up on a mountain!

Quench your thirst! Always make sure you have access to water. Bring it or ir drink from the streams you pass along the way.

The rest is relatively straightforward, we tend to wear a baselayer top, like this one from Craft, long trousers or shorts, a light fleece or a windstopper and a hat scarf. Avoid cotton, as this gets wet and chills you if it gets cold. If it’s sunny bring SPF.

If you bring a child! In order to facilitate our daily hikes out on the mountain I bought a FAB Baby Backpack Carrier from Vaude, did a quick check amongst the many reviews you find online and decided the Jolly Comfort I was for us. This turned out to be a great choice as it has a kind of ‘pillow’ where Pixie could rest her little head when she got tired. I think she slept quite comfortably.

So being fashionable whilst hiking is actually not about looking good, but having the RIGHT gear so that you don’t get into trouble, come rain or shine.

Twist & Tango – the perfect day-dress for work and leisure!

I may have found the perfect day dress, a dress that I can wear no matter what town I am in.

I have quite a lot of travel ahead of me this summer, work trips to Madrid and Paris, and holidays trips to Portugal and possibly Canary islands. Now I am looking for a dress that I can wear to work but also on a day-trip, perhaps to a museum.
This one from Twist & tango would be perfect! Don’t you think!
I could pair it with a black suit jacket and a black kitten heel for work. It would also be perfect with just sandals for our trip to Portugal.