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Family Fun in Mallorca – 20 days and counting!

It’s just 20 days left and then we’re off again. Back to Mallorca with Ving to one of the best beaches in the world.

We’re renting an apartment on the beach in Alcudia, where we will have 9 days of rest, sun, family time and fun. I can’t wait to get on that beach, to soak up the sun and just relax.

As I am the queen of planning, I am already writing my packing list. In fact, I have been writing it since I booked the tickets in January. yes, that is hgow sad I am! 🙂

This summer we’re heading to Mallorca much earlier than we usually do, in June this time, and I am thinking that I may need to bring some warmer clothes. Perhaps just a cardigan or jacket for evening time!


Mallorca Fun!

Fashionable whilst skiing!

I am planning the next family trip. It’s with excitement that I am making plans for Storlien. Storlien is in the Swedish Mountains of Jämtland, or as we all say ”fjällen”.

The expression ”fjällen” though, is quite a generic label and refers to all ski resorts in Sweden, which are quite a few as you can imagine. We have been going to Storlien, the very same resort where the Royal Family have their Ski Lodge. But it’s not posh at all which is quite nice. It’s the most chilled out lottle village I have ever been too.

Do you think I am a label addict on the slopes? Well, yes but not these kind of labels. When I ski I prefer to wear Swedish gear, to support my the Swedish Outdoor Indutry!

It would be to cool though, to wear this kind of stuff whilst skiing. Perhaps I need at least goggles from Gucci!?


Fashionable whilst skiing!

It’s that time again!

I have really tried my best not to start making my summer plans so early this year, but it seems that December arrives and I just get this urge to start planning. Every year is the same. It’s beginning to piss Mark off.

This year he has really tried to convince me that a ”Last Minute” booking is the way to go. I am not convinced. What if the really good places are gone!? So what’s happened… well, for the past two weeks I have been surfing the travel sites. Apollo, Fritidsresor & Ving (off course) and also checked regular flights and searched for houses/apartments to rent.

So what’s been on the agenda this year!? 

Well… Mykonos, Tilos, Crete, Kefalonia, Skopelos, Naxos, Paros… and Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Tarifa, Sitges. Mostly Greece and Spain as you can see. Two very interesting options as we love both Spanish and Greek food, we love the heat and the beach, as well as the wine (I should add).

So where’s it gonna be? 

Looks like we’re heading back to Mallorca, but for a shorter stay this time, so that we can travel somewhere else in Europe as well. I am thinking that we might take a trip in June to Sunwing Alcudia Beach in Mallorca, so that Pixie can get her Lollo & Bernie fix. That way we can head elsewhere in July, without a bad conscience.

Here’s me and Pixie in July 2013, outside Sunwing Princesa in Alcudia, Mallorca. We had such a blast there, I think we might go back.




Still making plans, this time Filippa K gets in the mix!

Over the years some of my favourite dresses have come from the Swedish label Filippa K. Founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson this company has gone from strenght to strenght over the years. Currently I live in a navy blue creation, not dissimilar from the one below. It’s perfect for the office, for the beach and for a spot of shopping.
Since the late ninties I have developed my staple wardrobe around some classic Filippa K pieces and every season I add to the mix. A new suit, dress or coat. This outfit defines me and Summer of 2013.
Summer days

Filippa k
1 515 SEK –

Navy blue flat
245 SEK –

Straw hat
68 SEK –

Making plans for Mallorca!

I just love planning for my holidays, and Polyvore has become the perfect tool that I use to plan my wardrobe. As I have this fascination for the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe, I try to make sure everything I bring mixes and matches.
Most of the items I bring are recycled pieces from previous years, but I always try to bring some new pieces. This year the new pieces are my new By Malene Birger jacket, my fabulous Tory Burch flats & flipflops & incredible tote (which Mark gave me for my birthday).
Can’t wait to go now, but we have a  few more weeks to go, which is perfect as it gives me time to perfect that Capsule Wardrobe.
Making plans for Mallorca!

Tory Burch blue sandals
335 SEK –

Tory Burch leather sandals
1 245 SEK –

Tory burch
3 695 SEK –

New Summer Hats from Nathalie Verlinden

I’ve been looking for the perfect summer trilby for years now and have managed to buy two that don’t event fit me. My head must be the smallest adult head ever!

Today I received an alluring email from a childrens wear online shop called Oii, and what do they have on offer? Guess!

Straw trilbys for children from Nathalie Verlinden.

Childrens size 57 (10-12 years) and size 53 (ages 4-6) for Pixie. These will be perfect for us when we go to Mallorca later this summer!

hämta (1) hämta (2)

Snowflake from Dale of Norway

New ski gear is not essential but makes getting ready for a ski trip much more fun. I found this hat online but couldn’t get hold of a red one in my size, so in the end I ordered one from the Moose Mountain Trading Company in Colorado, US.  The girl who packed up my hat and sent it to me (back to Scandinavia) wrote me such a wonderful note, she was thrilled the order was going so far!



Making plans for a ski holiday!

X_HOUDINIFUSIONJACKETWMI just love skiing and skiing in Storlien (Jämtland) must be one of the best things I could ever imagine doing. It’s been a while since we visited Storlien in the winter, but thanks to my wonderful cousins Theresa and Cecilia I can enjoy another stay at Fjäll-lien. Last time we were there was in the Summer of 2011, that year Mark and I enjoyed hiking the Jämt-Triangle, an AMAZING experience, highly recommend it, read about the hike here!.

It must be at least 5 years since we went skiing the last time and I have been aching to ski every winter since we arrived in Sweden. To celebrate I have decided to invest in a new jacket, this time I am the proud owner of a Houdini. Such a good price at Addnature (link) !


Planning a trip, or two, or three!

This spring is going to be busy, I am going away three times and subsequently I am now making plans for three different trips. Two are just for pleasure; Skiing with my family in Storlien and Celebrating the big 40 with my husband In Lisbon, and one is with work (which will be fun too), we’re heading to our company’s US Conference in Santa Monica, California. I have only been to the States twice in my life, once to Wisconsin for the wedding of our friends Niall and Sara and last year I had the opportunity to see Atlanta during the last US Conference.

To me an integral part of travelling is making plans. I love making plans, writing lists and getting everything organised and ready so that I can enjoy each moment of the trip and my time away.  This list obsession of mine, is not new to you if you’ve followed my blog for a while, it has been a central focus of mine nearly all my adult life, and I guess that is the sense of control you get from having everything written down that I really crave. Whatever that says about me, well that’s up to you to decide. Another obssession is the concept of the Capsule Wardrobe, for the beach or for business, so now I am busy writing a range of lists.

Right now I  have started getting our ski gear ready for our journey to Storlien. It’s not until later in the spring but I can’t wait to get there. Storlien is situated in Jämtland in central Sweden, just on the border to Norway and it’s actually where the Swedish Royal Family have their Ski Lodge. We ususally head to Storlien in the summer for our annual hike, but it’s now 1.5 years since we were there. In order to get ready I keep my list in my IPhone and it’s being updated regulalry! 🙂

This is the first time Pixie will ski, and I have prepared her mentally. She’s an excellent skater so I think she will be good  but I can’t help to be a little nervous. I have skiid since I was very young and I have always enjoyed my ski holidays with my family, I hope Pixie will get the same enjoyment out of our trip.

Making plans for the summer!

As per usual I start planning for my summer holidays early, and good job that I did, cause we booked the last apartment with a large balcony at Sunwing in Alcudia, Mallorca. We’re going back to the same island and same small town as last year but this time we are staying in Alcudia for the 2 weeks. We’ve also decided to upgrade the hotel and are staying right on the beach this time.

This will be perfect for us, both Mark and I enjoyed the beach in Alcudia last summer, the long walks along the beach in the evening and personally I think running along the beach is the  best in the world. Pixie loved loved loved Lollo & Bernie and all the activities that the Ving hosts arrange for the kids every day. Initially I was temptedt to book a week in Puerto de Soller as well and if the hotel had been just slightly better I woluld have done it. I just loved Soller and Puerto de Soller, but I guess a day trip will have to suffive this time around.

The other day as we stood on the platform waiting for the underground looking at this MASSIVE  poster advertising Ving, Pixie looked at me and said with a sad voice ”Mummy, I want to meet Lollo now, I can’t wait for the summer”. Bless her, she really loves Lollo and Bernie. What she doesn’t know is that she will. On Saturday I have booked the entire family on the Ving Family Day here in Stockholm. I am not going to tell her either, I am going to let her discover it all when we get there and she sees them. Imagine, Mini Disco and Kids Show in January, it will be so much fun.

And how am I doing… sticking to the plan?…. hmmm! I’ve worked hard at sticking to my plan for the past week, but yesterday I got a cold  and now I don’t feel like sticking to any plan. But I’ll start again tomorrow.