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We had a great night!

We had a lovely evening with the family last night. The food was spectacular, crayfish and smoked prawns with aioli and a Macon Village Chardonnay for starters followed by a fantastic fillet of beef with potato & parsnip puree and bacon-fried Savoy cabbage plus a red wine jus. This was accompanied by a glass of red. I can’t remember what bottle it was, but it was most likely a Rhône wine. For dessert we had a saffron pannacotta with blood orange ad grapefruit slices, coffee and a glass of Calvados. It’s hard to convey in writing just how fabulous the dinner was, but it’s one of the best dinners I’ve had in a very long time.

Following dinner my brother and his girlfriend headed out in the garden with Pixie to set off some fireworks. We bought a couple of small ones to set off earlier in the evening in case Pixie would fall asleep and miss the fireworks at midnight. They had a ball!

I tried to put Pixie to bed around nine o’clock, just in case it would work. I thought my plan to put her to bed for a few hours and then to wake her up just before midnight was brilliant. But it didn’t work. She was distraught, cried and cried, and said that she did like the plan when we spoke about it but now that it was real she didn’t like it anymore.

She stayed up the whole evening with us, and had a ball at midnight when the foreworks started going off. When I broadcasted to the room that we should head out in the garden with the Champagne to watch the firworks, she looked at me surprised and exclaimed ”Will there be more!?”. She had though that our small fireworks dsiplay earlier in the evening was it, so when it set off properly she was absolutely amazed and delighted.

Safe to say it was a good night!


Things I need to write down…

It so often happens that Pixie says something really funny. I promise myself to write it down but forget. So here it goes. From now on I intend to write down all the funny things Pixie says so that I don’t ever forget them.

Today as I came home from work, quite late actually, having organised a networking event, Pixie had not yet fallen asleep. I imagine Mark had been there for a while cause he looked at me with a slight feeling of feed upness in his eyes, so I said I would take over.

As I lay down in my daughter’s bed she was absolutely delighted to see me, and as per usual I knew she wanted to chat for a little while. We always do. We began talking about her day and she told we what she had for lunch, which park she had visited with her school and how her ballet class was.

But after a while I knew that if I didn’t stop her soon she would go on for ever. So I said ”Pixie, remember you have two days left I’m school this week, cause on Thursday we’re going on our mini break”. She looked at me and said, delighted to hear this news, ”oh, and yes we’ll be staying in a hotel, go to restaurants and the beach”.

I had to interrupt and explained that it wasn’t that kind of holiday. That we were going to Copenhagen and that it would be cold, that we wouldn’t go to the beach but instead we’d go to the zoo and see polar bears.

She looked at me surprised and exclaimed ”Will it be THAT cold”.

You can imagine I had a giggle.

Here she is on a much warmer holiday than the one she’s going on this week.