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Casual Spring coming!

I am forever browsing the internet for new outfits, every night I’m with my IPad on the sofa and  I guess it’s become my hobby. I’ve noticed that I spend more time ”window shopping” than read books these days and possibly beacuse I don’t really have time for shopping anymore, not the way I used too.

In the past few weeks I have ”almost bought” clothes worth thousands and thousands of kronor (SEK). I am very proud of myself that I haven’t gone wild. For each purchase that I’ve nearly made, I have evaluated exactly what I had in my shopping bag and exactly what I have in my wardrobe and I’ve stopped myself every time. Well, nearly every time.

Last week I bought a long coat from Hope, which arrived home and turned out to be a disaster. It was swiftly returned. Last night I clicked home a jacket from Filippa K, (see below) and this one I may actually keep. It will be great with ballet flats, jeans and a t-shirt this spring. By the way, I am kick starting my spring with a work trip to New Orleans, USA, in April. Cant wait!


Casual outfit No. 1

Outdoorsy at work!

I am lecturing at this BIG conference tomorrow, it’s a summit for companies operating in the Outdoor Industry. I went to the register for the conference today and also managed to meet with one of my clients for 20 min at the Welcome Reception at Café Opera, and what I quickly realised was that the delegates don’t wear the ususal conference garb, they are much cooler and outdoorsy.

I quickly decided to change my own outfit for tomorrow, just to fit in. 🙂 Call me fickle if you wish, but sometimes it’s nice to fit in!


European Outdoor Summit

My Conference Inspiration


Annual Conference by GPTW at Hotel Rival! My inspiration!

My Inspiration for work – September 2014

Casual Friday at work

Shopping for work clothes – feel much better now…

Shopping for work clothes probably isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but as I find myself in work an average of 40-50 hours per week, I guess it’s a good investment. I love simple Swedish design and have been a loyal fan of Filippa K for at least 15 years now.

I still remember buying my first Filippa K Suit, which was such an investment at the time. Her thick cotton/stretch roundneck white t-shirts, WHY DON’T YOU MAKE THEM ANYMORE??????

This week I have made a fine investment in work clothes, from Filippa K and also from Levi’s. New blue blazer, new skinny jeans and a couple of tops. Ready set for the next few months! 🙂 It’s amazing how new clothes make me feel better about myself!

Shopping for work

Fashionable in reading glasses?

Ray-Ban-AVIATOR-RX6049-2502-gvEkEkpvbWWAge is catching up on me it seems. Well, I am turning 40 next year, so I guess it is about time. Why am I giving out?

OK, let me explain: over the past few months I’ve had problems reading my Iphone when holding it too close to me eyes and have as a result  began to hold it away from me. Same thing happens with the paper, held at arms lenght I can read it without a problem. Sure sign eye sight is going, right!

The other day Mark came home with a new pair of reading glasses given to him by June, our dear friend in Dublin. (Thanks June) I immediately noticed that they help and have subsequently taken the decision to purchase a pair for myself.

So to feel slightly fashionable in reading glasses, this is what I ended up buying, a black pair of Avenger style glasses, just 150 sek, which I am very happy with (Gosh I feel like my dad now, sorry dad!)

Business trip to Åland!

I am off on a trip to Åland tomorrow. It will be the first time that I visit Mariehamn since I was 5 or so. I am really looking forward to spending the day there, not sure that I will be able to see much, mostly my client’s office, but still, it will be fun!

I am going to wear my new cardigan from House of Dagmar, see below, and a pair of trousers from Day Birger et Mikkelsen. I always like to wear comfortable clothes when I fly, and when you have to take two flights in one day it’s important to be comfortable.

Wish me luck!

Business Trip tomorrow!

Inspiration for tomorrow!

I am attending a special evening with Colm Tóibín tomorrow at ABF-Huset here in Stockholm. Afterwards we’re heading over to the Irish Embassy for a special reception in honour of one of Ireland’s foremost authors and journalists. As I have to be in work  during the day, and don’t have time to go home to change I am planning a smart casual outfit. here’s my inspiration…November 2nd 2011


STEFFEN SCHRAUT tailored shirt
$175 –

Zara coat
$189 –

Limi Feu cape jacket
$1,480 –

Rag & Bone high rise jeans
$176 –

Missoni leather slouch handbag
$891 –

BY SOPHIE crystal jewelry
$263 –

Fall to pieces….


It’s time to get hyped up for Autumn, ready to face the cold & rain, but also into gear and prepared to hit Winter, Swedish style.

I’ve picked out a few pieces that I will let influence my wardrobe this Autumn/Winter 2011-2012. The first piece I’ve picked is from House of Dagmar, a young Swedish fashion company which was launched in the Spring of 2005, an Aline hand knitted alpaca cardigan, in a lovely rusty colour. I am teaming this with a pair of black pants from Burberry prorsum, a lovely black leather bag from Miu Miu  and a pair of cool ankle booties. These are called Crazy horse  and are by Gardenia  and you can find them at I just ordered them, couldn’t help myself!

Getting ready for Autumn - Swedish Style


Dagmar is huge in Sweden, but their arty chic style has been widely recognised by the fashion industry as well as the press throughout the rest of Europe, United States and Asia and they have received several prestigious awards. The company is run jointly by three sisters – all with notable background within Swedish and international fashion industry. The principal source of inspiration – and muse – is the sisters’ late grandmother by the name Dagmar. She was herself a tailor and inspired the sisters to develop their interest for fabrics and design at young age.

Here’s the awards they can brag with;

  • 2005 – Rookie of the year, by the Swedish Fashion Council
  • 2005 – Garbohatten, an award in the name of Greta Garbo, by the Swedish dep. store PUB
  • 2006 – Best new designer of the year, by Swedish Elle magasine
  • 2007 – Dagmar was awarded a fashion show by Gen Art-NY during New York Fashion Week
  • 2008 – Nominated to Best designer of the year, by Swedish Elle magasine

My Inspiration for the last summer days

Autumn is in the air and I am finding myself looking toward the black items in the wardrobe but I’ve decided to keep the summer vibe going for a while. Tomorrow, as I am meeting up  with a girl I met on a recent flight from Malmö, I will celebrate summer in this…


Tuesdays blues