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Fashionable whilst skiing!

I am planning the next family trip. It’s with excitement that I am making plans for Storlien. Storlien is in the Swedish Mountains of Jämtland, or as we all say ”fjällen”.

The expression ”fjällen” though, is quite a generic label and refers to all ski resorts in Sweden, which are quite a few as you can imagine. We have been going to Storlien, the very same resort where the Royal Family have their Ski Lodge. But it’s not posh at all which is quite nice. It’s the most chilled out lottle village I have ever been too.

Do you think I am a label addict on the slopes? Well, yes but not these kind of labels. When I ski I prefer to wear Swedish gear, to support my the Swedish Outdoor Indutry!

It would be to cool though, to wear this kind of stuff whilst skiing. Perhaps I need at least goggles from Gucci!?


Fashionable whilst skiing!

Still making plans, this time Filippa K gets in the mix!

Over the years some of my favourite dresses have come from the Swedish label Filippa K. Founded in 1993 by Filippa Knutsson this company has gone from strenght to strenght over the years. Currently I live in a navy blue creation, not dissimilar from the one below. It’s perfect for the office, for the beach and for a spot of shopping.
Since the late ninties I have developed my staple wardrobe around some classic Filippa K pieces and every season I add to the mix. A new suit, dress or coat. This outfit defines me and Summer of 2013.
Summer days

Filippa k
1 515 SEK –

Navy blue flat
245 SEK –

Straw hat
68 SEK –

Mallorca Inspiration and Flippin Burgers!

Been enjoying my holidays so far, a lie in every morning, coffee and news paper for breakfast and nothing to do. Today we had fried egg. mmm… It’s  6 days and another 24 to go and it’s incredible.
But Holidays is also about getting things done. One of the most important things for me is that my daughter gets some time with her grand parents and every summer we make sure she spend at least a week in their house.
Pixie went to her Mormor and Morfar on Monday and it’s been wonderful to  hear the reports, they are BBQing, bathing, baking and playing. Today she didn’t even have time to speak to me. 🙁
But, we’re coping. Yesterday Mark and I headed over to Kungsholmen, just 10 minutes by bike, to a very popular burger joint called Flippin Burgers and had a munch. It was the first time we visited the place and we arrived with great anticipation. and was it yummy? Yes, it was!
But I am still planning my Holiday Wardrobe, so sad I am. And I there may  be some pink in there, the Capsule I told you about. Possibly some turqouise. Currently I am looking for a pink denim, but no luck for the right shade so far.
Tomorrow I’ll had in to H&M to check what they have, they may have what I need. 🙂
Mallorca inspiration

Topshop dress
2 375 SEK –

Maison Scotch floral print jeans
1 010 SEK –

Gucci real leather purse
16 210 SEK –

Ray-Ban brown lenses sunglasses
680 SEK –

Making plans for Mallorca!

I just love planning for my holidays, and Polyvore has become the perfect tool that I use to plan my wardrobe. As I have this fascination for the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe, I try to make sure everything I bring mixes and matches.
Most of the items I bring are recycled pieces from previous years, but I always try to bring some new pieces. This year the new pieces are my new By Malene Birger jacket, my fabulous Tory Burch flats & flipflops & incredible tote (which Mark gave me for my birthday).
Can’t wait to go now, but we have a  few more weeks to go, which is perfect as it gives me time to perfect that Capsule Wardrobe.
Making plans for Mallorca!

Tory Burch blue sandals
335 SEK –

Tory Burch leather sandals
1 245 SEK –

Tory burch
3 695 SEK –

A leisurely walk along the beach!

I can see myself, a leisurely walk along the beach. Pixie is running in the sand playing with a ball, Mark is chasing after her, she’s laughing her little heart out. I am walking slowly behind them watching the sunset.

But where am I?

I think I may be in Mallorca… but where Palma, Cala D’Or, Cala Mesquida or Alcudia? I know I would love to be at a fancy boutique hotel in Palma with a roof top pool. Mark would love to be in Deia on the west coast or in Port Andratx.

But what’s best for Pixie? Sunwing Resort with Ving, Lollo & Bernie, mini disco, close to the beach, kids club and lots of activities all day. Yes, that’s the one.

Last year was all about the blue and denim, this year I will bring pastels, pink, yellow, green and blue. Probably some denim too but I intend to brighten things up. Fashionable Mama does summer in pastel this year! It’s decided, Mallorca and pastels it is! 🙂


Mallorca inspiration

1 760 SEK –

Maison Scotch skinny jeans
1 005 SEK –

B Brian Atwood flat shoes
1 345 SEK –

Gucci leather handbag
16 060 SEK –

Ray-Ban ray ban glasses
675 SEK –

I am planning my summer holiday, again…

It’s funny how I always get so stressed out when I am looking to book a holiday. I have been online every night since last Sunday scouring the internet for different deals, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey? Mark is going crazy with me forever asking him to come over to my sofa to view a hotel, resort or destination. But I can’t help it, I am indecisive and I can’t make up my mind without him.

This year I have decided that we need a treat, a better hotel than last year, closer to the beach, bigger apartment and less time cooking & more time to relax. Yes, it seems I am considering an All Inclusive, not really my style but perhaps this is the year to try it.

This evening Pixie and I had a look at the Ving site and the videos where you can see different resorts, beaches, pools and children activities. Every time Pixie saw a beach she said ”Can we go there, mummy?!” I know she’ll have a great time when we go away this summer but it seems so far away. If we go away in July I have to wait for six months for my trip. It just seems crazy to plan so far ahead. But… (in my mind I have already started planning what to bring)

Already planning my summer holiday!


Sequin tunic
£365 –

Tory burch sandals
$195 –

Michael Kors beach tote
$535 –

This is not right… I’m planning my next holiday…

I’m sitting in my sofa watching Norweigan TV which is being broadcasted across the Swedish network right now. The whole of Scandinavia is in shock and we can’t believe what’s happening, or has happened.I am off on my second holiday this summer, Storlien in Jämtland. We’re gonna hike, bike, swim and chillax. I love it in Jämtland this time a year and I can’t wait to get there. What bothers me about the whole situation, I am planning my next holiday and in Norway people are grieving.

I guess I can’t let it get me down, I know life has to go on, but I needed to do something. I did go to church today, said a prayer and lit two candles. Pixie was with me and she loved the whole process, in particular the whole ”light the candle”, which she did, in my arms as I held her. She said ”again mummy, again!” I couldn’t explain to her why we did it, but I am glad I brought her.

We left the church and on the way out she saw a big wooden chest, she looked at me and said ”mummy, a treasure!”. This morning we watched a pirate kiddies thing on tv and she remembered, I loveher so much. she is so cool. I am so lucky to have her!



Going Hiking


The North Face fleece jacket
$84 –
Nike activewear
$100 –
Khakiwater repelling Kiwi trousers
£30 –
Patagonia merino wool socks
$39 –


We’re off soon…

We’re off to Crete for a well deserved holiday and as usual I have started the preparations already. In fact, I started writing my packing list a long time ago, several weeks.

This year I have aspirations to be completely chilled out, and comfortable in my outfits and as I have so much beach wear, I’ve also decided to buy as little as possible and instead use the stuff I already have at home.

For part of my wardrobe I am taking inspiration from the nautical, all american, causal Hamptons style and I hope to perfect the look.

Some of my key items will be my…

Happy Sunday to you all!

Dreaming of summer!

I’m already getting ready for my summer trip, this will be perfect on the beach in Mallorca, we’re we’ll be staying at a Ving Resort in Alcudia, super deluxe family room.
Can’t wait…
DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Black striped jersey top £60.00 – Net-a-Porter
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