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Casual Spring coming!

I am forever browsing the internet for new outfits, every night I’m with my IPad on the sofa and  I guess it’s become my hobby. I’ve noticed that I spend more time ”window shopping” than read books these days and possibly beacuse I don’t really have time for shopping anymore, not the way I used too.

In the past few weeks I have ”almost bought” clothes worth thousands and thousands of kronor (SEK). I am very proud of myself that I haven’t gone wild. For each purchase that I’ve nearly made, I have evaluated exactly what I had in my shopping bag and exactly what I have in my wardrobe and I’ve stopped myself every time. Well, nearly every time.

Last week I bought a long coat from Hope, which arrived home and turned out to be a disaster. It was swiftly returned. Last night I clicked home a jacket from Filippa K, (see below) and this one I may actually keep. It will be great with ballet flats, jeans and a t-shirt this spring. By the way, I am kick starting my spring with a work trip to New Orleans, USA, in April. Cant wait!


Casual outfit No. 1

Tuesday and Allsång på Skansen!


It’s been a wonderful day today. We slept in until nine o’clock this morning and had some of my lovely homemade paté for breakfast with a cup of black Swedish coffee.

As the this is our second week of holidays and the final we spend in Sweden, we decided that this was the weel we would visit Allsång på Skansen.

Allsång på Skansen (Sing-along at Skansen) is a Swedish TV show held at Skansen, Stockholm, every summer on Tuesdays between 8pm and 9pm. The audience is supposed to sing-along with musical guests to well-known Swedish songs. The show started in 1935 on a small scale – about fifty people in the audience. Today about 10 000-25 500 people come to each performance. It one of the most Swedish things you can do if you visit Sweden.

I suggested to Mark that we cycle in to town, so apart from getting a wonderful day with our daughter we also got fit. 15 km return.

My outfit was a Classic, old chinos, old blouse, FAV bag from Svenskt Tenn and new Campers (purchased in Los Angeles in April).


Campers & Svenskt Tenn @ Allsång på Skansen


Camper high heels
640 SEK –

Tory burch purse
3 695 SEK –

Ray-Ban ray ban sunglasses
1 040 SEK –

Visnings in Råsunda & FUN at the Fire Station

IMG_6893Great day today, 3 viewings in Råsunda / Sundbyberg, and we may have a contender. We’re looking for a home as we sold our home a few weeks ago. as we have to move out very soon we need one pronto.

What am I wearing? Coat: COS, Jumper: Carin Wester, Jeans: Twist & Tango, Boots: Blundstone. So comfy!

After the viewings we ended up passing by the Fire Station in Råsunda where we they had an Open Day for the kids, hot dogs, burgers, quiz, Fire Engines and Fire Fighters! FAB!

Fashionable in reading glasses?

Ray-Ban-AVIATOR-RX6049-2502-gvEkEkpvbWWAge is catching up on me it seems. Well, I am turning 40 next year, so I guess it is about time. Why am I giving out?

OK, let me explain: over the past few months I’ve had problems reading my Iphone when holding it too close to me eyes and have as a result  began to hold it away from me. Same thing happens with the paper, held at arms lenght I can read it without a problem. Sure sign eye sight is going, right!

The other day Mark came home with a new pair of reading glasses given to him by June, our dear friend in Dublin. (Thanks June) I immediately noticed that they help and have subsequently taken the decision to purchase a pair for myself.

So to feel slightly fashionable in reading glasses, this is what I ended up buying, a black pair of Avenger style glasses, just 150 sek, which I am very happy with (Gosh I feel like my dad now, sorry dad!)

Style Diary: Feb 25th 2012

Saturday in February 2012


By Malene Birger black dress
£113 –

Lambswool cardigan

Blundstone boots
170 CAD –

Isabel Marant scarve
$285 –

Polo Ralph Lauren navy hat
$28 –

Party Wear!

The Christmas Season is nearly upon us and I have started planning our Christmas outfits, mine and Pixie’s that is. Mark can look after himself.

I have been browsing the local vintage shop and have found a See by Chloe dress which I think will be perfect for at least two occasions, Christmas Dinner on the 17th Dec with the family and perhaps even New Year’s.

Every year my family plans at least 3-4 family outings in the run up to Christmas. The most important is the annual traditional ”Julbord” which we normally have at an venue somewhere around Stockholm. Most restaurants and hotels of high ranking will put on a ”julbord” which is really the Christmas equivalent of ”Smörgåsbord”, a buffet style dinner with all the traditional Christmas dishes from across Sweden and Scandinavia.

We also usually go and see a Christmas Concert called ”Jul i Folkton” with Sofia Karlsson and her friends. This year my mum and dad are bringing Mark and myself, and she told me today that she has already booked my sister to babysit. (isn’t that wonderful!)

Pixie has already worn one of her Christmas outfits, just a week ago when her friend Chloe turned 3, she premiered her brand new dress. The dress was bought with money she was sent from her cousins in Ireland, and her aunt and uncle.

Isn’t she adorable!




Fashionable Mama does Family Sunday…

… at Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art) in Stockholm.

This is a safe bet for anyone who wants a couple of hours of quality time with the family. Especially the Mini tour for kids aged 2-6 – 11 am organised for children on Sundays, we just love to join the tour and Pixie too, we get to see the art works from a childs perspective and afterwards we get to create art in the museum’s workshop. Today we got to view 3 photographs, two by  Italian photographer  Francesco Vezzoli and one by American Cindy Sherman.

In the workshop we made some collages and some paintings, we were also photgraphed for the latest exhibit  Everybody is a photographer! in the museum where you yourself take pictures of your everyday life and upload them here! The museum will then print them and show them at Moderna Museet. I’ve done it and I can’t wait to see myself on the walls of Moderna!

Me and Pixie listening to the guide.

The Workshop, don’t you just love the butterflies hanging from the ceiling.

On our way to the restaurant for a bite, soup of the day, salad and some bread. Tummy! Lunch at Moderna truly is GOOD:

Getting ourselves a hotdog on the way home, very fashionable!

On our way home, me in new parkas, boots from Tjallamalla, dress from COS and sunglasses from Fendi.

In Solvändan, our local playground.

Casual Friday in Vasastan…

After work I met up with Pixie and Mark, pizza at Birkastans Pizza, and a glass of red. Then off to Thomas and the Knife for a show (photography). Having had a gander we headed to the shop for sweets and crisps. Ice cream for Pixie.

Had intended to head back home then but Pixie wanted to go to the park, so we did. Fantastic!

We had such a good time.


Then back home for goodies and a movie, in the end Pixie fell asleep on the sofa. Bless!

I’m next!

Stockholm Fashion Week – don’t miss it!

Fashionable Mamas attend Stockholm Fashion Week. They sip champagne and review Sprig/Summer 2012 trends so that they know what key pieces to invest in. This annual event has become a permanent feature in the STockholm calendar, and I would love to attend all the fashion shows. Unfortunately I don’t get too many invites in my role as Senior Project Manager with GPTW. But I guess I’ll have to cope. I am going to try and attend some of the public events to get some of the ”fashione week” flavour.

This year Fashion Week was inaugurated by Minister of Culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth Monday 8 August. ”Rookies of the Year 2011” was also announced at the press conference and the winner was Obscur. The nominated were: Erïk Bjerkesjö, Granfors, Karin Malm, Josefin Strid.

During Stockholm Fashion Week the collections for spring/summer 2012 are shown by a total of app. 800 labels. The arrangements takes place around the city with fairs, showrooms, exhibitions and fashion shows.

There’s a packed schedule with both trade events and public events. You can find the complete schedule here!


Trip to Malmö…

First day back in work and I had to go to Malmö. A customer request I couldn’t refuse, a presentation for a senior management team that had managed to get together, an early flight and an hour to kill in central Malmö.

What to do? Window shopping!

Found a lovely little shop with a mix of By Malene Birger, Rutzou, Birger Mikkelsen DAY and Custommade, really did inspire me for the Autumn. I am working on an inspiration chart, but as the weather is still quite warm I don’t see any point in posting it just yet. I will try get some more wear out of my summer clothes.


Here’s a pic of me, as you can see I didn’t manage to get into my By Malene Birger skirt suit this morning, not because I didn’t fit but because it didn’t turn out the way I thought, so instead I wore a pair of palazzo-ish trousers, but not really palazzo. The shoes are a favourite, but far to small I realise now. I may have to donate them. SIGH!