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Park Life!

It’s hard work to relax! Just doing nothing is a skill and something that I have to really focus on in order to do it well.

Pixie and I are enjoying a day in the park, playground, café, more playground and then home. I find myself finding it difficult to relax but seeing my daughter enjoying herself so much is good for me and my soul, not to forget about her. This is what she needs! Sunshine, being outdoors, playing and climbing. Later we’ll head home to cook dinner and to bake some cinnamon swirls.

It’s now the end of May, I’m 41 and life is good, if I could just stop procastinsting all the time. Things haven’t turned out the way I expected but realising that and coming to terms with it are two completely different things.

Just sitting here in the park with an opportunity to reflect is good. Should do that more often.


Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings

My little girl loves the cinema and we try to see a movie from time to time together. Off course we get a lot of movies with Netflix at home but going to the cinema, ordering the popcorn and a drink and then heading to the salon is a special experience.

Tinker Bell has become a major favourite and when we heard that a new Tinker Bell movie was coming out we just had to go. In Solna, where we are moving, there is this cute little cinema in old “Filmstaden” . Filmstaden or Movie Town was originally the major film studio in Sweden, where they produced some 400movies over the years. The cinema is rather small but they have really comfy seats and the surroundings are very pretty.

We headed there last Sunday to see the film and afterwards we met up with two girls from Pixie’s new pre-school. M and M are two sisters and one of them is pretty much the same age as Pixie and they will attend the same group. The group is mostly made up of boys so Ms mum is delighted that Pixie is joining, now they’ll be two girls.
It was lovely to meet up with two parents and two little girls from the school, they have us lots of information and made us feel very comfortable with our decision to send Pixie there.

We had waffles together after the film, and then we headed to a playground for some play. Overall a great Sunday!

Happy Halloween!

IMG_7235In our house we feel the pressure to keep up with the Irish holidays…

Overall it’s been a hectic week, lots of meetings with prospective new clients and work on my new series of articles for our newsletter and blog. On Thursday I posted my first meaningful blog post on the company site and I am hoping that it will be the start of something new, establishing my company as the experts and thought leaders on workplace culture in Sweden.

On Wednesday we celebrated Halloween. In our house we feel the pressure to keep up with the Irish holidays as well as the Swedish so Pixie and I made two Jack-O’-Lanterns, we baked and decorated some scary cupcakes and we ate lots and lots of sweets.

In Sweden trick-or-treating isn’t really done so there is no tradition taking kids out on the night, but people throw parties and kids dress up. Next year I might arrange a Halloween party to celebrate Pixie’s birthday.

Making the move

In two weeks we make the move from Vasastan to Solna, we’re not going far but far enough to make me feel a little sad. It’s been a wonderful almost 3.5 years here in Röda Bergen (Red Mountains) and our first proper home as a family.

Although Pixie was born and spent her first few months in Dublin, we never really settled there. When we left Ireland for Sweden on Dec 1st 2008, I wasn’t really sure what the move meant. Was it for three months or was it for 12?

It wasn’t until we had spent app. 6 months here that we realised this was where we should be. Stockholm and environs, the place I was born and raised was really the place for us.

Now after 3.5 wonderful years living in the city we move to the burbs. A much much bigger place, all the things that we’ve missed – enough room to spread our wings, a room for Erin, a balcony, an elevator and a bath tub. I can’t wait, but one thing I know for sure, I will miss my red house in the Red Mountains.

Sunday morning!

Sunday morning is usually spent on the sofa with a cup of coffee watching Eastenders, my absolute favourite soap and my only addiction (apart from shopping). The storyline is as depressing as ever, people being murdered, husbands and wives having secrets and alcohol problems.

I am not sure if it is the best way to kick of a Sunday but, Hell, I’m addicted to it.

Once I had my fix it was time to get down to business, busy day ahead with Dance Class for Pixie and then lunch with my sister, shoes to polish, visit to our new home and then back to Vasastan for dinner and a movie.

We’re off, wish me luck!

Visnings in Råsunda & FUN at the Fire Station

IMG_6893Great day today, 3 viewings in Råsunda / Sundbyberg, and we may have a contender. We’re looking for a home as we sold our home a few weeks ago. as we have to move out very soon we need one pronto.

What am I wearing? Coat: COS, Jumper: Carin Wester, Jeans: Twist & Tango, Boots: Blundstone. So comfy!

After the viewings we ended up passing by the Fire Station in Råsunda where we they had an Open Day for the kids, hot dogs, burgers, quiz, Fire Engines and Fire Fighters! FAB!

Enjoying the Arts with mummy and daddy!

IMG_0132My husband runs the collaborative arts movement  The Human Art Collective, although slow to get started, we are now finally at a stage where regular shows are arranged in partnership with Rica Hotel, Konstbar and Totally Stockholm.

Last night was the first time Pixie joined her daddy for an Opening Night, a show featuring the Italian/Australian Artist Marco Cavazzana.  The show ”“Prevailing Taste” was a great opportunity for Pixie to see what her daddy’s passion in life is (apart from her, of course). Pixie was in her element, entertained everyone with dancing and singing. She also spent much of the evening at a table drawing and making her own art.

As it was a special night Pixie wore her brand new Livly dress and leopard print shoes.

Read more about Marco and the show …. Human Artist Marco Cavazzana Rica Show.

Följ min blogg med Bloglovin

Autumnal garb and a new home!

The Times They Are a-Changin, we sold our home in Vasastan (central Stockholm) and the future in the burbs is calling. At the moment we are looking for a new home just outside the Stockholm City Tolls. Bromma, Råsunda, Midsommarkransen possibly Aspudden are the prime areas, and we go on excursions every Sunday looking for the perfect home.

Autumn has arrived and the leaves on the trees have begun to turn yellow. We are yet to see the red mix in with these auburn shades that surround us, but soon it will be here. The full on Autumn that slowly will turn to Winter.

IMG_6806During the past week I’ve managed to do some shopping. It’s been a while since I really splashed out on myself, but I felt it was time to invest in some Autumnal garb. Some pieces to get me through the coldish Autumn months, before the Swedish Winter hits.

As usual I am most predictable and have picked up some dark blue jeans, a blue coat, blouse from COS and Chelsea Boots. (Classics will rule this Winter)

Autumnal Garb!

Preparing for Winter!

It’s only early September but I am already gearing up for the cold winter ahead. One of my priorities are off course my little Pixie. To keep her dry and warm during the cold and dark Swedish winter days at pre-school just simply is the most important thing.

This year I have decided to return to one of the most trusted brands in Sweden Polarn & Pyret or POP. When Pixie was little I always dressed her in POP but during last year and the year before I turned to other brands. Hummel and Didriksons, but for some reason they just didn’t work out as well as POP.

These days I also try to involve Pixie in decisions regarding her clothes as well as try to stick to styles and colours that I know that she likes. Therefore, when it came to shopping for winter clothing I decided to bring her along.  We headed to Västermalmsgallerian last weekend to shop!

So what happened, well pink and purple and no overall, go figure.

Well, if Pixie is happy I am happy!


Mallorca, here we come – day 1

The day was finally here, the day we’d been waiting for for several months, well at least I had.

We left our home early in the morning to make it to the airport in order to catch our flight to Mallorca. Mark and I were quite relaxed considering we had packed everything the night before and got up at 4.30, but Pixie who usually gets  car sick was very apprehensive about the journey. But she did so well, the taxi made it to the airport and Pixie managed all the way without throwing up and she was so so proud.

Even though she’s only 4 (in Oct) Pixie has become quite the frequent flyer and was very excited about the plane and all the people. She couldn’t wait to get her food and movie going.  We bought some Oreos, crisps, jelly bears & a drink  and she was delighted with herself. The family next to us didn’t have it so easy, their little boy wasn’t happy at all. Finally he fell asleep, just 10 minutes before landing and we all laughed together, typical. Lucky me, I thought smugly to myself, my daughter is still awake. I spoke to soon, Pixie fell asleep as the plane hit the ground in Mallorca.

But let’s face it, the flight was a doddle.

Mallorca Aiport is crazy busy, so getting ourselves through the airport, to get suitcases and then onto the coach which was to take us to our hotel was a bit of a night mare.

By the time we were on the bus we were sweaty and a little stressed but Pixie really enjoyed herself. Travelling to Alcudia she enjoyed the sights and was thrilled to see palm trees, me I couldn’t relax. When they announced that our hotel was the first stop I sighed with relief, another journey done and no puke.

Pixie was so excited to be in Mallorca, we’ve been talking about this trip all spring and finally we were here. Now it was time to meet Lollo and Bernie!

(Pixie in her pale pink Ralph Lauren dress, Converse and mummy’s Trilby, isn’t she the coolest little traveller)