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We peak!

Hiking is one of my favourite pastimes and County Jämtland in Sweden my favourite destinations. My family has been visiting Jämtland since way before I was born, and I was just 1 year old when I first came here.

This year we have the pleasure of staying in Storlien, where the Swedish Royals have a Holiday cabin. Storlien is a small resort compared to the very popular Åre, which is situated just 60 km down the road.

We have made it a tradition to always take a day in Åre during the week in Storlien. This time Pixie made her own way up to the peak of Åreskutan from the Cabin Car. She also hiked all the way down to Mörvikshummeln with us, the long route.

I was such a proud mammy!


Running in Mykonos


Easter – a time to rest and recover!

Over the past few months I have had some opportunity to rest and reconsider my hectic life style. One of my main priorities have been to sleep as much as possible and spend time with my family. One thing is for sure, when your mind get rest, real rest, it recovers and so does the body.
This week/weekend is a special for people across the world, weather Christian or Jewish. We celebrate for different reasons, but the Christian message how Christ died for our sins and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day transcends religion and culture and national or ethnic belonging.
For me this message isn’t something that I wish to take literal but instead something that I will use to reflect and to further help me reconsider. For me this weekend will represent a turning point in my life so far.
I have been unwell for 4 days now, not being able to keep food properly, and today I have refrained from eating any solids. Tomorrow I will take my family to Skansen, to celebrate the end of Easter and the start of the rest of my life. 
Easter Outfit

Two Bottles for Valentine’s

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day or are you one of those that feel it’s just another Hallmark Holiday!? 

I am not usually the romantic type, but I do love being remembered on Valentine’s Day. It has also become a bit of a deal for my daughter, she just love celebrations and when Friday the 14th Feb arrived we did make an effort.

Mark bought her a Valentine’s card, two roses (one for me and one for her), and we also made a voucher so that she could pick o new movie on ITunes. We placed it all on the table in our living room together with a plate of pastries so that it was waiting for her when she came home from pre-school. She was absolutely ecstatic.

What I didn’t realise was that he had got me a surprise too.


Two Bottles