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Park Life!

It’s hard work to relax! Just doing nothing is a skill and something that I have to really focus on in order to do it well.

Pixie and I are enjoying a day in the park, playground, café, more playground and then home. I find myself finding it difficult to relax but seeing my daughter enjoying herself so much is good for me and my soul, not to forget about her. This is what she needs! Sunshine, being outdoors, playing and climbing. Later we’ll head home to cook dinner and to bake some cinnamon swirls.

It’s now the end of May, I’m 41 and life is good, if I could just stop procastinsting all the time. Things haven’t turned out the way I expected but realising that and coming to terms with it are two completely different things.

Just sitting here in the park with an opportunity to reflect is good. Should do that more often.