Man that was hard!

It’s our second full day in Storlien and today we’ve all skied. Yesterday I was the only one who made a substantial attempt on the slopes, Mark took it easy to cure his back and Pixie just tried her skis for a little while.


Today Pixie had her first ski lesson with a group of children and they learned how to use the ”button” lift and how to make a cone shape with their skis as they made it down the hill. Me, I enjoyed a couple of hours of undisturbed skiing, no sunshine today, pity, cause yesterday was glorious. But I understand that towards the midddle of the week the sun will be back.  I am looking forward to that cause today the sight on top of the mountain was very poor, so much snow. It’s been snowing constantly since late last night.

We stopped around noon for a quick bite and when we’d had our lunch the three of us headed back up the mountain, this time all three of us together. Mark went ahead of me and Pixie as we where slowly making done the slope together. My legs were killing me my the time we were down, and we only fell twice. Man that was hard, my legs will be soooo sore tonight!

Now back to the cabin for a small glass of white!


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