Can’t wait to hit the slopes tomorrow!

One of my favourite places in the world is Storlien, situated in Jämtland in Sweden. A small hamlet just on the border to Norway and a stone’s throw from the popular ski resort Åre. We come here every so often, both in the summer and in the winter, and it’s with great joy I am returning for a week’s stay with my family.

We’re heading north just as spring begins to make its appearance here in Stockholm and as we move further and further north we begin to see snow covered mountains and ice-covered lakes.

Sweden is an amazing country sprawling most of the Scandinavian Peninsula, it measures 1,574 kilometers (978 miles) from north to south, and our trip from Stockholm to Storlien is going to take at least 8 hours by car.

We were still packing late last night and as we woke up this morning, Mark headed in to the city to collect our BMW. Me and Pixie chilled out most of the morning, but as soon as daddy returned we started filling the boot. So as we speak we’re heading on the E4 North!

Can’t wait to hit the slopes tomorrow!



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