Making plans for a ski holiday!

X_HOUDINIFUSIONJACKETWMI just love skiing and skiing in Storlien (Jämtland) must be one of the best things I could ever imagine doing. It’s been a while since we visited Storlien in the winter, but thanks to my wonderful cousins Theresa and Cecilia I can enjoy another stay at Fjäll-lien. Last time we were there was in the Summer of 2011, that year Mark and I enjoyed hiking the Jämt-Triangle, an AMAZING experience, highly recommend it, read about the hike here!.

It must be at least 5 years since we went skiing the last time and I have been aching to ski every winter since we arrived in Sweden. To celebrate I have decided to invest in a new jacket, this time I am the proud owner of a Houdini. Such a good price at Addnature (link) !



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