Planning a trip, or two, or three!

This spring is going to be busy, I am going away three times and subsequently I am now making plans for three different trips. Two are just for pleasure; Skiing with my family in Storlien and Celebrating the big 40 with my husband In Lisbon, and one is with work (which will be fun too), we’re heading to our company’s US Conference in Santa Monica, California. I have only been to the States twice in my life, once to Wisconsin for the wedding of our friends Niall and Sara and last year I had the opportunity to see Atlanta during the last US Conference.

To me an integral part of travelling is making plans. I love making plans, writing lists and getting everything organised and ready so that I can enjoy each moment of the trip and my time away.  This list obsession of mine, is not new to you if you’ve followed my blog for a while, it has been a central focus of mine nearly all my adult life, and I guess that is the sense of control you get from having everything written down that I really crave. Whatever that says about me, well that’s up to you to decide. Another obssession is the concept of the Capsule Wardrobe, for the beach or for business, so now I am busy writing a range of lists.

Right now I  have started getting our ski gear ready for our journey to Storlien. It’s not until later in the spring but I can’t wait to get there. Storlien is situated in Jämtland in central Sweden, just on the border to Norway and it’s actually where the Swedish Royal Family have their Ski Lodge. We ususally head to Storlien in the summer for our annual hike, but it’s now 1.5 years since we were there. In order to get ready I keep my list in my IPhone and it’s being updated regulalry! 🙂

This is the first time Pixie will ski, and I have prepared her mentally. She’s an excellent skater so I think she will be good  but I can’t help to be a little nervous. I have skiid since I was very young and I have always enjoyed my ski holidays with my family, I hope Pixie will get the same enjoyment out of our trip.


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