Making plans for the summer!

As per usual I start planning for my summer holidays early, and good job that I did, cause we booked the last apartment with a large balcony at Sunwing in Alcudia, Mallorca. We’re going back to the same island and same small town as last year but this time we are staying in Alcudia for the 2 weeks. We’ve also decided to upgrade the hotel and are staying right on the beach this time.

This will be perfect for us, both Mark and I enjoyed the beach in Alcudia last summer, the long walks along the beach in the evening and personally I think running along the beach is the  best in the world. Pixie loved loved loved Lollo & Bernie and all the activities that the Ving hosts arrange for the kids every day. Initially I was temptedt to book a week in Puerto de Soller as well and if the hotel had been just slightly better I woluld have done it. I just loved Soller and Puerto de Soller, but I guess a day trip will have to suffive this time around.

The other day as we stood on the platform waiting for the underground looking at this MASSIVE  poster advertising Ving, Pixie looked at me and said with a sad voice ”Mummy, I want to meet Lollo now, I can’t wait for the summer”. Bless her, she really loves Lollo and Bernie. What she doesn’t know is that she will. On Saturday I have booked the entire family on the Ving Family Day here in Stockholm. I am not going to tell her either, I am going to let her discover it all when we get there and she sees them. Imagine, Mini Disco and Kids Show in January, it will be so much fun.

And how am I doing… sticking to the plan?…. hmmm! I’ve worked hard at sticking to my plan for the past week, but yesterday I got a cold  and now I don’t feel like sticking to any plan. But I’ll start again tomorrow.



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