We peak!

Hiking is one of my favourite pastimes and County Jämtland in Sweden my favourite destinations. My family has been visiting Jämtland since way before I was born, and I was just 1 year old when I first came here.

This year we have the pleasure of staying in Storlien, where the Swedish Royals have a Holiday cabin. Storlien is a small resort compared to the very popular Åre, which is situated just 60 km down the road.

We have made it a tradition to always take a day in Åre during the week in Storlien. This time Pixie made her own way up to the peak of Åreskutan from the Cabin Car. She also hiked all the way down to Mörvikshummeln with us, the long route.

I was such a proud mammy!


Running in Mykonos


Park Life!

It’s hard work to relax! Just doing nothing is a skill and something that I have to really focus on in order to do it well.

Pixie and I are enjoying a day in the park, playground, café, more playground and then home. I find myself finding it difficult to relax but seeing my daughter enjoying herself so much is good for me and my soul, not to forget about her. This is what she needs! Sunshine, being outdoors, playing and climbing. Later we’ll head home to cook dinner and to bake some cinnamon swirls.

It’s now the end of May, I’m 41 and life is good, if I could just stop procastinsting all the time. Things haven’t turned out the way I expected but realising that and coming to terms with it are two completely different things.

Just sitting here in the park with an opportunity to reflect is good. Should do that more often.


Family Fun in Mallorca – 20 days and counting!

It’s just 20 days left and then we’re off again. Back to Mallorca with Ving to one of the best beaches in the world.

We’re renting an apartment on the beach in Alcudia, where we will have 9 days of rest, sun, family time and fun. I can’t wait to get on that beach, to soak up the sun and just relax.

As I am the queen of planning, I am already writing my packing list. In fact, I have been writing it since I booked the tickets in January. yes, that is hgow sad I am! 🙂

This summer we’re heading to Mallorca much earlier than we usually do, in June this time, and I am thinking that I may need to bring some warmer clothes. Perhaps just a cardigan or jacket for evening time!


Mallorca Fun!

Easter – a time to rest and recover!

Over the past few months I have had some opportunity to rest and reconsider my hectic life style. One of my main priorities have been to sleep as much as possible and spend time with my family. One thing is for sure, when your mind get rest, real rest, it recovers and so does the body.
This week/weekend is a special for people across the world, weather Christian or Jewish. We celebrate for different reasons, but the Christian message how Christ died for our sins and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day transcends religion and culture and national or ethnic belonging.
For me this message isn’t something that I wish to take literal but instead something that I will use to reflect and to further help me reconsider. For me this weekend will represent a turning point in my life so far.
I have been unwell for 4 days now, not being able to keep food properly, and today I have refrained from eating any solids. Tomorrow I will take my family to Skansen, to celebrate the end of Easter and the start of the rest of my life. 
Easter Outfit

Two Bottles for Valentine’s

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day or are you one of those that feel it’s just another Hallmark Holiday!? 

I am not usually the romantic type, but I do love being remembered on Valentine’s Day. It has also become a bit of a deal for my daughter, she just love celebrations and when Friday the 14th Feb arrived we did make an effort.

Mark bought her a Valentine’s card, two roses (one for me and one for her), and we also made a voucher so that she could pick o new movie on ITunes. We placed it all on the table in our living room together with a plate of pastries so that it was waiting for her when she came home from pre-school. She was absolutely ecstatic.

What I didn’t realise was that he had got me a surprise too.


Two Bottles

Casual Spring coming!

I am forever browsing the internet for new outfits, every night I’m with my IPad on the sofa and  I guess it’s become my hobby. I’ve noticed that I spend more time ”window shopping” than read books these days and possibly beacuse I don’t really have time for shopping anymore, not the way I used too.

In the past few weeks I have ”almost bought” clothes worth thousands and thousands of kronor (SEK). I am very proud of myself that I haven’t gone wild. For each purchase that I’ve nearly made, I have evaluated exactly what I had in my shopping bag and exactly what I have in my wardrobe and I’ve stopped myself every time. Well, nearly every time.

Last week I bought a long coat from Hope, which arrived home and turned out to be a disaster. It was swiftly returned. Last night I clicked home a jacket from Filippa K, (see below) and this one I may actually keep. It will be great with ballet flats, jeans and a t-shirt this spring. By the way, I am kick starting my spring with a work trip to New Orleans, USA, in April. Cant wait!


Casual outfit No. 1

Fashionable whilst skiing!

I am planning the next family trip. It’s with excitement that I am making plans for Storlien. Storlien is in the Swedish Mountains of Jämtland, or as we all say ”fjällen”.

The expression ”fjällen” though, is quite a generic label and refers to all ski resorts in Sweden, which are quite a few as you can imagine. We have been going to Storlien, the very same resort where the Royal Family have their Ski Lodge. But it’s not posh at all which is quite nice. It’s the most chilled out lottle village I have ever been too.

Do you think I am a label addict on the slopes? Well, yes but not these kind of labels. When I ski I prefer to wear Swedish gear, to support my the Swedish Outdoor Indutry!

It would be to cool though, to wear this kind of stuff whilst skiing. Perhaps I need at least goggles from Gucci!?


Fashionable whilst skiing!

It’s that time again!

I have really tried my best not to start making my summer plans so early this year, but it seems that December arrives and I just get this urge to start planning. Every year is the same. It’s beginning to piss Mark off.

This year he has really tried to convince me that a ”Last Minute” booking is the way to go. I am not convinced. What if the really good places are gone!? So what’s happened… well, for the past two weeks I have been surfing the travel sites. Apollo, Fritidsresor & Ving (off course) and also checked regular flights and searched for houses/apartments to rent.

So what’s been on the agenda this year!? 

Well… Mykonos, Tilos, Crete, Kefalonia, Skopelos, Naxos, Paros… and Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca, Tarifa, Sitges. Mostly Greece and Spain as you can see. Two very interesting options as we love both Spanish and Greek food, we love the heat and the beach, as well as the wine (I should add).

So where’s it gonna be? 

Looks like we’re heading back to Mallorca, but for a shorter stay this time, so that we can travel somewhere else in Europe as well. I am thinking that we might take a trip in June to Sunwing Alcudia Beach in Mallorca, so that Pixie can get her Lollo & Bernie fix. That way we can head elsewhere in July, without a bad conscience.

Here’s me and Pixie in July 2013, outside Sunwing Princesa in Alcudia, Mallorca. We had such a blast there, I think we might go back.




We had a great night!

We had a lovely evening with the family last night. The food was spectacular, crayfish and smoked prawns with aioli and a Macon Village Chardonnay for starters followed by a fantastic fillet of beef with potato & parsnip puree and bacon-fried Savoy cabbage plus a red wine jus. This was accompanied by a glass of red. I can’t remember what bottle it was, but it was most likely a Rhône wine. For dessert we had a saffron pannacotta with blood orange ad grapefruit slices, coffee and a glass of Calvados. It’s hard to convey in writing just how fabulous the dinner was, but it’s one of the best dinners I’ve had in a very long time.

Following dinner my brother and his girlfriend headed out in the garden with Pixie to set off some fireworks. We bought a couple of small ones to set off earlier in the evening in case Pixie would fall asleep and miss the fireworks at midnight. They had a ball!

I tried to put Pixie to bed around nine o’clock, just in case it would work. I thought my plan to put her to bed for a few hours and then to wake her up just before midnight was brilliant. But it didn’t work. She was distraught, cried and cried, and said that she did like the plan when we spoke about it but now that it was real she didn’t like it anymore.

She stayed up the whole evening with us, and had a ball at midnight when the foreworks started going off. When I broadcasted to the room that we should head out in the garden with the Champagne to watch the firworks, she looked at me surprised and exclaimed ”Will there be more!?”. She had though that our small fireworks dsiplay earlier in the evening was it, so when it set off properly she was absolutely amazed and delighted.

Safe to say it was a good night!